Wooden doors for a summer residence


wooden doors for cottages

When the dacha is your summer residence, where you took out all the old and unnecessary pieces of furniture to equip a simple and even modest interior, there is no need to install an expensive metal front door. It will look out of place, and why do you need such financial costs. The best option would be a wooden door for a summer residence — inexpensive, practical and beautiful.

Exterior wooden doors for summer cottages

Whatever one may say, the front door should to a certain extent prevent unauthorized entry into the house, so you need to choose a reliable and durable product. In addition, the door must retain its appearance and functionality, despite atmospheric phenomena — rain, dampness, temperature changes, sunlight.

Simple solid wood doors have been and remain the best option for giving. They have many advantages over metal and MDF doors. First of all, wood is an environmentally friendly material that maintains a good indoor climate. And due to the low thermal conductivity and good frost resistance, the house will be quite warm.

In addition, the tree is quite resistant to mechanical stress. And the solid wood door will become a reliable obstacle for uninvited guests.

Wood and products made from it have good sound absorption. The cost of wooden doors is quite affordable. You can choose the option with a flat surface or decorated with carvings and metal elements. Additionally, you can decorate such a door with a wide range of paint and varnish products. By the way, this will give the door additional water resistance.

Interroom wooden doors for summer cottages

No less popular are wooden doors for the internal division of a country house into rooms. They can be solid, panel, paneled, with various inserts. For example, very often you can find wooden doors with glass in the country.


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