Summer cottage design


Summer cottage design

As a rule, a dacha is a place for active rest and for active work. Having your own house outside the city and a small plot attached to it, you have the opportunity to eat fresh fruits and vegetables grown by yourself. In addition, you have a secluded place, in the bosom of nature, where you can hide from the bustle of the city. Despite the fact that the house is located outside the city, and a little «separated» from the usual life, its walls must maintain coziness and comfort for their owners and their guests. The external appearance of the house and the landscape is very important, but the interior design of the cottage is no less important.

In this article, we will talk with you about various ideas for the design of rooms in the country with our own hands. In particular, we will talk about the kitchen and the rest room. And also consider options for the design of a country veranda, which is obliged to please the eye with its hospitality.

So, let’s begin.

Ideas for kitchen design in the country

Following the simple logic of the above theses, we conclude that you want to spend as little time on cooking as possible, and as much as possible on rest. Therefore, all ideas for the design of a country kitchen should ensure that this requirement is met. And I would like to say the following: in the kitchen, zones should be correctly demarcated (work with raw foods, their preparation, their use); appropriate equipment should be available to help speed up the cooking process; the conditions of interior ergonomics must be observed, which will avoid unnecessary movements.

We understand that the design of the kitchen in the country is not an easy task, but everything is much simpler than you might think. One of the important criteria for the interior of the kitchen is the presence of a small amount of furniture. Lots of free space will allow you to quickly move around the room, and will also have a beneficial effect on your psychological state of fatigue from a cluttered city life. Wood is ideal as a material for the design of kitchen furniture in the country, if there is not enough money for this, choose more economical materials — MDF and chipboard.

Provence — exquisite design, which is a great idea for the interior of the kitchen in the country. It includes the presence of small antique trifles and trinkets, which are full in the country house.

Style country music it will also be a good idea for the interior of a kitchen in the country; it will cost you much cheaper than Provence, but it will not yield to it in any way in originality.

Ideas for the design of a room in the country

Of course, rest after work hours is also important. Consider a few ideas for the design of a rest room in the country. It is very good and beautiful if there is a fireplace in the room. Burning fire very calms the nervous system and brings the body into a peaceful state. Not everyone has the opportunity to build a real fireplace, for various reasons. That is why technical progress came to our aid, which brings to our attention decorative fireplaces.

Another good idea for the design of a rest room in the country is to decorate the walls with wood panels or wood-like panels — chipboard and MDF. Of course, this criterion is not mandatory and you can wallpaper the walls, but in the first case, the room will have a special character of closeness to nature.

Ideas for the design of the veranda in the country

And finally we got to the most interesting place in the country house — this is the veranda. The process of finding ideas for its design brings a special pleasure. This is the perfect place in the house with a great view. The place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the surrounding beauties.

One of the design ideas for a veranda in the country is its design with wicker furniture. The sofa, table and rocking chair are originally made of thin twigs and will not leave you indifferent.

If the veranda is open, you can place a swing sofa there and decorate it with hanging flowering plants.

Remember, no matter what the ideas for the interior design of the cottage, the main thing is that the necessary conditions for comfort are created in the house.


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