Best Lawn Mowers 2022


Best Lawn Mowers 2022

The larger the area of ​​​​the lawn, the more necessary the owner of the lawn mower. To care for a small yard, you can use a trimmer — a lighter portable device that does not take up much space
Best Lawn Mowers 2022
The best lawn mowers. Photo:

The trimmer looks like a handle, at the end of which a cutting element is fixed. The lawn mower is a large device on wheels, the cutting element is located at the bottom of the body. It does not have to be carried around, but only pushed (or pulled), which greatly simplifies use. There are self-propelled models, where the motor simultaneously with the cutting element drives the device itself, the user can only control the direction of movement.

It is impossible to trim the grass to one length with a trimmer: in any case, there will be differences. The lawn mower, on the other hand, allows you to level the lawn to one length (usually from 3 to 7 cm, the user chooses the desired lawn length). Most often, lawn mowers are used on large and even areas of grass, as they do worse than a trimmer when mowing grass in hard-to-reach places.

Depending on the power source, the following types of lawn mowers are distinguished: electric, battery, gasoline and mechanical. In this rating, we will consider only the first three types of device.

Top 10 rating according to KP

1. Bosch ARM 37

Bosch ARM 37
Bosch ARM 37. Photo:

The budget model of a well-known brand opens our rating. This model is powered by electricity, which limits its use at long distances from the outlet. However, this allows you not to worry about the presence of gasoline or the completeness of the charge.
Durable plastic housing, cutting height adjustment, 40 liter grass collector make this lawnmower one of the best options for caring for a small area around the house.


Engine Electric 1400 W
Food from network cable
Cutting width 37 cm
Cutting height 20-70 mm
grass ejection into hard grass bag (40 l), back
The weight 12 kg
Noise level 91 dB

Pros and cons

Large cutting height range, easy to operate, large grass container, lightweight
Powered by mains cable, knives dull quickly, non-repairable motor

2. Karcher LMO 18-33 Battery Set

Karcher LMO 18-33 Battery Set
Karcher LMO 18-33 Battery Set. Photo:

Lightweight and compact lawnmower ideal for small areas. One of the main advantages can be called maneuverability, it can effectively mow the lawn of any shape. This model is equipped with a battery, which means that it does not require a constant connection to the network.
An additional advantage is the mulching function: the cut grass can be immediately shredded inside the device and distributed over the lawn as a natural fertiliser. The combs on the edges allow you to grab the grass from the edges of the lawn and mow it efficiently.


Engine Electric 18 V / 5 Ah
Food from battery
Cutting width 33 cm
Cutting height 35-65mm
grass ejection into the soft bag, back
The weight 11.3 kg
Noise level 77 dB

Pros and cons

Mulching function, easy operation, manoeuvrability, safety key as child lock, compact, fully charged in 2.4 hours, very quiet compared to many other models
The maximum operating time from a charge is only 24 minutes, quite strong vibration during operation

3. Champion LM5127

Champion LM5127
Champion LM5127. Photo:

Wide-grip petrol lawn mower from the Champion brand. A powerful and efficient option for cutting grass in medium-sized areas. Does not require access to electricity.
Thanks to its power, this lawnmower effectively copes with rough grass and uneven surfaces. It can remove an anthill from its path and will not break when touching the ground and stones. The mulching function will help to process the grass into natural fertilizer and distribute it over the area. However, there is no additional container for the cut grass.


Engine Petrol four-stroke 139 cm³, 3.5 hp
Food petrol
Cutting width 51 cm
Cutting height 28-75 mm
grass ejection lateral, without container
The weight 24.7 kg
Noise level 94 dB

Pros and cons

Mulching function, power, large cutting width, compact
Inconveniently located oil tank opening, inconvenient to check the level, noisy, may not mow the grass at the edges of the site, wet and thick grass can clog the discharge

4. Gardena PowerMax Li-18/32

Gardena PowerMax Li-18/32
Gardena PowerMax Li-18/32. Photo:

A handy cordless lawnmower suitable for small areas. When used over a large area, the battery charge may not be enough — the declared mowing area is 250 square meters, but in practice it depends on the length of the grass, its juiciness, as well as the state of the battery at a particular point in time.

Very light model with a solid grass catcher, a good option for a small area. Easy replacement and low cost of batteries allows you to alternate them if necessary during mowing.


Engine electric 18 V / 2.60 Ah
Food battery
Cutting width 32 cm
Cutting height 20-60 mm
grass ejection into the hard bagger, back
The weight 8.4 kg
Noise level 96 dB

Pros and cons

Lightweight, mulch attachment and grass catcher, compact, ten grass height adjustments, inexpensive batteries
Noisy, plastic body and wheels, comes without battery and charger

5. Carver LMG-2651DMS

Carver LMG-2651DMS
Carver LMG-2651DMS. Photo:

This model is well suited for uneven areas. Self-propelled, with a sufficiently powerful motor and wheels, it goes over any bumps. However, working on soft ground can be problematic: due to its weight, it can leave wheel marks on the grass.

This model is easy to assemble and start, the initial assembly will not take more than 20 minutes. However, it is difficult to maneuver due to its weight, which means it is not suitable for owners of complex-shaped plots.


Engine gasoline four-stroke 139 cm³, 3.5 hp
Food petrol
Cutting width 51 cm
Cutting height 25-75mm
grass ejection into the soft bag, sideways, back
The weight 37.3 kg
Noise level 98 dB

Pros and cons

Mulching function, large mowing width, self-cleaning, low fuel consumption
Heavy, difficult to maneuver, wet and thick grass can clog exhaust, difficult oil drain

6. ZUBR ZGKE-42-1800

ZUBR ZGKE-42-1800
ZUBR ZGKE-42-1800. Photo:

The model of a domestic manufacturer is cheaper than many of its counterparts, but it does a good job of mowing the grass. There may be problems with particularly thick grass or uneven ground, but overall a great option for small and level areas.

Powered by a network cable allows you not to think about the battery charge, but it does not allow you to take the device far from the power source. In addition, the cable must be constantly monitored so that it does not fall under the lawn mower blade.


Engine electric motor 1800 W
Food from network cable
Cutting width 42 cm
Cutting height 25-75mm
grass ejection into the soft bag, back
The weight 11 kg
Noise level 96 dB

Pros and cons

Large mowing grip, light, compact, low price
Difficult to find accessories, not suitable for uneven areas, small grass bag

7. AL-KO 112858 Comfort

AL-KO 112858 Comfort
AL-KO 112858 Comfort. Photo:

Stylish looking model powered by a network cable. The lawn mower is equipped with a capacious rigid tank for mowed grass, nozzles for mulching are also supplied.

It is a manoeuvrable machine that anyone can handle, but it is too heavy to use on bumpy ground. If stones or hard branches hit, the knife becomes dull very quickly, the elements of the plastic case may crack.


Engine electric motor 1400 W
Food from network cable
Cutting width 40 cm
Cutting height 28-68mm
grass ejection into the hard grass catcher, back
The weight 19 kg
Noise level 80 dB

Pros and cons

Bag full indicator, quiet, no vibration, compact, large grass bank, manoeuvrable, convenient lawn cutting height adjustment, large grass accumulator
Plastic case, heavy, clogged knife when cutting thick grass

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8. Champion LM4627

Champion LM4627
Champion LM4627. Photo:

Another representative of the Champion brand in our selection. This is a self-propelled model with a soft grass catcher. The lawn mower is easy to operate and does not require much effort to roll it forward. However, maneuverability is lower than other models, so it is inconvenient for lawns with complex shapes.

Handles thick grass and weeds. Two ways to eject the grass: to the side or into the grass box. A separate advantage is the self-washing function, just connect the hose and turn on the lawn mower for a few minutes, after which it will be clean and ready for storage.


Engine Petrol four-stroke 139 cm³, 3.5 hp
Food petrol
Cutting width 46 cm
Cutting height 25-75 mm
grass ejection into the soft bagger, sideways, backwards, mulching
The weight 32 kg
Noise level 96 dB

Pros and cons

7 cutting heights, takes up little storage space, easy to assemble
Grass can get stuck in side discharge, noisy, gets clogged with damp grass, low maneuverability, one travel speed

9. Makita PLM4626N

Makita PLM4626N
Makita PLM4626N. Photo:

The petrol lawn mower is made in a metal case. It copes with mowing grass on uneven surfaces, large wheels allow you to go over almost any bumps. Although, due to the large weight on a bumpy surface, it is difficult to push it. Makita PLM4626N is a good option for medium sized plots. The brand is famous for its reliability and rare breakdowns.


Engine Petrol four-stroke 140 cm³, 2.6 hp
Food petrol
Cutting width 46 cm
Cutting height 25-75 mm
grass ejection into the soft bag, back
The weight 28.4 kg
Noise level 87 dB

Pros and cons

Easy to start, quiet, reliable, metal housing
Heavy, no hatch for ejection of mulched grass

10. Patriot PT 46S The One

Patriot PT 46S The One
Patriot PT 46S The One. Photo:

A self-propelled lawn mower allows you to mow a medium-sized lawn without any extra effort. A lot of weight pays off by the fact that you don’t have to push it yourself, it’s enough to control the direction of movement. Large wheels make it easy to overcome obstacles and uneven terrain.

The mulching nozzle is not included in the kit, but it can be purchased and installed separately. Several options for ejection of grass allow you to choose the desired one in each case.


Engine Petrol four-stroke 139 cm³, 4.5 hp
Food petrol
Cutting width 46 cm
Cutting height 30-75 mm
grass ejection into the soft bag, sideways, back
The weight 35 kg
Noise level 96 dB

Pros and cons

Powerful, large cutting width, easy to start, manoeuvrable
The opening of the oil tank is inconveniently located, it is difficult to do maintenance, noisy, it may not mow the grass along the edges of the site, it is difficult to get components, self-tapping screws and bolts are made of ordinary metal without coating and can rust over time

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How to choose a lawn mower

The choice of lawn mowers is truly huge today. Maxim Sokolov, an expert at the online hypermarket, told Komsomolskaya Pravda what parameters you should pay attention to in the first place.
So, the choice of a lawn mower depends on two factors. The first is the area of ​​the lawn. The second is an available power source. These are key questions to consider when buying. And then look at the convenience, functionality and additional options for technology.

Focus on lawn area

In our store, almost all models of lawn mowers indicate the area of ​​u200bu200bthe territory for which they are suitable. If this parameter is not present, look at the bevel width. For example, models with a cutting width of 30 cm are suitable for areas up to 300 square meters. m; over 50 cm — for a lawn up to 1000 sq. m. Here is simple mathematics — the wider the grip in one pass, the faster you will process the entire area. Of course, you can take a lawn mower with a width of 30 cm and go to the football field with it, but then you have to work for a very long time.

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Decide on a power source

  • The power grid — a minimum of noise, no harmful emissions, ease of maintenance, but an extension cord is needed, which can sometimes limit freedom of movement.
  • Gasoline — maximum performance, long-term operation over long distances, no connection to the outlet, however, the equipment is heavy, requires regular maintenance and a supply of gasoline.
  • The battery is a compromise for those who need both sustainability and freedom of movement, but the battery life depends on the battery charge.

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What will be a plus in a lawn mower

  • A capacious grass collector for mowed grass, so as not to remove it after working on the site.
  • Mulching mode for shredding grass, which will turn into a useful organic fertilizer for the lawn.
  • The central cutting height adjustment is useful for quick adjustment to the type of terrain.
  • Wheel drive is useful for heavy equipment that is difficult to move manually.
  • Foldable handle for compact storage of the mower and transportation to the job site.
  • Oversized rear wheels for confident traction over uneven terrain and hillocks.
  • The protective bumper will prevent accidental damage to the deck when hitting obstacles.

Of course, the combination of all the features in one model significantly increases its price. Therefore, decide what is a priority for you, and what functions you can refuse. Look for the exact lawn mower that meets your exact requirements. And then you do not have to overpay for extra, unnecessary features.


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