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gazebos with barbecues

Barbecue or brazier made of bricks are simplified stove structures, often fastened with clay mortar, which is afraid of getting wet.

But even buildings made on the basis of heat-resistant cement still need protection from rain. If only because the unexpected bad weather would not overshadow the sacrament of cooking shish kebabs.

A brazier located in close proximity to a house or terrace requires only a small shed or roof.

The seating area, set back into the garden, suggests a more detailed environment.

Depending on the size of the resting company, the roof area is calculated, and the usual canopy takes on the shape of a gazebo with a parapet (side railing) and a dining area.

In this case, it makes sense to provide such convenience as a wind screen — a solid or barred wall installed in the barbecue area and, if required, on the north side in the dining area. Then the side wind will not interfere with cooking, and cold air gusts will not interfere with a comfortable meal.

Design of the future gazebo, naturally, it should serve as a continuation of the style of the landscape or architecture of the house — depending on the location. Most often these are wooden structures that easily fit into any landscape.

gazebos with barbecues

The architectural solution of this wooden structure is equally good for both summer cottages and rural houses. But as soon as you change the roofing to soft tiles, you will get an excellent solution for a modern country house. Alas, slate and ondulin are too easy and cheapen the look of any building.

White is a favorite of the English style garden. It gives buildings splendor and visual lightness. If you are a fan of this trend, you should know that you can style a garden gazebo just by painting it white if:

  • it is made of timber with a rectangular cross section,
  • has an openwork design
  • has a hipped roof with a tiled or shingled covering (or their imitation).

The modern style of buildings is geometric structures and translucent materials. A striking example is polycarbonate awnings on a metal or wooden frame.

An excellent pair for a garden gazebo with a barbecue will be a combination with a stone. The farther from the house and deeper into the garden, the more natural the texture of raw stone looks.

But in the immediate vicinity of the house, the processed version of the stone demonstrates itself better — it’s okay if it’s just its imitation. The main thing here is to maintain style. And since we are making a gazebo with a barbecue, then with the full functionality of a summer kitchen: a stove, a barbecue grill, a cutting table and a sink.

Do you want to combine the incompatible — a Japanese garden and barbecue? You can find a compromise using a combination of natural materials and stylized elements:

  • masonry (or its imitation),
  • timber with a square section of dark wood,
  • openwork wooden binding in a characteristic style (square or rectangular cells),
  • roof with upturned overhangs.

The unspoilt landscape of the forested jungle is organically combined with the same wild design of gazebos imitating rock formations. The artificial rock in this case is made of concrete with polymer components. The product is monumental, labor-intensive, requiring a large consumption of materials. Here it is important to observe natural authenticity and accurately think over the location and parameters. Indeed, in case of failure, alteration or dismantling will be extremely difficult.

gazebos with barbecues

For fans of natural design, it will be easier to use the option of blocks of natural stone, as in this photo.

Does this canopy over the barbecue remind you of anything? This is a modern interpretation of the famous Stonehenge. Such a design idea will most justify itself in a clearing surrounded by a garden or on a site in the modernist style (cubic house shapes, window-walls, open landscape).

The design of the canopy over this brick barbecue looks easy and at ease. Wall. facing the neighboring area is made of polycarbonate and does not weigh down the appearance.

This gazebo with barbecue is designed as a full-fledged summer kitchen. The table-island is convenient for cutting products and serving. The platform, covered with wooden flooring, is comfortable both for rest and for cleaning.

Pretty stylish design of a gazebo with a barbecue: its obvious man-made and well-thought-out lines do not contradict the natural landscape of the forest zone. And all thanks to well-chosen materials of manufacture.

A great option for giving: compact, affordable, without architectural complexities and quite organically for the natural landscape, this wooden gazebo with a brick grill looks like.

Visually, the thin supports of the sloping roof of the pergola in the photo above make it look more like a canopy. Well, the place for cooking is protected from the rain, quite comfortable, and this is the most important thing in the gazebo with a barbecue.

An option somewhat similar to the previous one, but already in an exclusively wooden version.

This photo shows more than a spacious gazebo, which is more appropriate to call a summer kitchen. Here you have a hearth, and an indoor dining area, and an outdoor breakfast bar adjacent to a barbecue.

Well, in this summer kitchen, the owners seem to have decided to place all the kitchen utensils. Why not?

For a small area, a compact version of the gazebo is more suitable (photo above): a barbecue and a table (first for cooking, after it will act as a dining room)

The owners quite reasonably chose a place for this gazebo with a barbecue: on the one hand, a solid wall of the house, on the other, the only wall of the gazebo. And they didn’t particularly “bother” with the barbecue model. Similar models can be found in this article.

The photo above shows an antique-style gazebo with an outdoor fireplace, which can be used as a barbecue.

A well-made gazebo with a barbecue made of bricks was placed in the corner of the site. Considering that there will be only a place for cooking, this is a completely understandable and optimal location for this object.

Very stylish gazebo made of almost raw wood. A roof with an elongated slope, which also serves as protection from the wind.

A bright solution for a gazebo in country style. White plaster favorably sets off the wooden texture of rounded logs, and bright stained glass windows create a festive mood in this summer kitchen.

Apparently, the place for this gazebo with a barbecue was chosen on a plot on a slope. And the terrace seems to have been artificially created. Well, it’s quite an expensive solution, but I think the panoramic view that opens up for the feasters is worth it.

A very traditional design of a gazebo made of round timber. The only «but»: the height of the barbecue pipe is not chosen very well, the smoke will come out just under the roof slope …

Also a gazebo made of timber, but with a metal barbecue.

Apparently, the owners chose this «lightweight» version of the design of the barbecue and gazebos in order not to clutter up the site with a visually «heavy» object. They did it.

A somewhat aristocratic version of a gazebo with barbecue, made in a light color and in compliance with all the rules of «good form»: nothing flashy and pretentious — only quality and elegance.

And such a gazebo with a barbecue will fit perfectly into the exterior of the site in the forest near the building in the style of a chalet or a log cabin.

Beautiful solutions always surprise with their simplicity. The gazebo with barbecue was assigned a place in the corner (obviously from the principle of space optimization. And in order for it not to disturb the harmony, the design was «adjusted» to the style of the fence.

My favorite photo on a given topic: luxurious summer cuisine in white design was created in the Art Nouveau style. Well, what can I say? I want that!

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