Curtains for gazebos and verandas


Curtains for gazebos and verandas

You have finally completed the construction and interior design of a country house, now you need to think about arranging a place to relax — gazebos or verandas where you can spend time enjoying the fresh air and wonderful landscape. In this article we will talk about curtains for gazebos and porches. Before choosing the type of design of these buildings, you should think about what time of the year and for what purposes they will be used — in the summer we need protection from the scorching sun, and on cold autumn days from wind and rain. Manufacturers have paid attention to all options, so you can easily choose the type of curtain design that suits your case.

Fabric curtains for a gazebo or veranda

Making a gazebo or veranda with fabric curtains is suitable if the building is used infrequently, mainly in the summer. A gazebo with curtains made of light translucent fabric will perfectly protect from the sun and create a romantic impression of staying in a house on the sea coast. Also, light white curtains for the veranda will be a great addition to the interior of a country house decorated in country style.

A very popular material for making curtains for gazebos is acrylic fabric — it protects well from the sun, has moisture-repellent properties, does not absorb dust, and is very easy to clean — just wash it with soapy water.

Protective curtains for gazebos

But there are times when curtains have to perform not only a decorative function, but also protect from wind and rain. Manufacturers have found an excellent solution to this problem — transparent curtains for pavilions made of PVC film. This decor option will allow you to feel warm and homey in the cold season, while being practically on the street. Plastic curtains for the gazebo will allow you to realize creative ideas about the interior design of the gazebo — you can decorate it with textile curtains without fear that they will get wet in the rain, the furniture will also be completely safe from moisture and sunlight. These curtains are thick enough, durable and environmentally friendly.

With frequent opening and closing, plastic curtains lose their attractive appearance, so manufacturers offer roller blinds for gazebos to the attention of demanding customers. They are a sheet of dense moisture-proof fabric, which is folded into a roll manually or using an electric drive.


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