Best rake 2022


Best rake 2022

We tell summer residents how to choose the best rake in 2022, which will certainly help you prepare your garden for winter
Best rake 2022
The best rake

The end of the summer season is just around the corner, but there is still plenty of work to be done. And to do it well, you need good tools. We talk about the best rakes of 2022, which are simply indispensable in the garden during this period. They are different and each has its pros and cons.

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1. FISKARS Light 1019606 (from 1686 rubles)

FISKARS Light 1019606
FISKARS Light 1019606. Photo:

An interesting model from a popular manufacturer on the market. According to users, these rakes are distinguished by their lightness. They are comfortable to hold in your hands, it is comfortable to work with them. The teeth here are made of plastic, but this does not affect the quality of work. The width of the working part is 51 cm. The number of teeth is 25 pieces. This will help you work more efficiently.


design straight
teeth material plastic
working part width 51 cm
number of teeth 25 pcs
cutting material metal
total length 172 cm
the weight 0.59 kg

Additional information: lightweight.

Lightweight, comfortable
fragile teeth

2. Green Apple GAGV01-81 (from 1216 rubles)

Green Apple GAGV01-81
Green Apple GAGV01-81. Photo:

Sturdy metal model. The rake is made in a fan shape. They are not very heavy, pleasant to look at. These need to be handled with care. The width of the structure can be adjusted, which is very convenient, especially if the tool will be used by different people and in different conditions. The handle here is also reliable, made of metal.


design fan
teeth material metal
cutting material metal

Additional information: width adjustment.

Convenience, functionality
First opening can be problematic

3. GARDENA 3004-20 (from 1199 rubles)

GARDENA 3004-20
GARDENA 3004-20. Photo:

Model with excellent functionality. The rake is made of quality materials. They will last for several years. In the kit there is a nozzle-ripper, which will definitely not be superfluous in the summer cottage. The teeth are made of metal. The width of the working part is 30 cm. The handle here is made of wood.


design straight
teeth material plastic
working part width 30 cm
cutting material wood
total length 130 cm

Additional information — 9 cm ripper attachment included.

Convenient, reliable
Working part size

What other rake is worth paying attention to

4. PALISAD 61701 reinforced without handle (from 409 rubles)

PALISAD 61701. Photo:

Fan, metal model. It is designed for intensive work in the garden. The downside is that you will have to select the handle for this model separately. At the same time, the design is distinguished by strong metal. The price is quite acceptable. The working width allows you to collect foliage well, which is extremely important in autumn.


design fan
teeth material metal
working part width 43 cm
number of teeth 22 pcs
the weight 0.65 kg

Additional information: without cutting.

Price, solid construction
Large working width

5. GARDENA 3103-20 without handle (from 1445 rubles)

GARDENA 3103-20
GARDENA 3103-20. Photo:

Sturdy model from a popular manufacturer on the market. Yes, the handle will have to be purchased separately, but in general, all the functions are needed here. With such a rake, you can collect leaves, mowed grass, and so on. Galvanized spring steel teeth are responsible for the build quality. The distance between the teeth can be adjusted. The rake has a big guarantee — 25 years.


design fan
teeth material metal
working part width 50 cm

Additional information — without handle, width adjustment, working width adjustable from 30 to 50 cm.

Quality, convenience
No cutting

6. TRUPER 19065 (from 1360 rubles)

TRUPER 19065
TRUPER 19065. Photo:

Convenient fan rake, with which you can rid your site of unnecessary foliage and grass. There is a stalk here, which is already a plus. It is made from wood. The teeth are made of plastic. The width of the working part is very solid — 76 cm. That is, with such a rake you will be able to complete your tasks much faster than with more miniature models.


design fan
teeth material plastic
working part width 76 cm
cutting material wood
cutting length 122 cm
Capable of doing a lot of work, comfortable
fragile teeth

7. ZUBR 4-39583-10 (from 230 rubles)

ZUBR 4-39583-10
ZUBR 4-39583-10. Photo:

Inexpensive, classic. The appearance of such a tool is well known to everyone. Classic metal teeth, width of the working part is 25 and a half centimeters. There are 10 teeth here. For seasonal work, the model is perfect. The rake weighs a little less than a kilogram, so it is much more convenient to hold them in your hands.


design straight
teeth material metal
working part width 25.5 cm
number of teeth 10 pieces
cutting material wood
total length 135 cm
the weight 0.9 kg
Comfortable, price
Small working part

8. RACO 4231-53/744 adjustable (from 742 rubles)

RACO 4231-53/744
RACO 4231-53/744. Photo:

The universal tool for work on the seasonal dacha. Fan rake with a telescopic, comfortable handle. Users like it when a small design can turn into a big one. The handle is easy to fix by simply turning it clockwise. The price of this unusual model is also quite affordable.


design fan
teeth material metal
working part width 55 cm
number of teeth 15 pcs
cutting material metal
cutting length 124 cm
working part width 17.5-55 cm
telescopic handle 70-124 cm

Additional information — there is a width adjustment, telescopic.

Versatile, comfortable

9. Sibtech 61763 (from 194 rubles)

Sibrtech 61763
Sibrtech 61763. Photo:

Another extremely budget model. With the help of these, you can remove the foliage, and even better — level the ground. The width of the working part of the rake is quite voluminous — 42 cm. They weigh a little more than a kilogram, so it should be comfortable to work. The stalk is used wooden, at your discretion it can be changed. The teeth are made of strong metal, there are 16 of them.


design twisted
teeth material metal
working part width 42 cm
number of teeth 16 pcs
total length 130 cm
the weight 1.09 kg
Price, light

10. Park HG1191 sliding (from 312 rubles)

Park HG1191
Park HG1191. Photo:

Inexpensive fan rake. The teeth are made of metal, to perform different tasks, you can adjust the width of the tool. According to users, they are quite easy to manage. Such a model will be an excellent assistant on the site when it is necessary to remove foliage and unnecessary grass.


design fan
teeth material metal
cutting material metal
total length 119 cm

Additional information: there is an adjustment of the width.

Price, comfortable
Poorly fixed lock

How to choose a rake

Tool tool strife. Each user has their own model. But there are general rules, of course. How to choose a rake, Komsomolskaya Pravda told experienced gardener Vasily Grishin.

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The working part of the rake is made of metal, which is sometimes very heavy, as well as plastic. The cheapest metal rakes, as a rule, are not very reliable. The teeth there, it happens, bend. Work becomes not very convenient. Quality steel rakes are more expensive, but better. Yes, they are not the lightest, but very durable. In addition, due to the handle, there are lightweight options. Lightweight and relatively comfortable hardened aluminum rakes are not uncommon these days. There is also a working part made of plastic. This is also a plus for lightness. The plastic is hard, so these tools do the job. However, if this model is expensive. The cheap plastic is not always good. Also, do not use plastic to break up clods and level heavy ground.


Select a few. Straight rakes are considered the most versatile. They are suitable for cleaning fallen leaves and debris, as well as loosening the beds, tilling the soil, breaking up clods, extracting unnecessary roots from the ground.

A rake with twisted teeth is better at handling clods of dense earth. They are easier to cut the soil than to prepare it for planting.

Fan rakes are not recommended for tillage. They look like a broom and an unfolded fan. With them, due to the curved teeth, it is convenient to rake out the leaves, remove small debris, comb the lawn before mowing, thin it out. In general, for cleaning the territory you need to use soft equipment, possibly made of plastic, so as not to injure the shoots and grass.

I will add that for harvesting hay and dry mowed grass it is better to use a rake with short teeth. The handle in this case should be made of wood, as it is lighter.

There are also rake-transformers. There are several nozzles at once that are suitable for a particular type of work. They are more expensive, but much more convenient.

Working part size

If you work in narrow, hard-to-reach corners, then you do not need a large working part. Take small ones — 10-20 cm. Medium size — 30-50 cm — universal. It is suitable for most standard sites and a lot of country work. Large rakes — 50-70 cm — are suitable for large-scale areas.


Their shape and location are of great importance. For lawn care, 10 teeth are enough, for more jewelry work with flowers — 4 teeth. It is better to remove garbage and hay with teeth that are located close to each other.

As for the shape, the straight tines are effective against debris and grass. Twisted well suited for loosening the earth. Sickle-shaped are used for soil aeration.


The presence of nozzles, rippers, something else — will never be superfluous. An important function is the adjustment of the width of the working part and the height of the handle. If several people will use the rake, this is simply necessary. Just pay attention to the mounting mechanism — it must be reliable. Especially when it comes to rakes-transformers.

— In general, a rake is a tool that is definitely indispensable. Take high-quality models, in principle, they all do not cost sky-high money. And consult with the sellers before buying, perhaps they will tell you what is needed for your site, ”concluded Vasily.

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