Beautiful benches and benches


Oh, how good is the rest in the summer garden! Especially if it’s a hot afternoon, and in the shady coolness under a tree, a comfortable bench is comfortably located …

And even if your garden is small, you should not limit yourself to just one such object for a short rest. After all, benches are different: wide, narrow, with and without a back.

In most cases they are made of wood. And no wonder — it fits perfectly into the green landscape and is so pleasant to the touch.


Large benches are usually placed along the main paths or in the seating area. With a soft underlay or pillow, you can spend a lot of time here reading a book or even taking a nap in the afternoon.

Small benches are in perfect harmony with the corners of untouched nature. And the less human intervention in it, the rougher the wood processing and seating design are chosen. Up to a simple trimming of a log laid on two beams or a deck placed on the end part.

Most models of wooden garden benches can be made independently. The less experience you have with wood, the simpler the design you should choose. And do not be afraid that it will look too simple. Just a few details — and the product will acquire its own unique look. A simple form will only enhance this effect.

In order for a wooden product to last longer, it should be treated with special compounds. There are two of them: an antiseptic (necessarily indelible) and an insecticidal preparation (from bugs).

A vintage gray tint to fresh wood will be given by treatment with a solution of copper sulphate (apply and let dry).

Painting can replace the previously described treatment, but it is better to choose a paint designed for this purpose and with a matting effect. A non-shine texture will blend more naturally into the landscape.


Garden benches are sometimes placed in the garden just for decoration, to complete the overall picture.

And especially good benches, overgrown with moss or surrounded by wild flowers and tall grass.

Benches decorated with pebbles look interesting against the background of fallen leaves. But how long can you sit on such a «masseur», the question is …


The British are one of the most conservative nations. They sacredly honor traditions, including in garden architecture. Benches in modern gardens look exactly the same as a hundred years ago …

And if this is not the case, then, most likely, this is again a traditional design borrowed from regular-style gardens.

Do you want something modern? At your disposal are benches made of metal, concrete, plastic, plexiglass and wood.

They look different, but they are united by the idea of ​​simplicity, conciseness and a non-standard approach to design.

Such benches are always beautiful geometry, often hypertrophied.

And in a pair of such clearly artificial and bright architectural elements, they choose somewhat chaotic and deliberately careless landscaping.


It is difficult to limit the designer’s flight of fancy. Sometimes, it is inspired by nature itself, in other cases it is based on cultural traditions, and someone is inspired by the urban jungle. This is how unconventional ideas are born. Some of them are presented below.

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