What not to buy at IKEA


The Swedish distribution network attracts buyers with a discreet, concise design, a rich assortment and low cost of household goods. However, not all of them are worth buying — even for little money.

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Cabinet furniture and kitchens from chipboard

Buying relatively inexpensive furniture seems like a good idea. But acquiring a new headset every couple of years is an expensive undertaking from all sides.

IKEA furniture made of chipboard is unlikely to last longer, especially if it is disassembled and reassembled during a move:

  • Under the influence of moisture, it swells;
  • Chipboard damage cannot be sanded and repainted;
  • Products are light, as there are voids inside the plates.

Assembly involves working with tools. In order to form a firmly fastened large block from small parts, efforts are made that chipboard is simply not designed for. The material crumbles and breaks off.

Some IKEA kitchen sets, dining tables, shelving and walk-in closets are made from wood-based material. Products look aesthetically pleasing, but their strength indicators do not stand up to criticism. It is better to choose more expensive things from solid wood, metal and glass.

Upholstered furniture, some beds and chests of drawers

IKEA sofa frames are not the strongest. Buyers complain about the rapid sagging of the bed and creaking. In addition, the upholstered furniture of the Swedish manufacturer is known for insufficient seat depth. This will suit only people of short stature. All of the above disadvantages are seen, for example, in Gimmarp triple sofa.

Furniture made of pine, a very soft material, is used very carefully. Any blow leaves dents, scratches and chips. The design does not withstand a person weighing above average: the bed creaks, the legs crack.

frame Hemnes beds — an example of the fact that a relatively low cost means an equally low quality. Chests of this series are also too light — there is a risk of serious injury as a result of tipping over a filled cabinet.

IKEA, of course, provides accessories for attaching chests of drawers to the wall. But most buyers are unaware of the danger and ignore the process. Meanwhile, a lot of accidents have already been recorded, where children mostly suffered from injuries.

Lightweight unstable chests of drawers from Ikea are dangerous and require mandatory fastening to the wall.


Customer reviews of IKEA mattresses are not always negative. But information that cheap products do not keep their shape and have a pungent odor is found regularly.

Users speak of polyurethane foam models as not corresponding to the declared stiffness. Mattresses sag, dents form on them. Consumers complain about the chemical smell that provokes headaches.

Another problem: the sizes of products often differ from traditional ones. This means that sheets and bedspreads from other manufacturers will not work — they will need to be purchased in the same Ikea.


Kitchen appliances for IKEA are made by Whirlpool. By order of the Swedish distribution network, the manufacturer produces household appliances of medium and economy class. Everything here is pretty good except for one thing — hoods.

Due to the high noise level, customers are unhappy with their work. Replacing a clogged carbon filter will also be problematic, since consumables are a scarce commodity and are not always available even in Ikea itself. The weak point is the knobs-regulators, which often break.

Chairs, armchairs

The ill-conceived ergonomics of an office chair will make the working day painful, and the consequences for the body unpredictable. Seat depth, backrest angle, height and width of the armrests are parameters that are not taken into account in the design swivel chair JÄRVFJÄLLET (Ervfjellet). Excessively high rigidity of the product also causes criticism.

In order to reduce the cost of products, the company does not always equip its chairs with height and tilt adjustments. Thus, the possibility of individual adjustment is excluded.

Convenient models are also not without drawbacks. Most often, this is the low quality of the materials used in the production. The weak points of office chairs are:

  • flimsy armrests,
  • poorly working wheels
  • leather upholstery,
  • periodically lame build quality.

Consumers do not recommend buying IKEA chairs with polycarbonate seats — for example, model TOBIAS. Modern design and laconic execution will fade when plastic cracks under a seated person. If the fragile structure lasts for some time, then it will definitely creak when used.

Budget textiles

IKEA textiles are distinguished by a variety of colors and modern prints. Inexpensive promotional offers are sold like hot cakes, forgetting that quality usually corresponds to a low price:

  • Scandinavian-style polyester blankets roll up quickly and are highly electrified.
  • Cotton curtains shrink.
  • Budget terry towels after washing become hard and scratch the skin.

144 threads per inch cotton bedding is another economical but impractical purchase. The pellets will quickly turn thin textiles into a prickly canvas, on which it will be uncomfortable to sleep.

Popular anti-rating — 10 most unfortunate products from IKEA

  1. A BEPRÖVAD glass whose glass breaks and the bottom falls off.

  2. KVALIFICERA scissors with unnatural design of holder rings. The blades do not close well, it is impossible to cut off anything thin.
  3. Jug IKEA 365+. The cork lid is moldy and smells bad. Because of this, the water in the tank becomes unusable.
  4. The BRUNKRISSLA bed linen set is made of highly electrified fabric. She, like a magnet, attracts dust, wool and hair, which are not removed during washing.
  5. Cushion INNER. The filler is unevenly distributed: voids are not filled. Synthetic fiber clumps.
  6. SKUBB storage module. Sags under the weight of things and stretches.
  7. ANNALOUISA curtains. The geometry of the fabric is broken, the seams are missing. After washing, the fabric shrinks and does not iron well.
  8. Slatted bed base LURÖY. The slats are not fixed, so they are constantly shifting. The convex design creaks, and the slats themselves often crack.
  9. Sofa BRISSUND. Poorly attached springs fall out during operation.
  10. MATTRADITION oven. The timer does not turn off the equipment, the rubber door seal does not hold and does not actually perform its function.

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