Arbors made of metal: openwork and durability…


Iron, when properly processed, is in no way inferior to brick or stone, and even has certain advantages over the latter. This is easy to prove on the example of garden arbors.

The visual «lightness» of metal structures is beyond doubt. And if you apply not an array of metal, but openwork forging, then the garden structure will become almost transparent.

And all these advantages complement such an important quality of the metal as strength.

metal gazebos (however, like any others) cannot be attributed to any one style of decorating the yard and garden. Much depends on the manner of processing and the contours and details.

So, the gazebo in the photo on the left is a vivid example of the ecological modernism architectural style.

Streamlined contours, modern materials, a minimum of details and the absence of clear boundaries between the interior and the landscape. It seems that this transparent sphere has «grown» here. And the circular illumination under the dome creates the effect of the roof “hovering” in the air.

Clear cubic forms, a minimum of elements — this is another sign of Art Nouveau (modernism) in garden architecture. An absolutely modern and pragmatic style does not argue with nature, does not copy it, but contrasts brightly and favorably against its background, opposing the untouched landscape with the perfect processing of metal parts.

I am delighted with the simple solutions of modern designers. I am equally impressed by both the rigid geometry of the gazebo in the previous photo and the smooth lines of this original structure. Five metal profiles are bent into an arc and interconnected by a wooden crate.

The photo above is a vivid example of the classics: traditional proportions and shapes, a moderate amount of decorative elements. A roof made of awning material and curtains to match it create absolutely homely comfort inside the street structure.

Love for the sea can also be expressed in garden architecture. The main thing is that it does not look like toy (albeit expensive) elements of the playground in kindergarten. Simple copying is a direct path to banality in design.
Another thing is subtle hints, elements taken out of context, but skillfully integrated into the green (foreign sea) environment. This metal gazebo (pictured above) only resembles an element of a ship’s mast, although in fact it is an awning on an iron frame.

Ideally, if a couple of steps from it will be a large pool.

In the photo: the white color not only visually “lightens the weight” of a rather large metal gazebo, but also sets it apart from the greenery, emphasizing the beauty of each curve of the openwork forging.

If it’s hard for you to make a choice between wood and forging for a gazebo, then is it worth it to suffer and decide. It is much more reasonable to combine these two materials. How this can be done is shown in the photo above.

In the photo above: the same combination theme, but with a predominance of wood. And forging — as a reliable support and fence.

A mini-pool with hydromassage in the bosom of nature is an element of not only fashionable, but also useful SPA. And so that natural phenomena and the change of seasons do not affect your good habits, such a bathroom can be surrounded by a translucent dome.

Its base is a bent metal profile frame, the gaps are filled with polycarbonate sheets, the finish is wood-like PVC film. Immediately make a reservation that the sliding design is made in the factory and not cheap.

How the stereotypes of modern homeowners are breaking down is eloquently evidenced by this gazebo-canopy. There is no traditional geometry, familiar to forging metal products — only supports, lattice vaults, polycarbonate …

Against the background of the previous model, this one looks like a kind of archaism. Nevertheless, this is an English style that has already become a classic (its colonial branch).

In the photo above, there is another fantasy on the topic of a modern approach to the design of a metal gazebo: a thick “lace” of black forging in combination with a polycarbonate gable roof.

Even the most modest design of the canopy over the barbecue can later be decorated with overlays of forged elements. The photo above shows a successful combination of proportions: iron curls form a thin mesh that does not visually burden the structure.

Beauty is in simplicity. This motto accurately characterizes the light tent gazebo in the photo above. The design contains a minimum of elements, the details of the decorations simultaneously serve as elements that give the structure rigidity. The main focus is not on the frame, but on the fabric. For the roof, it is awning, waterproof, and the curtains are made of nylon mesh.

Who said that the summer kitchen is an exclusively country attribute? Just imagine what it’s like to do canning and other summer preparations indoors in a «home» kitchen. And what about the constant picnics and just receiving guests in a private house?

Fences made of wood are considered the most short-lived. After all, not everyone knows (or does not want to know) the secrets of wood and its processing. Neoa processed pine fence will indeed last no more than 10 years, and even then, provided that the lower part of the pillar is waterproofed.


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