Street garland — options for decorating the street, house, trees


Street garland - a beautiful decoration of a house or plot

A beautiful street garland is not only a New Year’s decoration. Illumination helps to create a joyful mood, it is indispensable for spectacular photo shoots, shop or apartment decor, street decoration. In order for garlands intended for outdoor use to serve for a long time, they must meet a number of parameters.

What are street garlands?

Not many people know how the outdoor LED frost-resistant garland differs from the usual one and try to use decorations that are not suitable for outdoor use, which leads to their breakage. Only LED garlands for the street, protected from adverse factors, can serve for a long time in the wind and frost. The wires of these products are distinguished by a wide cross-section so that they do not tear under wind load. To protect the street decoration LEDs, a special composition is used — an aquastopper, or special caps that close the elements from moisture.

outdoor LED frost-resistant garland

To protect against frost, the street garland is equipped with high-quality wire, which does not harden in the cold and does not become brittle. What are wires for street garlands made of:

  • silicone is an expensive material from which durable and resistant to very low temperatures products are obtained;
  • rubber is a high-quality material, only slightly inferior to silicone in terms of strength and durability;
  • improved PVC with auxiliary ingredients to increase frost resistance — for more budgetary, but cold-resistant models;
  • Rubber is an inexpensive material that can withstand severe but not extreme cold.

To understand whether a street garland or intended for indoors, you need to examine its packaging. This must be indicated on products for the streets. You can also navigate by the cross section of the wire of the garland — it is wider for street ones than for home ones. A good indicator of product protection — IP — for outdoor it is at least 44, but better — 64-68, in which case the garland will withstand severe frost, and rain, and wind.

Neon-Night is a brand of high-quality lighting equipment manufactured in accordance with the standards The bright Neon-Night street garland is distinguished by the fact that even during the day it looks very impressive, and at night this catchy decoration is impossible not to notice. The garland has several glow modes, it does not heat up. It can decorate windows, walls, plants. High-quality LED garlands are produced by:

  • Feron;
  • Sh Lights;
  • Navigator;
  • Luazon.

outdoor LED frost-resistant garland

How to decorate the house with garlands on the street?

To decorate the home outside, you will need an outdoor LED garland for the house — this is an expensive decor option, since you will need a lot of good quality garlands. You can also choose a less expensive option — decorate a balcony, a staircase, a tree or a bush growing nearby, a visor over the door, you can hang street garlands on the facade of the house or in its corners. Luminous figures also look interesting, which can be bought ready-made or made independently, for which a battery-powered street garland is suitable.

outdoor led garland for home

Duralight — a flat or round cord — is another popular garland for decorating houses. The LEDs are located inside the cable, making this type of street decoration considered the most resistant to vibration, shock, frost, moisture, dust and wind. Since the cable bends well, it is convenient to create a variety of decorative figures, light panels, signs, inscriptions from duralight, it can be mounted as a backlight in a niche, under the roof, steps, podium, railings.

Garlands for trees on the street

LED street garland on a tree can be of two types — Clip-light and Spider. The first is a long wire (5-100 m), on which miniature LEDs are fixed. The second garland consists of several wires (from 3 to 5 by 10-20 m) connected to one power source. Both types of garlands are safe for trees, as they practically do not heat up, and are resistant to frost. How to decorate a tree with a street garland:

  1. You need to start winding the barrel from the bottom so that the plug remains closer to the ground.
  2. If you need to extend the garland, you can connect the next one to the plug of the first one.
  3. It is not necessary to wrap each branch of the tree — only thick ones can be marked.
  4. You need to wind the street garland on the tree tightly, if necessary, you can fix the wire with special clamps so that the decoration is not blown away by the wind.

street garland on a tree

Garland-projector for the street

When the house outside shimmers with the light of hundreds of LED lights, it is very beautiful, but decorating the home with garlands is a laborious process. For those who do not want to bother with long garlands, an outdoor laser garland projector was invented. This device is a projector that uses laser pulses to create pictures on the walls. If desired, you can purchase a projector with stencils, then it will create not only colored rain, but also drawings. Expensive projector models have built-in programs that allow you to create whole pictures.

outdoor laser garland projector

Deer — a garland for the street

An unusual outdoor LED garland in the form of a deer is suitable for original compositions and will decorate the space in front of the house on New Year’s holidays. The deer frame of such garlands is made of metal, a wire with LEDs is wound around it. On sale you can find deer of a wide variety of sizes, designed for both the street and the house, powered by mains or batteries.

outdoor led garland

neon street garland

An unusual garland for the street, shining with neon light, is a silicone cord. The upgraded LEDs inside shine brightly, the projection range is 120 degrees. With the help of a neon garland, it is very convenient to create various inscriptions, “draw” simple shapes. Signboards, facades, advertising banners, cars, trees are decorated with a neon garland.

garland for the street

Outdoor Garland Curtain

Outdoor garland-curtain decoration is an excellent solution for decorating gazebos, building walls, windows. It is a horizontal wire on which long wires with LEDs of the same or different colors are fixed. The length of the wires of the street garland-curtain can be large — up to 9 m, such decoration can cover and decorate large spaces between rows of houses.

street garland curtain

Street garland-icicles

Decor LED street garland-icicle — decoration of an unusual shape. The LEDs of such a garland are located inside tubes hanging from a long horizontal wire and imitating icicles. The sequential on and off mode of the LEDs can simulate the flow of water and the icicles become melting. Icicle garlands look beautiful on large trees, under the roof of houses, on balconies.

led street garland icicle

Street garland-fringe on the house

A kind of decoration outdoor LED garland-fringe is similar to a curtain, only its vertical wiring is shorter (no more than 1 m) and of different lengths. In festive decor, street fringe garland is used very widely — to decorate the facades of houses, shop windows, streets, arches and other buildings. Such a garland looks very light, airy and elegant, so both designers and ordinary people like to use it.

outdoor led garland fringe

Street garland-rain

The flickering LED street garland-rain gets its name from the effect of flowing water, which is created by successively illuminating and fading LEDs. In shape, such a garland is similar to a curtain, only its luminous elements are much smaller, and there are much more wires hanging down. The rain garland looks very beautiful on gazebos, in doorways, above the pedestrian zone of the streets.

led street garland rain

Street retro garland

The eye-catching outdoor garland of light bulbs is an imitation of retro decorations from the middle of the 20th century. Cartridges and incandescent bulbs in such garlands are not real, modern LED elements are hidden in them. If such a garland needs to be stretched through a large space, it is attached to a cable, since the light bulbs are heavy and the wire can sag without support. Garlands of light bulbs in the Loft style will decorate the terrace in a retro restaurant, home or garden.

street garland of light bulbs

Street garland-mesh

It is easy to decorate a large space with an outdoor LED frost-resistant garland-mesh. Its great advantage is the easy installation method — it is not difficult to stretch the net, it is very easy to operate. With the help of a garland-network, you can realize almost any fantasies of decorating a space: it can be used as a light curtain to delimit zones, decorate sculptures, fountains, window and door openings, flights of stairs, columns, shrubs and trees.

outdoor LED frost-resistant garland grid

Street garland-thread

The simplest kind of decoration — street garlands for the facade of the house in the form of a thread — is almost universal. The length of such a decoration can be 3-25 m, the LEDs are attached to the main wire. To implement an interesting idea, such garlands can be connected into one long thread up to 100 m. Due to its shape, the garland-thread is popular for creating flat images and inscriptions. It can be wrapped around plants or outline the contours of the structure.

street garlands for the facade of the house


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