Best Electric Lawn Mowers 2022


Best Electric Lawn Mowers 2022

We will tell you about the best electric lawn mowers of 2022 and give useful recommendations from an expert in the KP article.
Best Electric Lawn Mowers 2022
The best electric lawn mowers. Photo:

A beautiful, well-groomed green lawn is the hallmark of any garden plot. The lawn must be maintained and regularly mowed. For these purposes, such a tool of garden equipment as a lawn mower is used. There are many types of lawnmowers: electric, gasoline-powered, manual and self-propelled. We focus our attention on electric lawn mowers, we will try to understand which ones are the best. Electric lawn mowers are a popular option these days, ideal for small to medium sized gardens. Lawn mowers powered by electricity can be divided into battery and mains powered. The modern garden equipment market is diverse. And now we will tell you which lawn mowers you should pay attention to.

Top 11 rating according to KP

1. PIT PLM20H-330A/1 (battery mower)

PIT PLM20H-330A/1.  Photo:
PIT PLM20H-330A/1. Photo:

The PLM20H-330A model can be safely called a «dacha resident’s dream». You do not need to pull the extension after it and make sure not to cut it with a knife; you do not depend on the level of fuel in the tank. Unlike a trimmer, a lawn mower does not need to be constantly carried around. And most importantly — it is an even cut of grass with minimal effort, quiet engine operation and no exhaust.

The lithium-ion battery is fully charged in an hour and a half. Its capacity of 4 Ah is enough for an average of 50 minutes of operation, depending on the length of the grass, air temperature and other parameters. The battery is protected from self-discharge, overheating and network overload. The battery indicator will allow you to accurately plan the work with the device. This lawn mower belongs to the OnePower series, where all tools run on a single battery system.

The motor of the device does not use brushes (graphite rods). According to the manufacturer, its efficiency is 90%, in contrast to the traditional collector motor with an efficiency of 60%. The mower together with the battery weighs 11.5 kg, it is maneuverable and versatile. So, the cutting height can be adjusted from 25 to 75 mm. The cutting width is constant and is 330 mm. Thanks to the side guides, you can mow the grass close to curbs and walls.

To prevent spontaneous switching on, as well as to protect against children, the manufacturer provides an ignition key. The controls are located on the handle, and in case of loss of control over the machine, the engine stops instantly.

Standard equipment: lawn mower, box, key, grass catcher, battery, charger. The handle of the device is foldable, so storing the lawn mower will not cause inconvenience.


Operating modes mowing, collecting grass in a grass collector
Speed 3000 rpm
Cutting height 25-75 mm
Bevel blade diameter 330 mm
Battery capacity 4 Ah
Battery type Li-Ion
Grass catcher volume 30 l
The weight 9.5 kg (without battery)

Pros and cons

High efficiency brushless motor, battery protection against overload, overheating and self-discharge, battery interchangeability with other OnePower series tools, side rails and safety key, foldable handle
Not suitable for mowing shrubs and plants
Editor’s Choice
PIT PLM20H-330A/1
Cordless brushless lawn mower
“Dream of a summer resident”, light and maneuverable, works without harm to the environment, has a powerful engine and efficiently consumes battery charge
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2. AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE

AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE
AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE. Photo:

AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE is an electric lawn mower powered by a mains cable. Ideal for home lawn care up to 500 m². Lawn mower handles have a rubberized surface and mechanisms for height adjustment. The wheels do not protrude beyond the edges of the body, making it convenient to cut the grass against the wall. The switch is made in the form of a trigger, there is protection against accidental activation. Knives are made of very high quality metal. The cut grass comes in a container with a volume of 39 liters. The cutting height can be adjusted within 20 mm. — 60 mm. Three modes of height adjustment. The cutting width is 38 cm. The engine power is 1400 watts.

Pros and cons

Price, weight, mows well, does not make noise
When moving backwards, the cutting height level may change.

3. BOSCH ARM 37 0.600.8A6.201

BOSCH ARM 37 0.600.8A6.201
BOSCH ARM 37 0.600.8A6.201. Photo:

The BOSCH ARM 37 electric lawn mower resembles a racing car with its design. The case is made of ABS plastic. In front of the device there is a removable grille, an air filter. At the rear, a 40 liter grass collector. Power is supplied through the network cable. Motor power 1400 W. It cuts a strip of grass 37 cm wide in one pass. There is an adjustment of the cutting height from 20 mm to 70 mm. It is convenient to mow grass near walls, beds. Ergonomic handles make it easy to operate the mower with both right and left hand. The length of the handle can be easily adjusted to the height of the operator. It is equipped with the reliable, high-speed engine. It also has motor overload protection.

Pros and cons

Easy to move, easy to assemble and clean, design
Need to sharpen knives frequently


PATRIOT PT 1634E. Photo:

The engine power of the PATRIOT PT 1634E electric lawnmower is 1600W. The lawn mower is very comfortable to use — easy start, practical design, maneuverability, mulching function. Operates from a simple network of 220 V. Cuts a strip of grass 34 cm wide. It is endowed with six modes of mowing grass in the range of 25-75 mm. The grass collector holds up to 35 liters of cut grass. Sufficiently light weight of 13.5 kg. Has a built-in carrying handle. The control handle is height adjustable. Able to process a lawn up to 600 m².

Pros and cons

Power, mulching, neat appearance
Knives are made of soft metal

5. ZUBR ZGKE-42-1800

ZUBR ZGKE-42-1800
ZUBR ZGKE-42-1800. Photo:

Rotary lawn mower ZUBR ZGKE-42-1800 is powered by an electric motor with a considerable power of 1800 watts. Unpretentious in operation. Servicing is easy enough. It is equipped with a specially designed knife made of 40G structural steel, which cuts the grass at a width of 42 cm. There are five cutting height modes ranging from 25 to 75 mm. Fabric grass collector with a volume of 35 liters. Optimal for plots with a large area up to 1000 m². As for the handle, it is adjustable in height and can be folded for comfortable storage. The presence of wide wheels is useful in that it does not crumple the grass. There is a handle for carrying the lawn mower. If you lose control, the lawn mower turns off.

Pros and cons

Big grip, high power
The clamp does not securely fasten the wire

6. Makita DLM431Z

Makita DLM431Z
Makita DLM431Z. Photo:

The appearance of the Makita DLM431Z electric lawn mower is similar to a Formula 1 racing car. The electric motor is powered by a 36 V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5 Ah. Two 18V batteries can be used. Consumes 730W of power. For safety reasons, an electric engine brake system is installed. This machine can handle a 750 m² lawn. There is a central lever for adjusting the height of the bevel in the range from 20 to 75 mm. The grass collector is soft, with a volume of 40 liters and a filling level indicator. The cutting width of the grass in one pass is 43 cm. The wheels are well wound over the edges, which allows you to process grass near obstacles.

Pros and cons

Soft start, not tied to the network
The handle does not fold


CHAMPION EM4118. Photo:

The CHAMPION EM4118 lawn mower is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 1880 W and operates from a conventional 220 V network. One lever is responsible for adjusting the knives, which can be used to set the cutting height from 25 to 75 mm. It cuts a strip of grass 42 cm wide. As for the grass collector, its volume is 50 liters, the top is represented by a plastic cover, and the bottom is a textile bag. Noise is not very much, it also has a low level of vibration. Due to the light weight and compact dimensions, the lawn mower is easy to transport. The body is made of plastic. And there’s also a nice design.

Pros and cons

Power, weight, easy to operate
With a grass height of 20 cm, the knife clogs quickly


RYOBI RLM 13E33S. Photo:

The RYOBI RLM 13E33S electric lawn mower looks like a greatly enlarged toy. This is caused by the similarity between them, in the construction of the case, which is made of plastic. A nice bonus is the presence of such a function as mulching — covering the soil to protect it and improve its performance. Engine power in this model is 1300 W. Power comes from a 229 V network using a cable. Suitable for home gardens, with a lawn area up to 500 m². The desired cutting height is adjustable from 20 to 60 mm with a single lever. The grass collector is soft, the volume is 35 liters. Grass cutting width 33 cm. Weight 13 kg. The lawnmower has good manoeuvrability.

Pros and cons

Price-quality, neatly mows even on uneven surfaces
Weak wheel mounts

9. GARDENA Power Max 1100/32

GARDENA Power Max 1100/32
GARDENA Power Max 1100/32. Photo:

The main advantage of the GARDENA Power Max 1100/32 Electric Lawn Mower is its low weight, which is only 7.5 kg. This lawn mower is suitable for women and those who are contraindicated in gravity. She is able to trim the grass on a plot of up to 300 m². The electric motor is powered by a power cord and has a power of 1100 watts. There is a function of adjusting the cutting height, in three levels — 20, 40 and 60 mm. It will mow grass 32 cm wide in one pass. There is a grass collector with a volume of 30 liters. It is not a problem for her to mow the lawn near the curb, thanks to the presence of side grips.

Pros and cons

Convenient grass container, filters on the engine
Switches to a different bevel height for large irregularities

10. Kronwerk EGC-1000

Kronwerk EGC-1000
Kronwerk EGC-1000. Photo:

The Kronwerk EGC-1000 lawn mower is well suited for cutting grass on the lawn at home. For work on large areas is not the best option. Easy to manage. It copes well with mowing the grass, even with small irregularities. The electric motor is powerful enough for 1000 watts. Power comes from the network cable. The quality of the plastic from which the case is made is very good. Leaves behind a strip of mowed grass with a width of 32 cm. As in other models of our top, there is a height adjustment ranging from 27 to 65 mm. Three height modes. The grass collector is soft, its volume is only 30 liters. There is a handle on the case for easy carrying.

Pros and cons

Price quality
Fabric grass catcher

11. Huter ELM-1100

Huter ELM-1100
Huter ELM-1100. Photo:

The Huter ELM-1100 electric lawn mower is suitable for light cutting of grass on a suburban area of ​​​​no more than 400 m². It is endowed with the function of protection against accidental activation. Pleasant exterior design, decorated in yellow and black. Electric motor power 1100 W. The cutting height is set within the range of 30 to 60 mm. Cuts grass at a width of 32 cm. Unfortunately, the volume of the grass catcher is not very large — 28 liters. The control buttons are practically mounted on the handle. The handle can be folded for easy storage.

Pros and cons

Good budget option
Short cord

It is interesting

The best grass trimmers

How to choose an electric lawn mower

We have presented the top 10 best electric lawn mowers of 2022. We hope that this material will help you get your idea of ​​these garden tools. Garden equipment sales consultant Alexander Kulikov Learn how to choose the best lawnmower.

Main manufacturers

The most popular products are brands such as Bosch, Bison, Gardena, Hammer, Makita, Caliber, Greenworks. There are also good options from other companies — Enkor, Stavr, Daewoo, Denzel, Patriot. The plant where the lawn mower was made is important, but not a decisive factor when choosing. Often, a cheap model has good quality and performs its tasks well.

grass ejection

There are three ways to remove grass clippings:

  • with accumulation in the grass collector;
  • side ejection;
  • mulching.

It is interesting

Choosing the best aerators

Side discharge is suitable for areas with heavy vegetation. Tall stems go to the side and do not delay lawn mowing. The presence of such a function as mulching means grinding and ejecting grass to the surface of the treated area. In this case, the model must have a high power.


This parameter directly affects the performance of the mower. In the course of the model with a power of 300 to 3000 watts. With more power, the device heats up faster, it is important to know the time of continuous operation. On average, it is 30 minutes. If the plot area is up to 400 m², then the suitable power is 0.9 kW, up to 1200 m² — 1.8 kW. If you want to clear the area of ​​large grass, then the best option is 2 kW.

grass catcher

How much grass cuttings it can hold depends on the volume. It also affects the duration of the work. If we are talking about a small lawn, with constant care, then in this case a grass collector with a minimum volume is suitable. If this is a country plot of a large area, then it is necessary to choose a volume from 25 to 80 liters. Grass collectors are of two types:

  • tough — easier to turn over to get rid of mowed grass.
  • soft — it is more difficult to remove the mowing due to squeezing by the sidewalls made of a fabric base.

Source of power

Power sources for electric lawn mowers are:

  • network 220 V;
  • battery;
  • both network and battery.

Battery capacity can vary from 1.6 to 6 Ah, and voltage from 12 to 82V. Battery models are convenient, but capacity must be considered. If it is not enough to cut the grass on the entire site, then you will have to spend time charging.


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