Solar lamps for summer cottages


solar lamps for summer cottages

Illumination of the local area at night is highly desirable. This will not only allow you to comfortably be outdoors after sunset, but also scare away unwanted guests, so that the car and other important objects will always be under control.

The use of lanterns with lamps, even energy-saving ones, to illuminate the area will significantly increase electricity bills, because their continuous operation time will be at least 5-6 hours a day. All over the world today there has been a trend of using solar-powered lamps for summer cottages.

Advantages of solar lamps for summer cottages

These standalone lamps have many advantages:

  • there is no need to run electrical wires to them, which reduces installation time and saves the site from a web of wires;
  • dismantling the lantern is as easy as installing it in the right place — you just need to pull it out of the ground or remove it from the hook;
  • the energy saving of such lamps is obvious — they do not consume electricity at all;
  • it is possible to rearrange the lights in accordance with the momentary need;
  • with their help, you can create beautiful illuminated corners in the garden and, in general, decorate landscape design with them;
  • the service life of solar LED lamps in the country is at least 10 years, but they pay off in 1-2 years;
  • LED lamps used in such lamps do not heat up, so they are completely fireproof;
  • the energy accumulated during daylight hours in a solar-powered lamp is enough to illuminate the dacha for at least 6-8 hours;
  • the light from decorative lamps for solar-powered cottages is very soft and pleasant, and you can select its brightness depending on your needs;
  • you do not need to walk and turn on the lights on the site, because with the onset of darkness, the solar lamps themselves begin to work, giving off the accumulated energy.


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