What is the best way to cover the roof of a house?


the better to cover the roof of the house 0

On the modern market there is a large selection of materials for finishing the roof. When choosing a roof, reliability, strength, its external characteristics are taken into account, which should be in harmony with the exterior of the building. Consider the better to cover the roof in a private house.

The choice of roofing material

Modern and most popular roofing materials are ceramic or metal tiles, corrugated board, ondulin, slate.

Metal profiled sheet — a democratic option, has a low cost and is easy to install. Mainly used for commercial buildings.

metal tile differs in that it imitates tiled masonry. It is reliable and light, covered with a bright coloring pigment, which makes it possible to obtain material of any color range.

ceramic and slate the tile belongs to a type-setting roof. It can be used to cover complex and original surfaces.

An interesting solution is flexible tile, which is made of fiberglass and is a seamless coating. A layer of any color is applied to its outer part, the material has a large selection of relief patterns. Flexible tiles will appeal to the owners, whose houses are distinguished by their uniqueness and unusual design.

Ondulin and slate — are easy to install, do not require additional sound insulation, are available to a wide range of consumers due to their low price.

When deciding how to cover the roof of a wooden or stone house, any building in the country, one should take into account the type of structure, its purpose. The roof should match the appearance of the house, ensure its comfortable operation.

The roof, covered with modern materials, will keep the heat in the house for a long time, protect it from bad weather and decorate the architectural appearance of the building.


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