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No country house is complete without a reliable and durable fence around the perimeter of the site. At the same time, it is necessary to equip the entrance and entrance to the territory of the land allotment. You can order a factory-made wicket or gate, but it is better to design the entrance complex in an original way with your own hands.

And how to do it right, what materials can be used, you will learn from our article.

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Material for the manufacture of gates

When constructing a fence on the territory of a summer residence, it is necessary to think in advance about what the entrance will be like. The solution to this issue will help make your fence a single composition, made in the same style.

You can provide a free-standing gate, as well as design its location next to the gate for the car. Often, homeowners equip a complicated structure — a gate with a gate built into them.

For manufacturing, you can use a variety of materials. There is the possibility of combining and decorating them. The most common solutions are:

  • installation of a profile pipe coated with a chain-link mesh is a simple, but not too original and aesthetically attractive way of arranging;
  • the construction of a durable metal frame with a sheathing of durable corrugated board with a possible decoration with additional decor;
  • elegant wood construction
  • prestigious forged gate, which not only has a long service life, but also has a unique appearance;
  • combination of different materials.

You can see the appearance of such products, advantages and disadvantages in the presented photos of the gate. There are many options for arrangement, each summer resident makes a decision based on his own wishes and style of design of the country landscape.

Structural design

The door leading to the courtyard of a private lady can open in any direction. However, it is recommended to design in such a way that it still opens inwards. So you do not have to think about the possibility of injuring a guest or just a passerby. Especially if the fence is close to the roadway or footpath.

To ensure the protection of the house and the safety of residents, the hinges must be covered without fail. In this case, it is necessary to securely fasten the lock to the gate.

The size should be as convenient as possible for both a passing person and people bringing, for example, furniture or building materials. That is why it is recommended to design a structure width of at least 750-1000 mm. The columns do not need to be taken into account. But in height the door should be approximately 1.8-2 m.

But you should take into account the features and dimensions of the fence itself, so that the composition looks as natural as possible. Many novice craftsmen make mistakes and make calculations based on fastening the canvas to the pillars closely. This is not true. There should be a gap between them:

  • from loops 6 mm;
  • in the direction from the ground at least 8 mm;
  • on other sides more than 2 mm.

Classic wood version

Making a wooden gate with your own hands is quite simple. The material used lends itself perfectly to construction manipulations, and the resulting design will always look original. Plus, it’s easy to decorate. But it is desirable that the fence itself be made of a similar material.

First, the supports are made. To do this, prepare asbestos pipes. The sidewalls on which the gate will be attached can be made of pine. After the boards are aligned in the vertical direction, they must be fixed to the supports using self-tapping screws.

The frame should be assembled from pre-painted boards. All elements are attached to the corners. For fixing, brass strips and self-tapping screws are used. Toothed metal plates provide higher rigidity.

Loops are fixed on the support frame. If the frame fits well into the opening, then you need to make a strut and fix it on the base. The frame is hinged. After that, cladding boards are installed. For this, self-tapping screws are used. Corner strips require a stronger fastening with three self-tapping screws. Then you can make a valve and a handle.

Installation of a gate made of wood can be done as follows:

  • a profile pipe is cut, from which the frame is equipped by welding, followed by grinding;
  • loops are attached;
  • boards are laid out on the frame, holes are drilled, followed by fastening with bolts;
  • the gate is hung, primed, varnished.

The use of corrugated gates

If you want your gate to serve you for decades, retaining its original appearance, then you should pay attention to such material as corrugated board. It also has the following advantages:

  • high strength;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • ease of installation;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

In order to quickly and efficiently make a gate from corrugated board, you must be guided by the following procedure:

  • Construction of supporting pillars
  • Production of a frame frame by welding from a profile pipe 60×30 mm. In the center, it is necessary to weld a jumper, on which the sheets will be attached.
  • With the help of self-tapping screws, the corrugated board is attached to the frame. Twisting is done through each wave. It is recommended to mount at three levels — below, above and in the middle.
  • The sheathed gate is attached to the supports on hinges.
  • Fixing a lock or latches.

Forging decoration

Forged gates, radiating nobility and antiquity, will help decorate the interior of a suburban area. To make them yourself, you have to work a little.

In addition, you will need additional equipment — a vice, an anvil, a forge, a welding machine, cold forging machines.

Our instructions on how to make a gate will help you:

  • draw a design sketch;
  • forge all the elements separately from each other;
  • the forging procedure is as follows — heat the blank, crimp it, prepare it, and then finish it in its final form;
  • prepare curly decorative patterns;
  • connect the profiles into a rectangular frame;
  • weld the base elements to the fabricated frame;
  • sand all seams;
  • fix the door on the canopies of the point type;
  • clean the surface of the structure, prime and paint over.

The forged version of the fence decoration will not only be the original completion of the construction on the site, but also an excellent protection for the house. Swing gates with forged elements are especially popular in combination with metal fence frames.

Metal construction with mesh netting

A convenient and durable version of a gate with a chain-link canvas is often used by summer residents who do not want to spend too much money on arranging a fence. This design is quite easy to install, does not require complex maintenance, and can be used for a long period of time.

However, there are certain disadvantages associated with a low level of sound insulation. In addition, it will be difficult to hide from prying eyes; a barrier will not be created from the penetration of debris into the site.

After you have created a sketch, calculated the consumption of material and fittings, prepared a tool, you need to proceed with the installation of a metal gate:

  • cut the profile pipe according to the required dimensions;
  • assemble the frame using a welding machine;
  • attach loops;
  • install the mesh to the frame and fix it on it;
  • hang the sash;
  • install a handle, overhead type lock;
  • sand, prime and paint the structure.

When you independently make a beautiful gate according to your own sketch, it will not only fulfill its main purpose, but will also become the real pride of the master. Additionally, it can be decorated with decorative elements — an arch, a pergola, a canopy. The interior of a country house will only benefit from your original solutions.

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