Best snow blowers 2022


Best snow blowers 2022

Together with the seller of the hardware store, we choose the best snow blowers of 2022 in different price categories — from affordable to the most expensive
Best snow blowers 2022
The best snow blowers. Photo:

In the life of the inhabitants of the private sector, snow removal equipment came relatively long ago. Now it is no longer necessary after each snowfall to independently clean up a huge area near the house. Once invested, you can buy a reliable machine that will clean the snow for you. However, it is important to understand which snow blower is worth buying for a particular site or climate zone. In order to help our readers better understand the features of the equipment and make the right choice, we have compiled a list of the best snow blowers of 2022.

Editor’s Choice

Mobile K S65 B8 PRO

Mobile K S65 B8 PRO.  Photo:
Mobile K S65 B8 PRO. Photo:

Mobil K C65 B8 PRO is a professional snow blower designed specifically for Russian winters. The height of the intake part is 58 cm, and the width is 65 cm, which means that it will cope even with impressive snowdrifts.

C65 B8 PRO is equipped with a special winter engine that works stably even in severe frost, is protected from icing and snow dust. The engine has a foam filtration system, which ensures unhindered air access during operation and maintains the correct proportion of the air-fuel mixture. The handle is designed in such a way that the motor can be started with gloves; in addition, the device can be equipped with an electric starter.

The MOBIL K TRANSMISSION FG1 gear transmission was developed specifically for this model. It is compact, equipped with five forward speeds and two reverse speeds. Of particular importance is a low gear with speeds up to 0.63 km/h — it is indispensable when working on relief areas or when cleaning wet snow.

Snow ejection range — 12 meters. First, the snow, falling into the snow blower, is crushed by two solid screws with sharp protrusions, then it is fed to the impeller turbine rotating at high speeds. The MOBIL K HIGHSPEED WARM GEER WG1 gearbox is protected by a snow cutter that cuts the packed snow and pushes it onto the augers.

The design uses hardened shafts and gears. The body of the device is welded inside the body, not outside. This protects against corrosion at the weld seams. The bottom of the case is protected by metal plates that protect it from increased wear. Bearing-mounted X-TRAC winter wheels with a diameter of 42 cm and a thickness of 12 cm provide reliable grip on snow and ice. Each wheel can withstand up to 200 kg of load. The noise level of the S65 B8 PRO is lower than that of similar devices due to the fact that the snow ejection chute is fixed through a special spacer that absorbs vibrations, and the augers are installed with minimal play.

The snow blower can also work as a street sweeper: for this, you need to put a special brush instead of a bucket (not included). This is easy to do yourself by unscrewing and tightening a few bolts. However, remember that you can only sweep in winter — it is forbidden to operate the C65 B8 PRO in a dusty environment. Also, the device can be equipped with a headlight for working in the dark.

Editor’s Choice
Mobile K S65 B8 PRO
Professional snow blower for the Russian winter
Mobile K S65 B8 PRO was created in Russia for those who need to regularly clear a large area of ​​snow blockages
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Main characteristics

Engine four-stroke Mobile K PRO G250FS
Working volume, cm3 252
Maximum power, hp 8.0
Reducer industrial, worm in oil bath
Number of gears 5 forward (including low) + 2 back
Capture height, mm 580
Capture width, mm 650
Throw range, m 12
Screw diameter, mm 300
Starter manual
Clutch mechanical, belt
Fuel type gasoline AI-92
Fuel tank capacity, l 3.2
Weight in working position, kg 100

Pros and cons

Special engine that works even in severe frosts, protected from snow dust and freezing, self-propelled model (five speeds forward and two reverse), hardened shafts and gears, welding from the inside of the body to prevent rust and corrosion, large treaded wheels, dual circuit snow ejection system with a range of 12 m, can be used as a sweeper
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Top 10 rating according to KP

1. Electric snow blower Zitrek ST1300

Zitrek ST1300.  Photo:
Zitrek ST1300. Photo:

The simplest model of a snow blower. This format of machines is often called electroshovel. Despite the flimsy appearance, it is suitable for cleaning a small amount of fresh snow near the house or garage. But for well-established or wet masses will not work. Light weight will be a plus for fragile ladies or senior citizens.

Main characteristics

The weight 5.5 kg
Engine power 1300 W
Snow throw distance 6 m
Other single stage screw system

Pros and cons

Price, light weight
Can only be used with freshly fallen snow

2. Electric snow blower DDE STE180

DDE STE180.  Photo:
DDE STE180. Photo:

Snow blower model, more powerful than the previous electric shovel. The control system is built in such a way that the operator can operate the machine with one hand, while simultaneously controlling the movement of the wheels and augers.

Also, this snow blower has an adjustment for the direction of snow ejection. However, this thing is already twice as heavy as the previous model.

Main characteristics

The weight 12 kg
Engine power 1800 W
Snow throw distance 9 m
Other single stage screw system

Pros and cons

Powerful engine for its category, good snow throw
Some may find it difficult

3. Electric snow blower Daewoo Power Products DAST 3000E

Daewoo Power Products DAST 3000E.  Photo:
Daewoo Power Products DAST 3000E. Photo:

One of the most powerful snow blowers at an affordable price from the famous South Korean manufacturer. To a good engine, the manufacturer added the ability to adjust the mechanisms of the machine from the control panel and a small headlight. Works well with packed snow and successfully breaks through its crust.

Main characteristics

The weight 17 kg
Engine power 3000 W
Snow throw distance 12 m
Other single stage screw system

Pros and cons

Powerful motor for its category, rubberized augers
Short power cord, which means you have to «collective farm» extension cord

4. Gasoline snow blower Zitrek ST5605

Zitrek ST5605.  Photo:
Zitrek ST5605. Photo:

The most affordable petrol model on our list of the best snow blowers. The machine is the simplest, it has a minimum of amenities for the operator, there is not even a headlight. However, it has a two-stage system of “toothed” augers that will be able to break even through dense snow. The weight is much more than that of electric cars, but this is a necessary price for an internal combustion engine and power.

Main characteristics

The weight 60 kg
Engine power 4800 W
Snow throw distance 10 m
Other two-stage screw system

Pros and cons

Serrated augers, gasoline engine
There are no additional amenities for the operator

5.Greenworks GD40SB

Greenworks GD40SB.  Photo:
Greenworks GD40SB. Photo:

Quite an interesting snow blower that runs on batteries. Yes, you will not be able to mess with it for a long time in the cold and such a car must be stored in a warm garage. However, it’s great for those who need a quick clean up of their front lawn or garage entrance after work. The model starts with one button and can only work for an hour. The high price is due to the battery included.

Main characteristics

The weight 20.7 kg
Snow throw distance 6 m
Other two-stage screw system

Pros and cons

Small size, battery included
plastic augers

6. Petrol snow blower Interskol SMB-650E

Interskol SMB-650E.  Photo:
Interskol SMB-650E. Photo:

A good gasoline machine from a Russian tool manufacturer. This snow blower is equipped with an electric starter, so the operator will not need to pull the cord at the beginning of work.

Also on the body of the machine there is a bright headlight for working at dusk. Otherwise, it is an easy-to-maintain and affordable model, which has a place in the middle of the list of the best snow blowers.

Main characteristics

The weight 73 kg
Engine power 4800 W
Snow throw distance 12 m
Other two-stage screw system

Pros and cons

Serrated augers, the ability to adjust the height of the augers
Loud engine noise

7. Petrol snow blower CHAMPION ST662E

CHAMPION ST662E.  Photo:

A petrol snow blower that combines power with ease of use. An electric starter is built into the model, which will simplify the first minutes of operation. Also, the operator will be able to adjust the entire functionality of the snow blower to suit his needs — snow ejection and bucket height.

The augers in this snow blower are toothed — they can break through the packed snow.

Main characteristics

The weight 61.5 kg
Engine power 4800 W
Snow throw distance 15 m
Other two-stage screw system

Pros and cons

Heated grips and headlights, electric starter
Some users complain about the flimsy bottom material

8. Daewoo Power Products DAST 8570 gasoline snow blower

Daewoo Power Products DAST 8570. Photo:
Daewoo Power Products DAST 8570. Photo:

A real monster, which is the place in the list of the best snow blowers of 2022. The 6 kW engine pushes the car with a hundredweight weight quite quickly. It is clear that it is unreasonable to buy such a snow blower for infrequent work in winter in the central part of Russia.

Dast 8570 will perform best in places where you need to remove large amounts of snow — the territory of enterprises or large houses in the northern regions.

Main characteristics

The weight 104 kg
Engine power 6300 W
Snow throw distance 15 m
Other two-stage screw system

Pros and cons

All-terrain wheels, powerful engine designed to work in harsh environments, heated steering wheel and headlights
Big weight

9. Petrol snow blower MTD Optima ME 66 T

MTD Optima ME 66 T. Photo:
MTD Optima ME 66 T. Photo:

One of the rare representatives of caterpillar snow blowers. Such a machine will be able to work even on soft snow, in which equipment on wheels will simply get stuck. In addition to cross-country ability, this model, assembled in the USA, boasts a powerful engine and an advanced electronic tuning system for mechanisms.

A nice bonus for the operator is the opportunity to learn how to operate the tractor.

Main characteristics

The weight 110 kg
Engine power 4800 W
Snow throw distance 15 m
Other two-stage screw system

Pros and cons

Caterpillar drive, powerful engine, headlights and heated grips, quiet engine sound

10. Daewoo Power Products DAST 17110 gasoline snow blower

Daewoo Power Products DAST 17110. Photo:
Daewoo Power Products DAST 17110. Photo:

In all respects, this is one of the best snow blowers in 2022. This model has everything you might need to comfortably clear snow on an industrial scale.

A wide bucket will allow you to pass immediately over a large area, and two pairs of wheels will securely hold the body weighing 140 kg.

Main characteristics

The weight 140 kg
Engine power 12.5 kW
Snow throw distance 16 m
Other two-stage screw system

Pros and cons

Wide bucket, powerful engine, lights and heated grips
Price, weight

How to choose a snow blower

The modern snow blower market is rich in a variety of models — affordable and expensive. Prices can start from very democratic amounts to exorbitant price tags comparable to the cost of the supported Priora. So that you do not make a mistake when choosing the best snow blower for your farm, we asked sales assistant of a hardware store Sergey Belov tell what a reliable machine should be for each type of site where it will work in the future.


In any car, the engine is the most important part, and snow blowers are no exception. Modern models are electric (not as powerful, but quite compact and easy to use) and gasoline (slightly better suited for cleaning a large area, you should get used to the controls). The best snow blowers in terms of performance are models with gasoline engines.

The electric motor of a snow blower is convenient in that it allows you to start the machine by pressing just one button, but now an electric starter is being added to mid-range gasoline models. The weight of the most initial models starts from 8 kg (excluding removable battery)

With a gasoline engine, there are more worries — here the start is manual, you have to pull a special handle and independently regulate the amount of air that enters the carburetor through a special lever. Machines of this type are much more powerful than electrical counterparts. The engine power of modern gasoline snow blowers starts from 4 kW. Such snow blowers weigh much heavier than electric ones — from 40 kg.

Together with the engine of the snow blower, a gearbox works, which allows you to select the desired speed of the motor.

Snow blower auger system

The main task of a snow blower is to clear surfaces of snow. This is done through a cunning system of operation of one or several mechanisms at once. If we simplify the principle of operation of the machine, then the snow enters the bucket with the help of a system of augers — “blades”, which rake the snow mass inside.

A single-stage auger system “sucks in” the snow, and then throws it to the side through the nozzle. During the operation of a two-stage system, the snow inside the bucket falls on the second rotor, which additionally crushes it, and then throws it away — an additional element allows you to throw the snow mass much further.

For convenience and safety, the metal augers of snow blowers are covered with rubber or plastic, so that during cleaning the operator does not damage the coating under the snow.

Battery life

Due to the fact that the snow blower is used in the cold season, battery models do not allow you to work with the machine for a long time — a maximum of an hour. A gasoline engine is much more practical if you need to clean a large area. Here, as you understand, everything is limited by the gasoline reserves that you have at hand. On average, a car consumes about 1.5 liters of gasoline in one hour. The capacity of the gas tank in modern models is from 3.5 liters.

Ease of use

The advanced models of the best snow blowers are usually equipped with features that add comfort to the machine operator. Among them are heated handles, the presence of a headlight or the ability to tune the engine directly from the front panel. All this certainly makes the job enjoyable, but it costs money.

The best drills

We will tell you which best drills to look for when choosing

Wheels or tracks?

Most snow blowers are wheeled. However, for work in harsh conditions, caterpillar options are often purchased. In this case, the operator starts to drive a small tractor. Such machines are built on the basis of the most powerful engines — there is more weight and fuel consumption.

Buy consumables in advance

No matter how reliable a snow blower is, it can break down at the most inopportune moment. Most often, the auger mechanism, the drive belt and the cables through which the machine systems are regulated fail. Replacing them at home is not difficult if you are able to tighten a couple of screws. Another thing is that on the day of a breakdown it is difficult to find a spare part for sale — you have to wait for delivery. Be sure to discuss this issue with the seller.


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