Top 5 Nutcrackers — Rating 2022



Lightweight hand-held tongs for home use and powerful nutcrackers for heavy-duty work.


Best Nutcrackers

Nutcracker is a fairly simple kitchen tool, but it requires high strength, as well as a convenient design, because most of these models are manual. Our rating will help you choose a really good option.

Reasons to buy:

  • wide support;
  • durable materials;
  • easy cleaning;
  • fast assembly;
  • compactness.

The design of the model includes a frame, a base plate and a lever. If necessary, it can be easily disassembled. The main manufacturing material is stainless steel. This ensures high durability and allows you to wash the device under running water after use.

Nutcracker dimensions are 160x280x160 millimeters, weight — 2.3 kilograms. It does not take up much space and can be stored in cramped conditions. And the increased weight eliminates the need for auxiliary fastening.

Other features include the adjustment of the central recess, which simplifies the processing of nuts of various sizes. Silicone feet are provided to prevent displacement.

Reasons to buy:

  • high strength;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • ease of holding;
  • light weight and small size.

One of the design features is a central recess in the form of a funnel with embossed protrusions, which allows you to securely fix and crack nuts of various sizes.

The nutcracker is made of zinc alloy, which guarantees its resistance to deformation under heavy loads. The body is not afraid of corrosion, so it retains quality for a long time. The device can be washed under running water.

Small size makes it easy to hold with one hand. For ease of use, a special spring is provided that provides a quick divergence of the working parts. The handles are equipped with anti-slip ABS plastic inserts for a more comfortable grip.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable construction;
  • protective treatment;
  • light weight and compactness;
  • long service life.

The nutcracker is made of stainless steel. This guarantees high durability, easy cleaning after use and long-term preservation of the original appearance, regardless of operating conditions. A smooth glossy finish is not afraid of scratches, abrasion, and also gives the structure additional reliability.

The small size contributes to a comfortable hold and simplifies the storage of the tool. Its dimensions are 18×4 cm, weight — 242 grams. The presence of two recesses of different sizes with special fixing inserts for cracking nuts of any kind.

Reasons to buy:

  • high strength;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • cool design;
  • Ease of use;
  • easy cleaning.

This model has an attractive appearance: both profiles of the forceps are made in the form of faces uniting in a kiss. Chrome plating and gold plating are provided to give a glossy sheen and protection against corrosion. The material of manufacture is a zinc alloy of increased hardness, which guarantees the tool reliability and durability.

Dimensions of the device 187x45x37 mm, weight — 500 grams. Nutcracker does not require complex care: it can simply be washed under running water. The well-thought-out design of the working elements makes it possible to crack nuts of various types and sizes without noticeable effort.

Reasons to buy:

  • corrosion resistance;
  • reinforced construction;
  • ease of use and secure grip;
  • compactness.

The model has an ergonomic design and small dimensions. For a more comfortable grip, the handles are equipped with embossed plastic inserts. The tool is made in the form of tongs and has two working recesses with transverse protrusions. This prevents slippage and guarantees the convenience of cracking nuts of any size.

The length of the nutcracker is 16 centimeters. Its main features are high strength and resistance to deformation under heavy load. The manufacturing material is stainless steel. The device is not afraid of moisture and is easy to clean using household products. For additional reliability, a protective coating is provided.

Frequently asked Questions

Is the performance of a nutcracker important?


The optimal indicator depends on the conditions of future operation. For home use, a manual mechanical nutcracker will suffice. As a rule, with their help in an hour you can split no more than 1-2 kg. At food enterprises, large electric devices are installed that can crack dozens of times more nuts in the same period of time.

What are household nutcrackers?


The most common are the tong type models. They split the shell by compressing the nut with two pressure elements, are small in size and easy to operate. To minimize the risk of damage to the core, a conical instrument equipped with a special fixation cup can be used. Screw devices work on the principle of a press.

What should a nutcracker be made of?


The mechanism of action of most of the models presented for sale is based on the application of the physical efforts of the owner. This necessitates the strength and reliability of the structure. We recommend purchasing nutcrackers made of high-hardness steel. Protective treatment is required to extend the service life and preserve the appearance for a long time. More comfortable use will provide a tool with anti-slip pads.

What are the benefits of manual nutcrackers?


The use of such models ensures the accuracy of processing. Industrial devices are not always capable of cracking nuts without damaging the kernel. Hand tools are also compact and lightweight. This ensures the convenience of occasional use, simplifies their storage in the home kitchen. Among other things, they have a relatively low cost.


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