Benches for giving


Benches for giving

Gone are the days when tables and benches for summer cottages were made very simply. A couple of wooden or iron crossbars and that’s it. Now these indispensable attributes of country rest are diverse in form and material from which they are made.

They are made mainly, as before, from wood. However, benches made of other materials also began to appear more and more often. Often there are marble benches, aluminum, but most often they are made of plastic, as they are the most inexpensive. Often benches can be made simultaneously from two or more materials — stone and iron, wood and glass, forged steel and wood.

Benches and benches for summer cottages

When choosing a bench for a country house, focus primarily on the surrounding space and buy or make it yourself, keeping it in the same style.

A garden bench for a summer residence should be comfortable and conducive to solitude and quiet rest.

The best place in the country to place a seating area with a bench is a quiet place, in a cozy and shady corner of the garden. If the adjoining property has a large area, then furniture such as benches and benches for summer cottages are placed along garden paths or at their end, near the entrance to the house, by the pool or near the fountain.

If you are choosing a garden bench but plan to use it infrequently, plastic garden benches are a good option.

A stationary bench for giving should be functional and durable. Being outdoors all year round, in any weather, it must retain its appearance and properties. For this, metal benches for summer cottages, benches made of stone, and also made of high-quality wood are perfect.

Wooden benches for giving

The most popular among summer residents are wooden benches for summer cottages. They are comfortable and beautiful. Due to the fact that wood is a natural and environmentally friendly material, a wooden bench will easily fit into any landscape.

It is better to buy a bench from durable tree species — it can be oak, larch, hazel, cherry, teak or coniferous trees. In particular, teak is most often used. Teak wood has long been used in shipbuilding, as it is very moisture resistant.

A good material for garden furniture is spruce. It is spruce benches that are great for our climate, and perfectly resist fungal formations. And for beauty and protection from adverse natural influences and from garden pests, benches for summer cottages made of wood are varnished or painted.

Forged benches for giving

Forged garden benches do not lose their popularity among summer residents and homeowners. They look great against the background of green trees, and in open space, and in front of the house.

The patterns on the benches can be very different: flowers with leaves, fancy curls, butterflies. Wrought iron benches for gardens and cottages will create a romantic mood in your property. Forged minimalism without patterns and carvings will go well with natural style, but for modernity the best choice is cast-iron benches for summer cottages.

Bench-swing for giving

In recent years, garden bench swings have become very popular. The hanging bench can be of a wide variety of styles: from a simple wooden bench to a real hanging sofa, which also unfolds! A swing bench for giving can be installed not only in the shade of the garden, but also, if space permits, on the terrace or veranda. The sofa swing is also convenient because it can also be used as a spare bed in the country.

Some models of garden swings have a retractable awning, which will undoubtedly come in handy in hot sunny weather. There are also swing sofas not only with an awning, but also with a mosquito net with zippers — for a relaxing holiday without mosquitoes.


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