Tiles for steps on the street


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Any ladder outdoors in bad weather begins to pose a danger. Therefore, to finish the steps on the street, a durable and non-slip tile is required, safe for movement, able to give the stairs a neat appearance, decorate the architectural composition.

Varieties of tiles for degrees on the street

The modern market has a large assortment in the choice of tile materials for decorating outdoor steps. Concrete, stone and ceramics are popular materials that are used in the manufacture of outdoor tiles.

Ceramic tiles for outdoor steps combines durability and an attractive appearance, is able to give uniqueness to a garden and park span, entrance or front staircase. The raw material for its production is clay, kaolin or quartz, which get durable qualities during firing and pressing. Steps made of ceramic tiles do not absorb water, do not deform and do not change shades. Tiles with anti-slip notches and a corrugated surface increase the safety of movement on the surface during bad weather.

Tiles on the steps to the street from porcelain stoneware has increased strength due to the processing of clay at high temperatures. It is resistant to chips, abrasion and mechanical stress. When choosing a form, there are two types of material — monolithic steps and tiles. Porcelain stoneware can imitate any kind of natural materials — wood, marble, all types of slate, granite. A product with a side makes it possible to design steps in one color and style. The rounded corner masks the joint with the riser, softens the sharpness and creates a neat and elegant look.

Granite tiles for outdoor steps will ennoble and decorate the interior of the site. It is a natural stone that is strong and durable. The surface of the steps will not wear off and will not lose its color. Granite tiles make it possible to give it any shape, lay a variety of patterns, a wide range of colors will allow you to create a real masterpiece from the stairs. Granite cladding steps will stand out with an impeccable view. Steps made of such material are not cheap, but the durability and aesthetics of the product compensate for all costs.

Tiles for steps — comfort and style

Depending on the landscape design, the shape of the degrees on the site is rectilinear, radius, round or combined. Tiles for round steps on the street are selected medium-sized. In most cases, they are faced with paving slabs, natural stone, small clinker, porcelain stoneware. To finish the edges, it is better to use finished elements with rounded edges. Round treads require the tile to be adjusted as it needs to be wedge-shaped for installation, depending on the radius of the bend.

The texture of the tile affects its visual assessment and the comfort of passing. To eliminate the possibility of falling, steps on the street need anti-slip tiles, on the edges you need to use material with a corrugated side, corner nozzles. Granite, ceramic and porcelain stoneware options are available in a non-slip outdoor version.

When designing a staircase on the street, it should be borne in mind that it is recommended to supplement a design with more than three steps with handrails.

The staircase is not only a functional detail, it performs the function of an object that gives the architectural composition a special expressiveness. Facing them with modern materials, you can create a colorful presentable design that will meet all the requirements of safety and comfort.


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