Trimmer electric or gasoline: which is better


Often, novice gardeners or just people buying a mower wonder which trimmer to take — gas or electric? But here it all depends on the specific tasks and conditions for using the garden tool. Will have to figure it out.

kakoi trimer luchshe

Petrol trimmer

The gas trimmer works with the help of an internal combustion engine — two-stroke or four-stroke. Trimmers differ in engine power, design dimensions and other important parameters. Among them there are both professional mowers and ordinary amateur ones.

The power equipment is located in the upper part and is connected to the cutting element with a rod. Each structural element, to one degree or another, affects the capabilities and features of the operation of the lawn mower.


  • Trimmers with two-stroke engines are noisier. They use gasoline mixed with oil as fuel.
  • A four-stroke engine is more complex. Oil and gasoline for it are poured into separate containers. Mowers with such an engine are more powerful and less noisy.

Rod design

The straight bar is the simplest. Torque is transmitted directly to the cutting element, which avoids power losses. In addition, straight bar trimmers are more reliable.

Curved bars, although more convenient, are less practical. If the connection is heavily loaded on the bends, they can be damaged, which will lead to breakage of the braid.

cutting element

There are several options for trimming cutting elements that differ in design and purpose. For example, a regular line is best suited for dealing with thin and flexible grass, and metal disc — for thick plants and shrubs.

By the way, the cutting element is exactly what distinguishes a trimmer from a lawn mower. If a cord is used as it, then this is just a trimmer.

Motokosa is more powerful and works mainly with knives. She will not be able to make an even lawn, even if you put a fishing line on it, but she will cope with very dense vegetation.

Due to the higher load, lawn mowers also have a lot of weight and a slightly different design with divorced handles (like a bicycle handlebar). A garden tool with an internal combustion engine will most likely turn out to be a lawn mower.

Features of a gasoline trimmer

Electric trimmer

Here, too, an engine is used, but already electric. Typically, these trimmers are used to cut grass in gardens and on private land. Electric trimmers are simple and environmentally friendly. In addition, they make less noise than their gasoline counterparts.

Electric trimmers differ in the following parameters:

Engine power

Electric mowers can have both a small engine power from 250 W, and a higher one — from 800 W. It all depends on the model and its cost.


An electric motor is located on the upper part of the scythe (in some models it may be located in the lower part), at the bottom there is a cutting element. They are connected by a rod — straight or curved.

cutting element

Similarly, with a gasoline trimmer, different cutting attachments can be used on a spit. Some are better suited for difficult, overgrown areas, others for mowing the lawn. The problem is that a weak electric motor, in principle, is not designed for serious loads, so you will have to work mainly with fishing line.

Run time without recharging (for battery operated trimmers)

Cordless mowers are convenient as they can be operated away from an outlet and are not as difficult to carry as petrol mowers. However, everything here depends on the capacity of the battery. Please note that a 2 Ah battery will last for approximately 30 minutes of operation.

Features of the electric trimmer

Comparison of petrol and electric trimmers

To understand which trimmer is best for you, you need to compare them according to the main parameters:


A petrol trimmer is much more mobile than an electric one. It does not require a permanent connection to a power source.

The cordless trimmer also does not need a constant connection to the mains. However, it has a fairly large weight compared to the network one, so it is recommended to wear it on a special shoulder strap.


For cutting difficult areas where there are a lot of weeds and shrubs, it is recommended to use a gasoline trimmer. It has more power and will do the job better.

An electric trimmer is suitable for cutting areas of medium and low complexity.

Number of turns

Not the most important indicator for mowers. It indicates the efficiency of work, but it should be considered only in conjunction with the power of the motor.

Ease of use

An electric trimmer is lighter than a petrol trimmer, making it easier to use and less tiring. In addition, the petrol engine runs louder at about 105 dB, while the electric one is about 89 dB.

Care and storage

Since the petrol trimmer runs on flammable fuel, it must not be stored in places where there is a risk of overheating and fire. The engine itself needs to be serviced regularly, before and after the season.

An electric trimmer is less demanding in this regard, but still it cannot be stored in places with high humidity, as there is a risk of a short circuit. It is also necessary to service the electric motor from time to time, but this is not as difficult as in the case of an internal combustion engine.


It will not be possible to choose one winner, since each of the trimmers is good in its own way and is suitable for different tasks. Before buying, determine the specific purpose for which the mower is being purchased.

If you do not have a difficult site and you just need a trimmer for mowing the lawn, buy an electric one. If you’re mowing a large, weedy area, use a gas-powered one.



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