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After acquiring a suburban area, the newly minted owners have to deal with important issues related to its improvement. They have in their hands the opportunity to provide themselves with the receipts of products grown by their own hands.

But in order for all the land to be rationally used, it is necessary to create zones of the site in which various crops will grow. Not to mention the construction of various useful buildings such as baths, swimming pools, storerooms and other agricultural buildings.

If you approach this issue competently, you can maximize the use of available land resources. Many are then surprised that on a small area of ​​​​land it is possible to fit and use so many useful things for life. Now we will touch on the most important and explain how to do it without much effort.

Many consider the process of zoning a site to be very complicated. And they are right, but it is only worth doing it, armed with knowledge, and everything is seen in a different light.

To begin with, it is recommended to draw up an engineering and construction project, taking into account everything that you want to see on the site. It will help to realize how everything will look like and will help to visually organize the connections between the zones of the site, along the way, creating a special style for it.

Usually, designers form the entrance, garden, garden, residential and economic part, not forgetting the recreation department. To make everything work out in the best possible way, it is worth highlighting the important aspects of such work:

  • Awareness of the climatic zone on which the summer cottage is formed and all the nuances related to its use on its basis:
  • Take into account the features of the terrain on which the project is being formed. What is this hill? Or maybe lowland? — Steppe, forest, is there access to water here? Having answered these questions, it is easier to plan important moments of work;
  • What is the shape of the land cut, its length, what can be fit here? And how is it best to use;
  • What buildings are already available on the site. Maybe they can be used or it is more profitable to demolish and build the necessary ones for your case.

It is desirable to have an idea about the type of soil on the site. If its density is insignificant, this can become a serious obstacle to the construction of various gazebos and similar buildings.

But the earth can be strengthened by adding specially brought soil to the necessary places. This means that any problems can be solved with a reasonable approach to them.

And now you can see a photo of the zoning of the site based on works from famous designers. They will help to cope with difficult moments and achieve the desired result, taking into account initially unfavorable conditions.

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Let’s take into account the climatic conditions

It is important to realize that the available land zoning options depend on this aspect. The existing conditions will help to use something and close access to some design elements.

Designers explain that there are such zones for design:

The northwestern variant is characterized by a strong presence of wind with severe winters and too warm summers. In this regard, it will be necessary to provide quality items for snow removal, high hedges and gazebos based on a closed view.

The western type is distinguished by moderate warmth, but heavy precipitation in the form of rain and snow. It is advantageous to use open versions of verandas and fences with a small height. Most often, designers rely on European style for such climatic conditions.

The southeastern version is characterized by summers with frequent droughts and deadly frosts in winter. Significant fences and closed attics will be required, verandas can also be used. It is necessary to take care of access to water on the basis of any part of the site.

The southern version will offer many windy days and short winters, but long and very hot summers. It will be necessary to protect the site from the effects of strong gusts of wind and the direct rays of our star.

What are the principles of planning?

High-quality zoning of a summer cottage should take into account everything that we have touched on above and other important points. Now let’s touch on them in more detail:

Rationality should be considered in any case. It can be noticed if everything is clearly defined and it is clear for what purposes this or that part of the land is used. Usually 70% is allocated for the garden and the garden, 20% for outbuildings and decorative elements that are part of the design basis of the site, 10% for the construction of residential buildings for the permanent accommodation of the owners.

Ergonomics will help maintain the correct distance between buildings. When creating the correct functional zoning of the site, one has to take into account that this aspect is of paramount importance for the entire project. It is desirable to reduce the distance between various buildings as much as possible — this will help protect the yard from the regular penetration of strong winds.

But the garden and garden area should be placed about 3-6 meters from the residential area. This will help to protect them from the combined detrimental effect on the viability of both zones.

Important: Trees can be planted at a distance of 3 meters from the living area, raspberries at 1, and gooseberries at 1.5 or further. The root system of trees and other useful plants grows noticeably over the years and can seriously damage a home.

And what about the rules for planting plants?

Here, too, there are nuances. You will have to take into account the cardinal directions and then the layout of the site, taking into account their use, will be correctly designed.

Let us explain, if the site is located on the territory of the middle lane, then it is recommended to plant low plants in the form of shrubs, ornamental trees, vegetables, flower beds or berries in the immediate vicinity of various buildings. And tall trees should be placed in the depth of the site.

And, if we are talking about the hot climate of the southern territories, then everything should be done in reverse. Higher ones are closer to home, and lower ones are further away from it. This will help to qualitatively protect against the main destructive factors of various climatic zones. Conditions will be created for humidity and protection from the effects of relentless heat.

The climate, characterized by cool weather with the presence of regular precipitation, suggests the creation of a garden at a distance from the house, and a vegetable garden and various flower beds right in his yard near the residential building.

This approach will provide protection for the building from increased exposure to dampness and will help the natural heating of the required area.

Consider some options for creating the correct zones of the site

This is an equally important point that allows you to create everything correctly. Examples of zoning will help to tell about it. Let us single out among them several important options that are used more often than other versions of land improvement:

Given the presence of the windy side. This aspect will have to be noted at the time of the creation of buildings. It is advisable to place them so that they protect the garden and garden from the effects of strong winds. This will help preserve the crop.

Specialists often plant shrubs, gooseberries, raspberries along various fences to form a natural barrier to the wind.

sanitary aspects. Various septic tanks, cesspools or toilets must be built at a distance of 12 or more meters from residential buildings, and at least 7 from the habitats of animals such as cows, pigs, bulls, chickens and others. Do not dig a well next to a septic tank — this can lead to serious consequences.

We looked at many ways to perform zoning for the benefit of all residents of a particular area. They will help create high-quality zoning, taking into account important points.

But it is recommended to contact specialists to create the correct zoning so as not to worry about important points. It is not always possible for a person to remember everything and do the zoning design correctly. Sometimes mistakes can have unwanted consequences.

Photo of the zoning of the site

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