Rustic style in the interior of a country house


Rustic style in the interior of a country house 0

Everyone sees a picture of a real rustic interior in very different ways. Some cannot imagine a rural house without a half-room stove, a rough floor with a homespun rug, heaps of pots, a tong and a bench. But it turns out that the design of a country house in a rustic style can be done beautifully, elegantly and extremely original, without cluttering up the room with overly outdated items. In addition, we must remember that in addition to the familiar Russian style of a village hut, you can try to recreate American or English country music, elegant French Provence, Italian Tuscan style, Scandinavian chalet at home. All these areas are very original and are perfect for both a tiny cottage and a large chic estate.

Russian rustic style inside a country house

For example, we took Russian country music as the least expensive and easy to implement at home. Special grace and pretentiousness is not required here. Beam ceilings do not have to be closed from view. Even in the decoration of furniture facades, simplicity and good quality should be felt. Try to get such a common piece of furniture as a large roomy chest. It can serve you not only as a storage for linen or various household items, but it will also perfectly replace the original bedside table.

It is in the Russian country style that the kitchen in a country house cannot do without a stove. True, it occupies a sea of ​​​​space, so the owners often compromise by equipping a completely modern fireplace in their home, stylized as a stove. An even simpler option is a huge panel in the kitchen depicting an old Russian stove. For realism, place a poker, a scoop and other forged accessories with a small pile of firewood near.

Regardless of which direction you decide to choose country music, always try to avoid the presence of bright plastic and stainless steel in the setting, do not expose modern fixtures. Pots, cast iron pans and pots, on the contrary, should be kept on open shelves. The widespread use of embroidered knitwear, hand-drawn paintings, clay crafts, and living plants is encouraged in the rural interior.

Facade design of country houses in a varied rustic style

Naturally, the country direction greatly affects the appearance of a country house. For example, if a Russian village house is almost always a rough and simple-looking log house, sometimes decorated with original and beautiful carvings, then an American village dwelling is a stylized copy of a ranch with wooden columns and open terraces. Elegance and sophistication are always visible in Provence facades; both colored plaster mixes and natural or natural stone are boldly used here.

The houses in the English country style with high stone chimneys look quite monumental and significant, most often in the interior of a country house they use the popular Victorian or Tudor style, which have some differences. The rough Tudor style is distinguished by the presence of small windows, high gables, and a steep roof. The Victorian style uses large window openings, stone decor, patterns in the form of ornaments, more complex and asymmetrical architectural forms.


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