Street lamps in the country


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In any case, the summer cottage or part of it must be illuminated or highlighted. For this, various types of lamps are used. Street lamps in the country can be divided into decorative and functional.

Varieties of street lamps for summer cottages

To obtain bright lighting, you can use ceiling street lamps for summer cottages, which are suspended, overhead or built-in. They are installed on terraces, verandas, sheds, in gazebos and in the entrance area. Appliances have a certain shape and size in accordance with the style of the room.

Overhead fixtures are screwed directly to the ceiling surface. Hanging models are most often hung on a chain, the length of which is adjustable.

Recessed luminaires fastened to suspended ceiling structures, often they are fastened in groups.

Wall street lamps for giving will be useful for lighting the entrance to the house. They are compact and equipped with wall brackets. With the help of these lamps, it is possible to illuminate both small and spacious areas, depending on the number of devices and their placement.

Outdoor LED Lights for summer cottages are often used as landscape decoration, they can be powered by electric current or sunlight. They are used to illuminate flower beds, gardens, paths, approaches to the house. Such devices will ensure the safety of movement around the territory at night. Properly placed small lanterns will give the landscape an original look.

LED solar light combines a battery and a rechargeable battery. It is charged during the day from the bright sun, and in the evening and at night it glows softly, illuminating the lamp.

Homemade street lamps for giving will help to create a stunning illumination at no cost. Bottles, forging, plastic, glass, cans, logs with holes are used for their manufacture. A lantern is installed inside such products. Such lighting can be made in the form of snails, mushrooms, openwork lanterns and is installed on the lawn, along the paths. They create soft and fabulous lighting.

Properly selected lamps create a feeling of a lived-in and cozy space. An ensemble of various devices and lights will help to design a safe, beautiful area on the site and create a light accent in the garden in the country.


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