Wood stoves for summer cottages


wood stoves for cottages

Wood-burning stoves for summer cottages are able to quickly heat up the room and retain heat for a long time. This is an autonomous design for heating, some models can be used for cooking, it can be used constantly or periodically.

Features of wood stoves

If you sometimes need to warm up a small room, then laying out a brick oven is not at all necessary.

As a rule, wood-burning stoves for summer cottages are factory-made products that are installed on the floor. They are made from cast iron or cast steel. The configuration of the unit can be rectangular, trapezoidal, cylindrical. Depending on the shape, wood-burning fireplaces for summer cottages are divided into corner or wall-mounted.

Modern models have different characteristics and shapes, are designed in various styles — from classic to high-tech. A mandatory element of the unit is the door, most often made of heat-resistant glass and allowing you to contemplate the combustion process and bewitching flames. Panoramic glazing enhances the decorative characteristics of the fireplace.

To remove flue gases, metal pipes are used, which are also involved in the process of heating the room. The fuel for such appliances is firewood and special briquettes, but not coal. One bookmark of firewood provides heat transfer for eight hours. They quickly heat up the room, compact and economical.

The small size of the wood-burning mini-oven for summer cottages allows you to install the device anywhere in the room.

Sometimes wood-burning stoves for heating a summer house are combined with a heat exchanger, with a water circuit and radiators to other rooms. This is a good solution for a house in which people live permanently.

Brick ovens for summer cottages

Wood stoves for summer cottages can be not only metal, but also brick. This is a monumental building that occupies a significant part of the room. Brick ovens differ in cooking, heating, outdoor. There are highly specialized models — for barbecue or barbecue installation. More popular are the combined options. A fireplace, shelves can be attached to a brick structure. The size of the stove can vary from miniature to huge Russian stoves with sunbeds. Large stoves require the installation of a solid foundation. Dimensions of the structure should be selected depending on the size of the room.

Inside the structure, the masonry is made of refractory material and clay mortar.

The hob is a flat cast-iron burner made of rings that open depending on the diameter of the cookware installed on the stove and the required heating temperature.

For laying a brick oven, doors, latches, grates are additionally used. The chimney is also laid out of brick and goes to the roof.

The laid out fireplace is not exactly a stove, but rather a decorative move. It is sometimes lit to create the appropriate atmosphere. The stove for giving should be beautiful, warm the air and create comfort.

The big advantage of the stove over the heating system is that it will not deteriorate if left without kindling in severe frost. You can heat it when you need it, and there are no problems.

The choice of the furnace each owner carries out independently and takes into account the functions that it must perform. Of course, the best wood-burning stoves for summer cottages are considered to be designs that combine several functions: a fireplace, heating, cooking. Availability and ease of operation is a big advantage when using this type of heating in places where there is no centralized one.


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