Shower cabin for a summer residence — how to choose and put a shower on the site


Shower cabin for a summer residence - how to choose and put a shower on the site

A comfortable shower cabin for a summer residence can significantly increase the comfort of a country house. In the summer heat, after field work, it is doubly pleasant to rinse in the shower. You can build a shower cabin for a summer residence on your own, the second option is to purchase a finished one.

How to choose a shower cabin for the country house?

Depending on the desire of the owner, the shower cabin for giving can be open or closed. The first option is ideal for cottages in a large fenced area, where the neighbors will not see the washing. Such a cabin can be made a real work of building art. Advantages of installing a shower cabin in the country:

  • its purchase or construction will cost less than the construction of a bath or the construction of a bathroom;
  • a shower cabin does not have to be installed on a solid foundation — it can be placed directly on the ground, and a full-fledged sewerage device is not necessary — the water from the shower can go into the ground;
  • the cabin can be built from simple and inexpensive materials;
  • a shower cabin saves electricity if the water is heated by the sun.

shower cabin for a summer residence

To make the right choice of a shower cabin for a summer residence, you need to consider all the existing options. First you need to choose the materials from which the shower cabin is made. The pallet can be made of acrylic, ceramic and metal, the first option heats up easily, the second and third are considered cold materials. There are many ways to arrange a country shower. If possible, you can build a full bathroom with sewage. But this is an expensive option.

A more budgetary outdoor shower for a summer residence, you can buy it or build it yourself. A shower cabin for a summer residence can be from:

  • tree;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • polycarbonate.

An important issue to consider is the choice of tank for the cabin. The shower tank can be plastic, galvanized, stainless steel or ferrous metal. The latter option rusts quickly, so it is considered not the most suitable, unless the tank is enameled. Galvanized models last longer, but also collapse over time, and stainless steel tanks have proven themselves best of all, the only drawback of which is their heavy weight.

shower cabin for a summer residence

Shower in the country without plumbing

The simplest summer shower cabins for summer cottages without running water are a cabin with organized drainage (or without it) and with a water tank installed on its roof. The tank is filled with water manually, the water is heated by the sun or preliminary (before filling the tank). A more civilized option is a compact mobile shower. This is a small household appliance with wheels for moving from place to place. The water in it is heated by electricity, after which you can wash.

Wooden shower for giving

An eco-friendly wooden shower cabin for a summer residence has both pros and cons:

  1. It retains heat well, has an attractive appearance, is stable (unlike plastic models, extensions can be made to it, it is durable (with special processing).
  2. A wooden shower cabin for a summer residence requires complex installation — for its construction, the skills of a builder are needed. In the absence of treatment from decay and insects, a wooden structure will quickly become unusable.

A wooden shower cabin for a summer residence begins to be built with the construction of a frame. Under the cab, a drain hole is dug in advance. Then the frame is sheathed with boards. Be sure to install ventilation holes — without them, the shower cabin will rot from the inside. The device of a shower cabin for giving from a tree can be anything — it can be combined with a locker room, toilet, veranda.

wooden shower for a summer residence

Country shower with heating

To install a shower for a summer house with heating, it is necessary to connect the heating element to electricity. Step-by-step instructions on how to install a warm shower for a summer residence:

  1. Decide what size the shower should be for giving and what volume you need a water tank.
  2. Choose a place for the cab. It should not be in a draft or in the shade; it should be possible to connect a sewer (or drain) to it.
  3. At the prepared site, a foundation is made and a drain is mounted.
  4. A pallet is installed on the foundation, a frame is placed around it and sheathing is added from boards, polycarbonate, lining, fiberboard or other material.
  5. A water tank is mounted on the roof, a water pipe is connected to it and a heating element is installed.

heated cottage shower

Plastic shower cabin for giving

A ready-made country shower made of plastic is a convenient option for people who do not want to build a country shower cabin. The advantage of such a structure is that it does not rot and does not require special care. Plastic showers can be with a dressing room, a pump and water heater, and other options for convenience. The disadvantage of plastic showers is the high price.

plastic shower cabin

Mobile shower cabin for giving

Easy-to-use collapsible shower cabin for giving is sold as a set, which includes: walls and a door (or curtains), a tray, a water tank with a shower. Depending on the model, the kit may include lamps, heaters, soap dishes and other accessories. The advantage of such structures is lightness, mobility, simplicity of design, and long service life.

The body of the mobile shower cabin can be with or without a frame. Frame shower cabins are more expensive, they are easily assembled and disassembled if necessary. Another important element of the product is the pallet. It can be plastic, ceramic, acrylic, aluminum. Experts recommend choosing a pallet with a corrugated bottom, since a person feels more stable in it.

mobile shower cabin

Country shower with dressing room

A shower cabin combined with a dressing room in the country is a convenient option that you can buy or build with your own hands. If you install such a shower cabin yourself, you need to calculate the size of the frame, taking into account the changing room. Separate compartments for washing and changing clothes with a curtain or a thin partition. If the walls of the shower cabin with the dressing room do not let in light, it is necessary to carry out artificial lighting.

cabin for shower

Summer shower cabin made of polycarbonate for giving

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material. Its advantages are ease of processing, low weight, ease of assembly, maintenance and transfer of the structure, good thermal conductivity, strength, and the ability to mount in a curved state. A shower cabin for giving outside from polycarbonate can be made in the most unusual shape, for example, in the form of a cabinet. The main difficulty in building a shower cabin for a polycarbonate cottage is the need for a strong frame so that the building is resistant to wind loads.

summer shower cabin made of polycarbonate for giving

Low showers for summer cottages

Buildings for a garden or a summer residence are compact in size so that they are easy to care for. The best shower cabins for giving — rating:

  1. Country shower cabin without tank «Ariel-09D». Small dimensions, made of aluminum profile. Service life — 10 years.

best shower cabins for summer cottages

  1. Rotoplast is a manufacturer of a plastic mobile cabin. Compact, durable, resistant to light.

best shower cabins for summer cottages

  1. «Electromash». This is a prefabricated cabin from a manufacturer from Novosibirsk. Inexpensive, compact and very comfortable in the heat.

best shower cabins for summer cottages

  1. Ecostyle. Inexpensive shower cabin from Volgograd. It is supplied with a tank on 200 liters of water and the built-in heater.

best shower cabins for summer cottages

  1. Rostok 202.0001.401.0. Prefabricated shower enclosure without a tank with a solid steel frame.

best shower cabins for summer cottages

Shower cabin with a water heater for giving

A comfortable and warm shower cabin for giving is comfortable for hygiene procedures even in gloomy weather. Types of water heaters that are used for country showers:

  • electric flow — very convenient, but heating a large volume of water requires a lot of power, so this option is not very popular;
  • a water tank with a heating element — cold water is poured into it, then, after it is heated, warm water is drained through the shower;
  • boiler — there are storage and supply, in storage water is constantly maintained at the desired temperature;
  • water heater — heats not only water in flow mode, but also the air in the cabin, which makes it very convenient in the cold season.

Winter shower cabin for giving

The insulated closed shower cabin for giving is suitable for swimming in the cold season. Such cabins are available with a separate dressing room and a water heater that will warm the air. It is more convenient to have a winter shower cabin in the house or next to it, so as not to freeze after washing. Styrofoam, mineral wool, polystyrene foam are used as insulation for construction. It is very important in a winter shower cabin to have a high-quality drain — it must drain water away from the house.

winter shower cabin for giving

Toilet-shower cabin for giving

The sanitary zone of a country toilet combined with a shower is very convenient, although so far toilet and shower cabins are not common. One of these models is the Polex shower-toilet, which includes a metal frame, two trays, a shower and a toilet seat. A partition has been erected between the shower and toilet compartments, the entrance to each room is separate. In this case, the plums should also be made different so that the smell of the toilet does not penetrate into the shower cabin through the water hole.

country toilet combined with shower


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