Country house design — kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway interior

Provence style rustic house interior


Country house design - how to decorate your country house?

Choosing the design of a village house, each owner strives to make it not only beautiful and original, but also functional. Making out the facade of the building and the premises in the house, you can turn to the advice of experienced designers to turn a country house into a real piece of paradise.

Village house design — facade

Deciding on the question of how to choose the design of a village house from the outside, the majority relies on personal preferences and financial capabilities. Given that the facade is an architectural shell, a business card of the house, it is worth considering its design to the smallest detail. Not everyone knows in what style to decorate the design of their village house, so it will be useful to know about modern fashion design trends in the design of the facades of country houses:

  1. Provence. The French rustic style is distinguished by tenderness and elegance in design, which, even before entering the building, promise a warm welcome from the hospitable hosts and home comfort.
  2. provence style

  3. Byzantine style. Byzantine-style façade decoration should contain arches and a beautifully framed entrance.
  4. Byzantine style

  5. Country. This style can include both features of Russian culture, as well as French notes or American cowboy motifs. If you pay attention to the Slavic design features, then it is always simplicity, unity with nature and the use of the most natural materials for decoration. An example is a wooden frame.
  6. country style

  7. English style. In this style, there must be a natural or artificial stone that imitates natural and asymmetric architectural forms.

English style

Village house interior design

A beautiful and modern design of a country house room, depending on its purpose, can be made in the general style of the house, but you can also find design options for a country house, in which each of the rooms has its own individual style. Regardless of the option you choose, information about the trendiest and most popular options can be helpful.

Country house living room design

Thinking through the interior of the living room in a village house, you need to decide on the appearance and functionality of the room. It is important not to forget that the living room is the heart of the house, so this room should be as comfortable and cozy as possible. The best stylistic decisions in the design of this room are:

  1. Classic. Modern classical style implies symmetry of forms. The same armchairs facing each other will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room. Upholstered furniture and a beautiful antique coffee table will become a real decoration.
  2. Eclecticism. This style combines the best elements borrowed from other styles. Eclectic design implies a lot of interesting and functional things, united by a common idea.
  3. Modern. The interior in this style is replete with gloss and mirror surfaces. The color scheme should be in pastel colors with dark accents.
  4. Scandinavian style. This is conciseness and simplicity in everything. An important point — the living room in this style should be well lit. The walls and ceiling should be light shades, and the floor should be finished with natural parquet board.

country house living room design

Kitchen interior in a country house

The design of a village house should be cozy and comfortable — this applies to all rooms. The design of the kitchen in a village house can be absolutely anything, but if you stick to the general concept, then the interior should be the same as the whole house. If you want to decorate the kitchen in the best rural traditions, then you need to pay attention to such features:

  1. The Russian stove will be the highlight of the kitchen. You can make it decorative, or you can make it full-fledged, so that it performs its functions.
  2. Finishing can be deliberately rough, preferably wood and stone.
  3. The color scheme of the decor should be colorful. A lot of textiles are welcome in the form of tablecloths, napkins, capes.
  4. Furniture should be wooden, massive and solid. Mandatory elements: samovar, chest of drawers and chest.
  5. The decorative design of the kitchen implies the presence of woodcarving.

country house kitchen interior

Bedroom in a country house — design

Creating a modern interior of a country house, special attention should be divided into the bedroom. If you want to transfer the atmosphere of the village to this room, then a few simple and inexpensive solutions will help create it in the best traditions.

  1. Quilted patchwork quilts in several layers will create a special atmosphere of rustic comfort.
  2. Practical details of the rustic interior — woven carpets, will go well with patchwork quilts and embroidery on bedding.
  3. Finishing the floor is best done with a wide wooden plank that matches the rustic style.
  4. The walls can also be finished with wooden slats and panels and painted in light colors.
  5. Various lace products, tubs, barrels, lamps with lampshades will perfectly complement the design of a rustic-style bedroom.

rustic bedroom design

Design of a hallway in a country house

Having chosen the interior design of a village house, you need to take care of the interior of the hallway. This room is designed simply and practical, using natural materials. Furniture should ideally be wooden, textile paths are appropriate on the floor, and the color scheme depends on personal wishes. The entrance hall can be in pastel colors or made of dark wood in the style of a rustic log house.

country house hallway design

Village house veranda design

A beautiful and cozy village house is a matter of taste and possibilities. If there is a desire and funds allow, then the veranda will become an exterior decoration and an additional functional room in which you can receive guests or gather for a joint dinner with the whole family. The design of this corner can be done in a variety of styles, but there are a few details that you need to pay attention to.

  1. Sofas, armchairs, dining tables and coffee tables are must-haves.
  2. It is better to choose light shades in the design, because dark and bright colors will quickly fade in the sun.
  3. The abundance of pillows, capes, planters with flowers will help make the room not only cozy, but also unique in terms of design.

country house veranda design

Window design in a country house

When creating a cozy interior of a rustic-style house, it is important to remember the design of the windows. As a rule, these are windows made of natural wood, decorated with simple and unpretentious curtains made of natural and light materials. The color of the window frame should be light (it all depends on the overall style of the room) or remain natural. In the second case, a special protective treatment of wood will be required.

country house window design

Ceiling design with beams in a rustic house

An unusual and beautiful interior of a village house is the dream of every owner. Choosing interesting design solutions, you can pay attention to the fashion trend — a ceiling with beams, which will fill the room with an atmosphere of rustic originality. The design of a village house and its appearance with such a ceiling will depend on the method of laying the beams, which is more often performed in the form of a herringbone, lattice or classical arrangement parallel to each other.

Pleasure is not cheap, so for beams it is better to choose hollow wood (it is both lighter and cheaper). Another plus is that it can be used to easily hide communications. Those who have already built a house and used beams as ceilings will only need to take care of the necessary processing.

ceiling design with beams in a rustic house

Rustic wooden house interior

An interesting and modern design of a village house, the ideas of which can be drawn from various styles, are not necessarily made of expensive materials. The design of a village house can be done using budget materials, although it is still preferable to decorate country houses using natural materials.

Wooden houses themselves already correspond to the rustic style, but if desired, they can be decorated with various carved elements, forged details, and many flower pots. In order for the tree not to lose its attractive appearance and not succumb to negative climatic influences, one should not save on materials to protect it.

rustic wooden house interior

Interior of a village house in Russian style

When decorating the interior of a small Russian-style village house, you need to remember the details that largely determine its style. If there is a desire to bring the interior closer to the chosen style and recreate the atmosphere of a Russian village, then you can use the attributes that are a business card.

  1. Couch. The bed-bed will help to create an atmosphere and surprise guests. Moreover, it can be successfully used for its intended purpose and play the role of the main bed for a night’s rest.
  2. Russian oven. This interesting interior detail can be used for space zoning, for heating as a fireplace, and for cooking.
  3. Tiles. This is the tile that was used to finish the stove from the kitchen side. Yaroslavl tiles are a recognizable detail that is often used in Russian styling.
  4. Chests. This interior detail is not only decorative, but also functional.

interior of a village house in Russian style

Provence style rustic house interior

Thinking through the details of the design of a small country house in the French country style, it is important to learn a few design rules that will help you easily recreate the desired atmosphere and interior.

  1. Floor. Ideally made of wood. In the bathroom and kitchen, it can be tile or natural stone.
  2. Ceiling and walls. When finishing, pastel shades and mostly natural, light materials are used.
  3. Furniture. Only forged or wooden. These can be cabinets, chests of drawers, chests, ideally, if with the effect of aging.
  4. Textile. These are conceptual elements, so their presence is mandatory. The fabrics are light and natural, the colors are pastels, the colors are natural prints, polka dots and various patterns with smooth shapes.
  5. Accessories and decor. Curtains with openwork ruffles, interesting colorful pillows, airy tulle, cute paintings with images of birds and nature will be an excellent completion of the style.

Provence style rustic house interior


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