Tri-pitched roof


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Various forms of roofing are used for the construction of houses. A three-pitched roof is a specific design for a house, a terrace, which is formed by three slopes, one of which is in the form of a triangle, and the other two are trapezoidal. The appearance of such a roof is similar to a gable roof with the addition of a hip to the entire width of the building on one side.

Characteristic features of a gable roof

The main components of such a roof are:

  • triangular hip slope;
  • trapezoidal side slopes;
  • skate;
  • side rib.

Like any roof, a three-pitched frame consists of a mauerlat (base), rafter box, battens, waterproofing and roofing.

As a base, wooden beams or a metal profile are used. It mounts directly to the outer wall. The system of hydro and vapor barrier depends on the purpose of the room. If it is planned to build a residential attic, then the insulation is more component, if a simple unheated attic is easier.

The type of crate depends on the future finishing material.

A variety of materials can be used to cover the roof, depending on the purpose of the building. Often, a gable roof is even made of glass. This kind of it can decorate the veranda, terrace, balcony. In this case, the walls under it are also made transparent. If the room is more practical, then the frame is covered with ceramic or metal tiles, a profile. The tiled roof looks beautiful, the color of the material can be chosen depending on the architectural design of the building.

The complexity of the design of a gable roof for a private house is offset by the possibility of building an attic or balcony. Often this type of roof is used for a veranda, gazebo, winter garden, it looks quite original and aesthetically pleasing. The elegance of the structure is due to the fact that each side of the house acquires its own individual appearance. Rationally adjusted, proportional dimensions of the slopes give the design a uniqueness. If you plan to build an attic, then in a gentle slope you can equip a special beautiful window.

Three-pitched roofs are most often used for cottages and private houses. The reason for their popularity is their aesthetic appeal. Installing a similar structure above the entrance area or individual parts of the house will give it a unique and non-standard look.


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