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Dacha is a recreation area and aesthetic pleasure for each of us. She gives us not only vegetables and fruits, but pleases the eye with a riot of variety of flowering plants. Flowers for every summer resident are a special pride, because they create comfort and harmony, give unforgettable impressions with their fragrance. Therefore, their choice must be approached with special care.

Flowering plants are the perfect decoration of the site, filling it with bright colors.

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Benefits of Perennial Flowers

Creating flowering zones and flower beds is a pleasant and hard work. Perennial garden flowers that delight the eye throughout the summer are an exceptional option for a summer resident. Such plants tolerate small frosts and winter colds, are unpretentious in care and do not need annual planting and additional care.

Having determined their place on the site once, you can enjoy their flowering for many years, use it as a basis for creating flower beds. The aerial part of them will die off in autumn, so that from early spring to late autumn they will delight us with their flowering.

Another reason for perennial flowers is that they are much more economical to grow than annuals, as they can be split up when transplanted and used to create a new flower zone at no extra cost.

Choosing plants for early flowering

There are many types of perennial flowers for summer cottages that will delight us with the onset of the first warm days. Such plants are called early flowering. These include bulbous, such as snowdrops, crocuses, which will delight us with their multi-colored buds, hyacinths, primrose.

Flowers with a late flowering period

There are perennial blooming flowers during the flowering period, which falls in the second half of spring, when the sun fully warms the earth. These are daffodils, tulips, lungwort, periwinkle — evergreen, having green foliage all year round and only in early spring delighting us with its rapid flowering, dicentra — an undemanding flower of an unusual look that goes well with group plantings.

Next comes the flowering period of plants that support the beauty of your summer cottage from autumn to the first frost. These are ornamental cereals, sedums.

Rules for choosing plants for flower beds

Among perennials, there are varieties that are divided by height, time and duration of flowering, light-loving and unpretentious shade-tolerant flowers for the garden.

From such a variety of species, you can create an original composition for a flower bed, which, once planted, will grow on its own, without requiring special care and attention, which is important for summer residents.

How to decide on the choice of varieties of flowering plants

In order to correctly create a composition of perennial flowers, you first need to decide which plants you want to see on your site.

For this, there are many catalogs of flowers, which are presented in them by classification, description, flowering period, height. This will help to grow an unforgettable composition on your site, which will be your individual design solution.

How to choose seeds for planting

When choosing seeds of perennial flowers, it is necessary to take into account the time of their planting, to correctly imagine for themselves their growing conditions, growing seasons and growth height.

Tall ones are planted later so as not to obscure other species. They start blooming later than everyone else. These include lilies, gladioli, dahlias, peonies.

low growing perennial flowers

Now in stores there is a very large selection of colors. They can be purchased in the form of bulbs, seeds or ready-made seedlings in flower pots. You can create your own unique flower beds both from one species and from several varieties.

Multi-tiered flower zones look great, which are bordered by undersized flowers and borders framed by small bushes.

It is enough to create a drawing from them once, periodically fertilize, water and a beautiful flower garden is ready for many years. For such zones, primroses, phloxes are ideal.

Individual design of the cottage

Despite the economic profitability of perennials, they still require attention, because each variety behaves in its own way. Before you start planting a perennial flower garden, you need to know well the names of perennial flowers, the conditions that need to be created for their active growth and flowering.

The whole point of planting is in choosing the right place, so that they are not crowded and do not have to be divided and planted every year, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of each plant in order to evenly and practically place those who love moisture and need dry soil.

Combining different varieties will help maintain garden flower beds throughout the summer season. Most garden perennials have long flowering periods, but there are no ever-blooming ones.

Therefore, when planning a flower garden or a border of perennial flowers, it is necessary to use as many varieties as possible and take into account the timing of flowering, so that the summer cottage turns out not just flowering, but also decorative.

Tips for composing a flower garden

When drawing up the color composition of your flower bed, you need to carefully select the color and number of planted plants of one palette. To do this, you can study the photo of flowers to represent their appearance. The individuality and uniqueness of the suburban area will directly depend on this.

It is not necessary to recruit many varieties, it is better to let it be a few bright colors. It will be much more pleasant than a tasteless abundance of plants of various colors.

When choosing, you need to determine the purpose of these plantings: to separate tall ones or to be in the foreground of a flower garden. Such a choice may depend directly on the type of flower bed that you plan to create in your summer cottage. They should match in size, shape and color.

Contrast is very common in design decisions. It is used if you want to create a flower bed with ornamental elements or a striped flower garden. The most important thing is that the selected plants have a contrast with each other.

It is not necessary to create a miniature flower bed of perennials among a large lawn, or plant high-growing flowers along the paths, this will create the effect of a tunnel.

Another rule when planting a country flower bed is the correct selection with a variety of flowering plants with different flowering periods, so as not to get the effect of one-sided beauty.

Each of us has our own preferences for certain colors, favorite colors. Your mood and rest will depend on what your country flower garden will be like.

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Photo of perennial flowers

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