Square paving slabs


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Square paving slabs are the most familiar and in demand among other types of street finishing materials. It has many options for colors and reliefs, it is easy to lay, especially since there are many paving options, which allows you to embody a variety of design ideas.

Laying square paving slabs

The easiest way to lay square paving slabs is the basic one, that is, paving in even rows, when all the seams coincide with each other.

You can diversify the basic laying method by applying the “at an angle” paving technique. To do this, you will have to cut the extreme tiles with a grinder to create a smooth edge of the track. Such a track looks more spectacular, only this method will entail the loss of some of the materials and time costs.

Popular today is such a laying method as “spread out” — it is very similar to the laying of pavements and sidewalks in the old days. To get this effect, you need to shift each row by half or a third of the tile.

When the tile has a different color, you can create different patterns from square paving slabs — “chess”, lines, various ornaments and patterns. And the more different colors a tile has, the brighter and more original the track will look.

In addition, you can emphasize and highlight a specific section of the track or platform with color. Neutral grays and browns go very well with other colors. They can be combined with tiles in yellow, black, red, green and other shades.

But at the same time, you should not get carried away with a combination of colors, just choose 2-3 shades so that the picture does not turn out to be too colorful.

There are also tiles with different surface textures, which gives some freedom for action. You can lay it in different ways, creating one or another pattern.


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