Waterfall in the country


Waterfall in the country

It is so nice to sit in a deck chair or chair in the shade of trees and enjoy a piece of wildlife in the form of a waterfall at your own dacha. Its peaceful murmur relaxes, pacifies, distracts from everyday troubles and everyday worries.

Options for an artificial waterfall in the country

There are several ways to equip a waterfall in the country. It can be an addition to an alpine slide, a continuation of a stream, a pond with a waterfall or a cascading waterfall, which looks the best in the country.

The device of a small decorative waterfall in the country is similar to the device of a pond and any other body of water. The only difference is that the waterfall is smaller in size and has a high rise — about 1-1.5 meters. If this is a cascading waterfall, then a few more ledges are needed.

The simplest design is assembled from two pools — a small one at the top and a little more at the bottom. Water flows from one to another under the action of the pump, then is pumped back into the upper reservoir. More complex structures may consist of three or more pools, where water flows from the top to the bottom, returns and repeats its path.

The shape of the lower pond for flowing water from the waterfall can be anything — strictly geometric or free. It all depends on your wishes and tastes. The depth of the lower basin may also vary. If you want to populate it with underwater flora and fauna, the depth must be at least a meter. And the dimensions in this case should be sufficient for the comfort of fish and vegetation.

Much attention should be paid not only to the device, but also to the decoration of the waterfall. Most often it is made out with the help of boulders, stones, sand tiles. Green vegetation will not hurt either — this will give the waterfall a realism and similarity with wildlife.


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