wooden houses


wooden houses

Houses made of wood have long ceased to be a hut on the edge and have acquired an extremely attractive appearance with a rich variety of interior and exterior decoration.

To maintain harmony, the exterior and interior of a wooden house must match. In this case, you will get the perfect home, giving a feeling of warmth and tranquility.

Options for exterior finishes of houses made of natural wood

Modern wooden houses are most often performed in one of the following styles:

  1. Country — rustic style is still at the peak of popularity. Nevertheless, the tree willy-nilly evokes memories of a carefree childhood spent in the village with my grandmother. Such a simple and natural design move for houses made of timber or logs is very attractive, especially since there are a number of style variations. The house can imitate an American ranch with a stable, an English house with a flowering garden, or a Russian hut / merchant’s mansions.
  2. The design of the house in country style provides for gables on the second floor, wooden windows with external shutters. The roof can be made of slate or tiles.

  3. Finnish style — a balance of quality and cost. The building material in this case is often glued profiled timber, which allows you to build and operate a house all year round without fear of shrinkage, deformation, cracking. The construction of a house from a bar is carried out in a fairly short time.
  4. Competent design of houses in this style provides its original appearance, individuality. In the classical style, the Finnish house has one floor and a gable roof. However, on request, a second floor, a garage and any other utility rooms can be attached to it.

  5. Alpine chalet — a fashionable kind of wooden houses that came to us from mountainous Switzerland. Such houses have the most rational layout, moreover, they fit perfectly into the flat landscapes. The project of the chalet provides for a spacious terrace and protruding balconies. The roof can be flat or hipped, protruding beyond the perimeter of the house. The decoration of such a wooden house is carried out with massive logs with minimal processing or timber.

Wooden house interior options

When planning the interior of a wooden house, first of all, you need to build on its exterior architecture. The interior of the house should match the exterior and represent a single whole with it. At the same time, all internal details must be combined with each other in order to create a harmonious image.

  1. If the house outside is made in country style, then inside it should retain the image of a village house. And this can be most successfully achieved by preserving the structure of wood in the interior. This saves money on finishing materials, and you don’t need to break your head over the pattern on the wallpaper. The only thing that can be done is to tint the wood so that the walls repeat the chosen color palette of the interior. The rustic style in a log house is so attractive with its naturalness that the atmosphere of romance and family calm reigns by itself.
  2. The interior of a Finnish house involves the use of natural and, at the same time, modern materials. The house inside turns out to be very functional and aesthetic at the same time. Such interiors are usually chosen by connoisseurs of ethnic trends. Both traditional echoes of ancient times, as well as the latest trends and innovative technologies, find a place here.
  3. The interior of chalet-style houses implies naturalness or its high-quality imitation. Massive ceiling beams, wooden furniture and walls, maximum simplicity of design — all this makes the style very expressive. At the same time, the austerity of the situation can be diluted with luxurious details — a leather sofa, velor textiles, a bronze chandelier, and a warm stone floor. The result is an alpine identity combined with modern domestic comfort.


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