Veranda in the country


Veranda in the country

Many of us have a cottage. The purpose of its acquisition is different for everyone. Someone buys it only for recreation, and someone wants to work for their own pleasure. We take the first steps into the house through the veranda. The veranda in the country is a special building that reflects the tastes of its owner. Its layout and interior depend, first of all, on the amount of pastime. A few square meters against the backdrop of a blooming garden can become a real paradise.

Veranda design in the country — options

The design of the veranda is influenced by many factors. The material from which we make it must certainly be in harmony with the main building of the house, in the case when it is attached. The fact that we will heat this room also matters. After all, a cold veranda will require moisture-resistant materials that are insensitive to temperature changes.

Of great importance is the location of the veranda relative to the cardinal points. Its lighting and landscaping in the summer depends on this. If your dream is to adapt the veranda for relaxing and receiving guests, you should take care of protecting the premises from the vagaries of the weather. The veranda is characterized by an abundance of sunlight. Therefore, with a closed version, you need to think carefully about the shape and number of windows so that at any time of the year each of those present can enjoy the scenery outside the window.

How to decorate the veranda in the country, the style you have chosen will tell you. It is he who dictates what furniture, accessories, type and color of curtains to purchase. Most often, when choosing a style, they tend to country. Like no other, it brings with it the relaxation and comfort of a home. It is very convenient for needlewomen who can surprise guests with knitted or embroidered products. You can adapt seemingly obsolete furniture for the veranda, or purchase wicker furniture. Rustic style is distinguished by the number of variations. You have a real chance to reproduce a corner of some distant country in your country house.

Oriental style for the veranda will be the most mysterious. Here it is important to take advice from connoisseurs of hieroglyphs and Feng Shui masters. It is necessary to competently approach the choice of geometric lines not only inside the room, but also from the outside, the selection of colors. A niche in the wall with built-in lighting or a Japanese-style vase will look original. With all responsibility, you need to take even the steps. And be sure to hang Japanese curtains on the windows of the veranda, which will make your vacation in the country more pleasant during the hot season. For oriental style, as well as country, only natural materials, such as wood, natural stone, are suitable.

The location of the veranda on the south side and the artificial pond outside the window is a great opportunity to relax in a Mediterranean-style cottage. The color scheme should be dominated by white and blue. It is better to hang Roman blinds on the windows or make it completely glass using double-glazed windows.

The abundance of glass and metal, as well as modern materials such as plastic, are a good display of high-tech style not only in an apartment, but also in a country house. Sliding glass door designs are popular and at the same time very convenient, which are often installed by fans of this style.

small veranda

The summer veranda in the country is not always planned large. Some owners get by with small outbuildings on which you can place a table and a few chairs. They are made open and closed, traditionally rectangular, square or in the form of a semicircle. Open verandas made of natural wood look very nice, with elaborate carved elements. A lot of light and heat in a small area can be obtained by covering the veranda with cellular polycarbonate.

From any house, even a small one, if you wish, you can make a fairy tale, which you will be reluctant to leave.


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