The best scented candles — Ranking 2022


Our fragrant review includes the most beautiful candles that will fill your home or spa with a pleasant smell and create a cozy atmosphere.

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The best aroma candles

A good candle will never cause a headache or discomfort, but on the contrary, it will create a special magical atmosphere. Only high-quality products with beautiful aromas were included in the rating.

Reasons to buy:

  • Large volume;
  • Long burning time;
  • Pleasant aroma with slight sourness;
  • Natural material.

Burning tongues of flame look very beautiful through a faceted glass glass of a delicate shade. A delicate floral fragrance quickly scatters around the room and remains in it for a long time, even if the wicks are put out.

Natural wax melts slowly, so the candle will last for a long time. The candlestick of a burnt-out candle will later become a beautiful vase, so this model will definitely pay for itself.

Reasons to buy:

  • Basic, non-irritating fragrance;
  • The presence of a cover;
  • natural materials;
  • Two wicks;
  • Adequate cost.

The model is made only from natural ingredients, therefore it is completely safe for health, and can be used at least every day. A square transparent glass allows you to enjoy the flame of a candle, meditate and relax.

The shape of the candlestick does not allow the wax to spread unevenly. The lid stops the evaporation of essential oils, which prolongs the life of the candle.

Thanks to the beautiful packaging, this model will be a wonderful gift. The volume of the candle is enough for 60 hours of continuous burning, and you can light either one or two wicks at once, enhancing the aromatic effect.

Reasons to buy:

  • 5 subtle flavors to choose from;
  • Long burning;
  • Floating stand made of coconut;
  • Natural wax.

Unusual exotic candle suitable for bedroom, bathroom or dining area. Due to the slow uniform melting, it does not release its aroma too intensively, but all its notes are clearly revealed. And most importantly, it does not cause allergic reactions.

The product will appeal to lovers of fresh summer, gourmand and oriental scents. The manufacturer offers several options to choose from: chocolate with coconut, vanilla, peach with lemongrass, cinnamon, mango.

The Indonesian brand carefully selects raw materials for its products, does not use flavor enhancers and dyes. Coconut shells can be reused by changing the candles in it.

Reasons to buy:

  • Suitable for any premises;
  • Possibility to create your own design;
  • The base is a safe vegetable wax.

The set comes with a small round barrel-shaped vase and 5 bags of multi-colored wax. Each has its own smell: fig, vanilla, sea breeze, orange + mango and wild berries. The composition does not contain alcohol and harmful substances — in the manufacture of wax, only vegetable natural components are used.

Scented sand can either be mixed or layered, which will look very impressive. The candle is suitable for home, office, shop, and other places. It smells light and unobtrusive, therefore it is considered universal. It is not recommended to leave it burning for more than 5 hours in a row.

How to choose a scented candle

The most important thing is what the candle is made of. And here it is better to give preference to natural materials. Paraffin is a petroleum product that releases toxins when burned, so take a wax candle. It is safe and hypoallergenic, besides, it is not even necessary to light it in order for the house to be filled with aroma — you just need to open the lid.

When choosing, be guided by your taste, but follow a number of rules. The aroma of the candle should not argue with other surrounding smells, so decide where it will stand.

  • Notes of perfume are unlikely to be appropriate in the kitchen, but they are quite suitable for a bedroom, dressing room or women’s office.
  • Vivacity and energy will add citrus and coniferous aromas. These candles are ideal for the office or home office.
  • For the bedroom, you need to choose something soothing — for example, lavender.
  • As the main fragrance for the home, a combination of vegetable and fruity notes is best suited.
  • There are also neutral fragrances with light floral nuances.

It often happens that in the store a candle smells distinctly and pleasantly, but when it is lit at home, it does not smell at all. Paraffin candles sin with this, and such specimens are definitely not worth your attention.

It is best to choose white products — this is a guarantee of the quality of the wax. Color models are tinted with artificial dyes. Very bright candles emit harmful substances when burned, so they must be discarded.

A good candle will never be placed in a plastic or thin and cloudy glass beaker. A high-quality candlestick should be thick and perfectly transparent.

The scent lasts longer from candles with a lid, which also protects the accessory from dust settling.

Rules for handling aroma candles

  • Let the candle burn out for at least an hour for the first time. This is necessary for uniform melting of the wax so that a funnel does not form around the wick. Soy and coconut wax are the exception — they melt evenly immediately.
  • Trim the wick before lighting each time. This will avoid soot and unpleasant odors in the first seconds of burning.
  • The candle cannot be blown out. To extinguish it, you need to use either the candlestick lid or a special cap. When blown out, the wick will smolder, and the room will quickly fill with the smell of burning.
  • Wicks can be difficult to light if the candle is not new or is in a tall glass. Then it is convenient to use a long lighter or special matches for candles.

Frequently asked Questions

Which fragrance to choose for a certain time of the year?


In winter and autumn, choose coniferous and spicy scents, at which time the aromas of fresh baked goods are also popular. Floral fresh notes are good in spring, and citrus fruits in summer. Do not forget that the smaller the room in which the candle stands, the lighter it should smell.

Are scented candles harmful?


If they are made of natural wax using essential oils, without harmful impurities and paraffin, then they will not cause any harm to health, even if they burn for days on end. But low-quality cheap goods are dangerous, so carefully read the information on the packaging.

What to do with glass candle holders after using a candle? It’s a pity to throw away


Can be used as a flower pot, cosmetic brush holder or stationery, and reused by changing candles. Creative natures can try to make a useful accessory with their own hands.


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