Swing metal gates


Swing metal gates

Swinging metal gates are used when you want to create the most classic design of the entrance to the garage and courtyard, or when it is not possible to install a sliding structure.

Advantages and disadvantages of swing gates

Like any other type, swing gates have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is the simplicity in arranging such gates. They consist of two base pillars on which the sash frames are fixed, and the sheathing material is already hung on the frames. As a result, metal swing gates made of corrugated board, metal sheets or forged elements can be obtained. These gates look very traditional and neat. Often this is the only type of gate that suits the style. For example, swing metal gates for summer cottages are widely used. Other advantages of such gates include a lower production price compared to other types, unlimited possibilities for decorating and finishing gate leaves and pillars, as well as the possibility of self-assembly.

The disadvantage of the swing structure most often includes the need for regular monitoring of the state of the gate, since the metal leaves sag under their weight over time, and also the fact that a sufficiently large free space is required to open the leaves in such gates, which will need to be periodically cleared from the applied sand , snow or fallen leaves.

Swing gate design

Swing gates have the richest possibilities for decoration and design. You can create both airy, lightweight structures from forged elements, as well as solid and massive gates, sewn up with sheet metal.

Swing metal gates with forging look the most rich and elegant. They are also the most durable. In this case, both separate forged linings placed on a metal base, as well as fully forged structures made to order according to an individual project, can be used.

Smooth metal sheets for gate sheathing can be made more interesting by painting the metal in an unusual color or painting it with a variety of patterns.

Influences the design and how the swing metal gates with a wicket are equipped. It can be a separate structural element of the site fence and located near the gate. Another option — the gate leaf is cut directly into one of the swing gates and decorated in the same way as the rest of the structure.


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