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The cottage area is a great place for the whole family to relax. Most often, sites are located outside the city limits and do not have entertainment available for children. So that even the smallest guests of the cottage do not get bored and enjoy trips out of town — equip a playground for them.

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Location selection

The main thing when building facilities for children is their safety. You should not choose a place for children’s games if there is a pond, electrical panels, thorny fences next to it.

An area with a tall tree is perfect — part of the site will be closed from the scorching sun, which is so harmful to children. If there is no tree, then it is preferable to make a canopy on the territory.

There is no need to build a children’s playground in a hidden place — the entire territory for children’s games should be visible and located at a close distance from the house or adult recreation area, so that in case of dangerous games or other troubles, they can quickly respond to them and help the baby.

Clear and level the ground well in preparation for construction. Remove stones, sticks, cut down interfering bushes. Carefully examine the surrounding area for the presence of plants dangerous to children.

Often, in garden plots, people plant red «palms» of castor beans, bright foxglove bells, or huge white Datura flowers. Despite their beauty and outward harmlessness, these flowers are deadly for children.


To correctly design a playground for children, draw a rough plan for it. Think carefully about what you want to put on it.

Remember that the child will grow up and old designs may become small and uninteresting for him. Therefore, leave some space for placing other objects.

Also try to take into account the wishes of the child, this will make the outdoor children’s complex a real wonderland for the baby.


A playground for a private house should be appropriate for the age and needs of the child.

On the playground for the baby there should be a sandbox, a small swing with a back and armrests, a playhouse. For children from 5 to 7 years old, slides, ladders, small climbing walls are already suitable.

Older children are more active and the best solution for their games will be the placement of a sports playground with bars, ropes, a basketball hoop.

All these designs can be both made independently and bought. Sports complexes with many ladders, swings, slides, turrets, sandboxes and other equipment are very popular.

In the photo of playgrounds in the summer cottage, they are most often depicted. These sites are not only multifunctional, safe, but also very bright and beautiful. Their significant disadvantage is the price of 35-65 thousand rubles. More budget options with less functionality will cost parents 12-20 thousand.

Making a playground with your own hands is a less expensive and more creative activity. On your own, you can create a playground that is right for your child, will be in good harmony with the overall design of the suburban area and fully comply with safety regulations.


A standard sandbox has dimensions of 1.7 by 1.7 m. When installing it, you need to take into account several nuances.

Deepen the sandbox by removing 25-30 cm of earth over the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe structure. In the middle of the resulting square, you need to dig a funnel-shaped depression 0.5-0.7 m deep and fill it with large pebbles. The recess will serve as drainage during precipitation

The bottom of the sandbox must be lined with a thick plastic film with holes for water to drain. The wood for the walls of the sandbox must be treated from decay and parasites. When installing wooden walls, pay attention to their safety — poorly sanded parts, protruding nails, etc.

It is best to install a beach umbrella or a fungus — a canopy near the sandbox so that part of its territory is protected from the scorching sun. It is best to fill the sandbox with sifted coarse river sand. To protect the sand from rain and pets, you can make covers that close the sandbox


If you decide to make a children’s play complex on your site, then in this case you simply cannot do without installing a slide.

When choosing a drawing on the Internet, be guided by the age and height of the child — for crumbs 2-5 years old, the height of the structure should not exceed 1.5 m, and for older children — 2.5-3.5 m. The structure must be very well fixed — you should not just bury it without concreting.

The steps on the hill should be low and wide. Nail rubber mats or strips of artificial turf to them — this will protect children from falling on slippery steps after rain. Be sure to make comfortable, wide railings on the stairs and the top platform of the structure.

It is better to purchase a slide for a slide from the factory — it is very difficult to make it correctly and safely, and buying a plastic structure will cost you from 3 to 40 thousand, depending on its complexity. On the top platform of the slide, you can install a spinning steering wheel for baby games

small house

Often children build huts from branches, pillows or furniture. So give your little one a real toy house!

Make the wooden frame of the house the size you need and sheathe it with 20.0 mm boards, plywood or waterproof drywall.

Do not forget to make windows with small frames in the house. To protect the house from the rain, make real closing shutters and a door on the windows. It is best to nail the old linoleum onto the floor of the house — this will simplify cleaning. The roof can be sheathed with real tiles or homemade from painted foam.

The shape of the design depends only on your imagination. It can be either a small square house or a round dwelling of a small hobbit or the hold of a brave pirate’s ship.

The final stage of construction is painting. Carefully monitor the condition of the house, regularly tint the damaged parts. This will help to keep the structure from rotting and soaking for a long time.

You can decorate the room with children’s furniture, decorate with curtains. A budget option would be to buy a special play tent for a child and install it on the site


Swings are a favorite place for kids and an indispensable attribute of any playground.

For the manufacture of a swing, it is necessary to purchase 2 reliable wooden racks 3 m long and 120-150 mm thick. For the crossbar, a one and a half meter piece of wood of the same diameter is needed. You also need a board for making a seat, a nylon (or hemp) cable and hooks.

To place the swing, it is important to choose an open place where the child will not hit when swinging. The structure is dug into the ground to a depth of 0.8-1 m, crushed stone is poured into the pits and concreted.

After fixing the crossbar, it is necessary to screw in the hooks and hang the seat. Seats for small children must be equipped with a back and armrests.

Regularly check the safety of the resulting structure — if the racks are swinging, if the hooks are unscrewed and if the rope is frayed.


So that children do not get injured on the playground during active games, it must have a high-quality and safe coating.

Usually, places for children to play in summer cottages are covered with sand or covered with lawn. These options are not the best, as they absorb water well and dry out poorly. Also, an ordinary lawn is not suitable for covering, as it will quickly be trampled down and become unusable. Here we need a wear-resistant lawn for sports facilities.

The most commonly used materials are artificial turf and rubber or plastic modules. Their disadvantage is the need for careful preparation of the place for laying artificial turf — it is lined only on leveled surfaces.

Artificial grass looks natural, does not get trampled on and does not stain clothes. However, it almost does not soften the blow when falling.

The rubber coating is durable, wear-resistant and has a large selection of colors. Also, the material is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The cover softens the impact well. A rubber playground is a great choice for giving.

The plastic coating is not afraid of temperature changes, water and is easy to install. The design is quickly assembled and disassembled, so it can expand or move to another place without harm to the quality of the material.

A playground for a private house is not a luxury, but an opportunity for your child to have an active, safe and fun time.

Photo of playgrounds for summer cottages

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