Beautiful lawn — put cleanliness in your garden


beautiful lawn

What could be more beautiful than the garden itself? Only a perfectly trimmed emerald green lawn at its foot.

But in order to be proud of a silky carpet of greenery, it is not enough to sow grass and buy a good lawn mower.

It is necessary to choose the right type of lawn cover, decorate its edges beautifully, study the irrigation and mowing scheme.

But this is not paramount. First, you need to protect the area around the perimeter in order to cut off the private area from stray weed seeds.


This question is invariably asked by novice gardeners and new settlers in private estates. Let’s try to figure it out together.

mowed lawn

GRASS LAWN can be shade-tolerant, drought-resistant, sports, for playgrounds. The selection of herbs for it depends on the function of the lawn cover. Therefore, it is important to read the purpose of the herbal mixture before you buy it.

IMPORTANT: seeds in the ground will germinate within two weeks. But serious operational loads on the green cover are allowed when the root system is well developed. And this can take up to two years.

rolled lawn

ROLL LAWN save you from long waits and uneven lawn density. Professionals bring the turf to perfect condition, after which they present it for sale. Just like a sowing lawn, a roll lawn has its own purpose and composition of herbs. Therefore, you can get «everything at once.»

Roll grass cover can be laid both on a flat ground surface and on a convex relief. In the latter case, please note that:

  • the angle of inclination of the surface should not exceed 350otherwise it will be difficult to process it with a lawn mower;
  • small earthen hills dry out faster in the sun, so they will need more intensive watering.
moorish lawn

MOORISH LAWN — this is a great addition to the orchard, deciduous trees, framing for a mowed lawn.

A flowering lawn can be uniform or multi-colored. It all depends on the composition of the seed mixture. But in any case, in addition to flowers, it includes undersized cereals and other herbs.

Herbs blooming in spring attract bees, so it is very important for an orchard to have such a fragrant «neighbor». In other cases, the Moorish lawn is a great idea for busy people who do not have the opportunity to often garden.

A flowering lawn is mowed only twice during the entire season:

  • in early spring, when excess moisture has already left the soil, and the first greenery has just appeared;
  • in early autumn, when the last flowers have bloomed, scattering their seeds around.
moorish lawn

If you are the owner of a large plot, but do not yet know what to do with it, the Moorish lawn will help you out too. They can replace unattractive areas overgrown with weeds.

meadow lawn
MEADOW LAWN is a variety of Moorish. Its main difference is the composition of herbs.

The basis is meadow bluegrass. Supplement — bulbous plants.

Such a lawn is not mowed until the leaves of the flowers have completely withered. After that, the haircut is carried out in the same way as in the case of a regular grass lawn.


  • In the spring, when the soil under the lawn is wet, you can’t walk on it.
  • The daily lawn watering rate during the dry period is 5 liters of water per 1 m2.
  • The grass lawn is supposed to be cut at a grass height of 10 cm, shortening to 3. In hot weather, it is impossible to cut the grass shorter than 6-7 cm.
  • The flower lawn in the first year of sowing is cut in the fall after the seeds ripen, and in subsequent years in early spring and autumn.
  • In winter, it is important that a thick layer of snow lies on the lawn. If it is not enough, snow is thrown onto the lawn from clearing the paths.
  • You can’t walk on the lawn in winter.


A mechanical boundary between the lawn and other elements of the garden must be made. Where there is no barrier, the grass root system will spread and the edges of the grass carpet will lose their clarity.

One of the simplest and most discreet options is to install a plastic lawn edging.

lawn framing

The lawn, ending with a fence, looks unattractive. Between the vertical wall and the green carpet, gardeners make a transition from medium-sized plants. Most often these are perennial herbs: ornamental or flowering.

lawn framing

In the photo above, the dividing border is made of stone. The ground-level position helps to mow the lawn at its edges with the highest quality.

lawn framing

Here, a curved border made of artificial material acts as a separator.

lawn framing

A brick side looks organically on a traditional parterre lawn in an English garden.


By itself, the lawn is not a self-sufficient decoration of the garden. Rather, it is an ideal and full partner for the rest of the decorative elements.

Against the backdrop of a lush green carpet, colorful mixborders, trees with a beautiful skeleton, clipped shrubs, garden sculptures and other artificial elements are most noticeable.

lawn framing

lawn framing

flowers on the lawn

flowers on the lawn

lawn in the yard



The lawn covering on a natural or artificially created relief looks no less attractive and even more impressive…

geoplastics, lawn on relief

geoplastics, lawn on relief

geoplastics, lawn on relief

geoplastics, lawn on relief

geoplastics, lawn on relief

geoplastics, lawn on relief


If your site has a lot of trees and no lawns, this is not a reason to abandon the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcreating a lawn. You just need to make the right choice of herbal mixture.

lawn among trees

lawn among trees

lawn among trees

lawn among trees

lawn among trees

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