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Fruit grown in your own garden is the best source of vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, the owners of summer cottages and household plots equip gardens with many varieties of trees. But in order to collect a rich and high-quality harvest, the garden needs careful care.

Without fail, in early spring, gardeners treat trees from various diseases and pests. Such a procedure should be carried out regularly, requires certain knowledge and skills. Therefore, we will consider in detail how to process trees with our own hands, without resorting to the help of specialists.

The entire scope of work is divided into two main stages — spring and autumn. At each stage, certain procedures for plants are provided. Spring work should begin with the arrival of the first warm days, immediately after the snow melts.

It is first necessary to carry out preparatory work and inspect the condition of the garden in order to determine the necessary types of work for this season.

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spring work

The first sprayings begin to be done in early spring, before the buds begin to bloom. Before processing the garden, all dead branches are necessarily cut off, the territory is cleaned from dry foliage, because many larvae and insects hibernate in it.

The next item is whitewashing the trunks of all trees on the site. Thanks to this procedure, the bark of the tree being eaten by many representatives of the fauna is protected, and it also prevents burns from prolonged exposure to sunlight (especially true for seedlings).

To prepare the solution, you will need slaked lime, which contains insecticides, and ordinary PVA glue.

After raising the air temperature above five degrees Celsius, trees are sprayed from a small pest (aphid, sucker, weevil, apple blossom beetle). The procedure should be carried out immediately, while insects have low activity.

For spraying the garden, a solution is prepared from one hundred grams of copper sulfate and ten liters of warm water. For this purpose, iron sulfate can also be used, it will take about three hundred grams per bucket of warm water.

A mixture of vitriol and slaked soda has the same effect (ratio — 300 grams per 600 grams). It is commercially available in specialized stores and is called «Bordeaux liquid».

Treating trees with vitriol will prevent the development of fungal infections, scab, rot and other troubles. The addition of lime ensures that the bark is protected from insect damage. With the help of such procedures, the trees also receive copper, which allows them to be fed.

Autumn procedures

At the end of the harvest, the autumn stage of garden care begins. In winter, plants are highly susceptible to diseases and pests.

To protect them from harmful influences and ensure a good harvest in the coming year, it is necessary to treat trees from pests. Thanks to such actions, you will help plants survive the cold season without damage.

In winter, many insects in search of warmth settle down in fallen leaves and bark. Pruning the tree, as well as digging up the soil around the trunk, will help get rid of most of these guests.

Pests that are in the middle of the bark can be eliminated by whitewashing. It is recommended to do this procedure towards the end of October. First remove the old bark and lichens, then the pests will not have anywhere to hide.

Doing such a procedure on young trees is only with the help of hands. If the tree is older than six years, you can use metal brushes. Such a brush can cause damage to the bark.

Damaged areas are treated with garden putties, or specialized whitewash, which contains insecticides. Such a tool destroys not only adult insects, it also kills larvae and pupae.

Cleaning the bark of fruit trees should be carried out regularly. Otherwise, the top layer of the bark and other growths on it turn into breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms and insects. An excess number of such inhabitants contributes to the fact that the spring growing season is significantly delayed.

Immediately after the retreat of winter, trees begin to attack various diseases (putrefactive disease, scab, fungi). To prevent these troubles, trees are re-treated in late autumn.

What to spray?

The preparations with which plants are processed are conditionally divided into destroying and prophylactic substances. Since there are so many varieties of pests, one remedy will not be able to protect your garden from them all.

Often spraying is done in stages by several means. If you are doing such procedures for the first time, you can even learn by viewing only photos of tree processing.

Experienced gardeners have their own favorite recipes for making protective agents. Among the popular remedies are mixtures based on vitriol. A mixture of vitriol and urea boasts a double effect. To prepare it, you need to dissolve copper sulfate (fifty grams) and urea (seven hundred grams) in ten liters of water.

The main advantage of this solution is complete safety. They can abundantly water both the plant and the soil adjacent to it.

The remedy is effective against scab spores on trees such as apple, pear, plum, apricot, cherry, quince. In addition, it fights sulfuric rot on strawberry fields, chlorosis on grapes, septoria and anthracnose on currant and gooseberry bushes.

A mixture of vitriol and urea will protect the leaves of fruit trees from curliness, prevent coccomycosis, clasteroporosis, moniliosis, rust, purple spotting. It also drives out pests that feed on the sap and buds of the tree.

For watering the soil near bushes and trees, as well as beds, use the same solution. Ten square meters of land will require at least three liters of the mixture.

Another popular method among gardeners is how to process prolific trees without spending money on expensive products. In early spring, you can spray the garden with ordinary diesel fuel. It breaks the plants with a dense film, under which all larvae and pests will die.

Thanks to this method, even the annoying bark beetle gets rid of. This will require at least three such sprays. But make sure that diesel fuel does not fall on the soil, because it will cause a lot of harm.

Photo processing trees

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