Rubber paving slabs


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Tire recycling plants are the place where, thanks to unique technologies, rubber paving slabs are born. Together with the release of the necessary and demanded products, important environmental protection tasks are solved.

Methods for obtaining paving slabs from crumb rubber

Paving slabs have a rubber filler, which is obtained by crushing old tires into a fine powder or granules. It takes very little time for the crumbly mass to turn into a practical product that attracts buyers with a variety of color shades. Color saturation takes place in a special mixer, where the crumb is mixed with a bright pigment, titanium dioxide and a polyurethane binder. The resulting mixture will take its place in the top layer of the tile. The bottom layer gives the product cushioning properties, it consists of large unpainted granules.

The pressing method affects the quality of the tile. Polymerization at room temperature (cold pressing) takes longer than hot pressing. But in the end they get a crumb, reliably impregnated and seized with glue.

Technical characteristics of rubber tile paving

The scope of products is quite extensive. It applies to schools and kindergartens. This is due to the environmental friendliness and safety of products. It is appropriate to lay the tile on playgrounds and in sports halls, as it softens the blows when falling during physical education classes. The flooring withstands large temperature differences, so it is recommended for indoor and outdoor use. High load resistance makes it ideal for car enthusiasts. The anti-slip and quick-drying surface attracts the owners of swimming pools, saunas and baths. As a street covering, paving rubber tiles are ideal for a private house or cottage. Beautiful garden paths are laid out from it, on which you feel comfortable and safe all year round. The rough flooring in the winter is completely non-slippery and is perfectly cleared of snow. Good reviews are based on rubber stair climbs and descents. In the private sector, multi-colored steps are practiced, which are madly in love with children.

Rubber paving slabs, in addition to differences in colors, have a different shape and thickness. The aesthetic appeal of the products is given by all kinds of drawings and patterns applied to the top layer.

Any solid base is suitable for rubber paving slabs. It can be laid on soil, asphalt, wood or concrete screed. When laying on the ground, it is recommended to remove the top layer, compact it and fill it with rubble, and use a cement-sand mixture as a substrate. The curb installed along the edges of the track adds strength to the structure, and gives the work a finished look. For garden paths, it is best to buy tiles that are connected using bushings. This small detail prevents the products from moving. For laying temporary coatings, manufacturers offer to purchase ReziPlit, which is a module and connecting elements.

The coating of paving rubber tiles has a long service life, and an excellent technical characteristic predicts a great future for it. On the streets of large cities, tiles are laid out not only on sidewalks, but also between tram tracks. This ensures a tight connection between the tracks and the road. Such an innovation is not only beautiful, but also reliable, since the products do not crumble and do not break.


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