Brick smokehouse, serial masonry


A brick smokehouse outperforms a metal one in such a parameter as the stability of the environment inside the smoking chamber at any ambient temperature. This indicator is especially relevant for garden structures for smoking.

The warm season is short, and you always want to eat, all the more “delicious” to celebrate your favorite winter holidays.

About how the smokehouse is arranged for two types of smoking was told here. Laying out any of them from a brick is quite simple. But you don’t want to choose between two options… And don’t.
There are designs of dual-purpose smokehouses: for fast hot smoking and longer cold smoking. They have a common firebox, different chambers and a common chimney.
How to fold such a brick smokehouse, read on, but for now, a few photos of the design of a single-chamber smokehouse, laid out with your own hands.


Externally, the smokehouse looks like this:

Next, I give the design diagrams in sections.

On the left is a diagram of a hot smoking chamber: the fire in the furnace (3) heats the bottom of the metal bowl with sawdust. Hot smoke fills the chamber and exits through a vertical chimney, first down, then up (more on the next diagram).

On the right is a diagram of a cold smoking chamber. Hot smoke from the furnace (see diagram below) enters the chamber through holes in the metal plate (8).

Mounts for hangers, hooks or grates, on which products will be smoked, everyone can come up with on their own.

The diagram above shows a cross section of both chambers and the chimney. The arrows indicate the direction of smoke movement.


Whatever the foundation for the smokehouse, first a waterproofing sheet is applied to it.

The first row is the base of the smokehouse. In the 4th row, they begin to form a chimney. On the right, a door is inserted into it for cleaning soot (rows 4 and 5).

In the 4th row, a blower is formed, in the 5th it is covered with a grate (9).

In the 7th row above the firewood shed, an overlap is made of a metal profile (preferably a T-shaped 3 mm thick). The top (3) is lined with fireclay bricks from the inside (rows 7-11).

In the 8th row, the chimney is divided into vertical shafts (two on the left and right, and one central).

In the 12th row, an air duct is formed from the furnace to the cold smoking chamber. On the right is a door for cleaning soot.

In the 13th row, the air duct is covered with a metal bowl (7), a plate with holes (8) and a T-profile (floor bricks will be laid on it).

On the facade, the contours of the chamber are decorated with a metal corner. It is better if it is a welded frame with holes (thick steel wire is threaded into them, which is immured between bricks). By the same principle, all opening doors are fixed.

In the 26th row above the cameras, an overlap is made from the profile. 27 and 28 rows — finishing.

Next lay out the chimney pipe. After 3 rows, a metal valve is embedded in it. The height of the chimney is arbitrary and largely depends on the location of the smokehouse. If under a roof, then it is necessarily higher than the ridge.

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