Country house interior


.Interior of a country house

Many land owners build country houses not only to store gardening equipment, but also to equip a temporary home. The interior of a country house is a little different from the design of an ordinary apartment, you should only consider how much and at what time of the year you plan to live in it. If you are going to spend time in a country house only in summer, you should take care of the air conditioning system, if you do not exclude visiting the cottage in winter, provide heating and a water heating system. A great option for a winter holiday in the country is a bathhouse that will help you relax at the end of a hard working week.

The interior of the country house

Country houses are most often made of wood. Usually these are modest unsightly buildings, but the arrangement inside the house is quite consistent with the requirements of comfortable living for a modern person. Pay attention to the photo below. Outwardly, this house looks more like a barn than a modern dwelling. It looks extremely simple and does not attract attention, and looking inside, you will see a stylish and modern design. When building this house, a kind of architectural trick was done — the building looks very small due to the fact that it was built on a slope, but in fact there are bright spacious rooms inside.

To design the interior design of a country house, eco-style is most often used — a symbiosis of noble simplicity and environmentally friendly materials. Furniture for home decoration in eco-style is simple — a table and several chairs made of wood, a neat seating area, wicker chairs. Ceramic dishes and wooden accessories will give a complete look to the kitchen. Ecostyle will be an ideal solution for interior design of a small country house.

If your country house still has spacious rooms, you can decorate them in a more sophisticated style. Designers recommend the French style, which will give you the freedom to be creative in decorating the interior of a country house with your own hands, and at the same time it will look very elegant and stylish. The French style includes hardwood furniture, wrought-iron details, natural tones in wall decoration, noble textures in upholstery of upholstered furniture (velvet or satin) and paintings on the walls. Another feature of this style is the decoration of the house with lace and embroidery, but they need to be used in small quantities.


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