Design of a gate from a professional flooring


Gates made of corrugated board are chosen in pairs not only with a similar fence.

With an appropriate supply, this relatively budget version of a metal gate may well be in the company of more expensive brick, concrete or stone.

It is quite possible to make them with your own hands, but those who do not have the skills to work with a welding machine and a grinder are better to entrust everything to a specialist. But the housewife can also take up the choice of design.

Let’s start with the fact that the corrugated board itself does not create any restrictions on the choice of gate design, whether it be sliding, hinged, gates with a built-in wicket.

In any case, it will be a frame made of a metal profile with a rectangular section, a wall thickness of 2 mm, and an approximate size of 30 (20) x 40 mm. The configuration of the stiffeners can be different and their role may well be played by a metal corner.

Below is a small photo selection on the “wrong side” of this issue. And then you will find a photo collection of ready-made solutions for the appearance of the gate from corrugated board.

There can be several options for the location of the racks of the metal frame to increase its rigidity: a lattice, the letter Z, an asterisk. The latter is shown in the photo above.

The most optimal level of automation for swing gates is closer to the center.

And a gate is built into these gates from corrugated board. And the automation was moved to the lower edge of the frame (in this place it is wide enough for mounting).

Pay attention — the lining of the gate and the wicket was made double-sided.

This photo shows the same double-skinned swing gates with an automatic opening system. But look at how well the color selection is made: thanks to this solution, against the background of a brick fence, the metal corrugated board does not look like a foreign material.

Red color in clothes is loved by leaders or natures who want to be always in the spotlight. Perhaps the same rule applies in architecture…

We must pay tribute, the combination of calm red with black edging made this color more restrained.

The photo above shows sliding gates made of corrugated board with a horizontal direction of the corrugation. Well, the dust will settle on them more actively, but this choice, combined with the red granite of the pillars, made the appearance of the entrance more elegant.

White plus black always looked solemn. And if white is the “body of the gate”, and black is openwork lace made of forging, then the gate itself looks with a claim to increased attention. Because the yard, everything inside and outside it should always be in perfect order 🙂

And in this photo, black forged lace was superimposed on a white background of corrugated board, thereby emphasizing the forging pattern as much as possible.

A little less openwork and a much brighter background. The color, apparently, was chosen to match the brick and roof, so that the edging of the site served as a logical continuation of the buildings. It remains only to grow trees. so that their green crowns slightly muffle this bright splendor.

And in this photo, in a pair of gray stone pillars, they chose the calm green color of the corrugated board. the combination is very harmonious, Copper-colored forging, although slightly lost against the background of greenery, is more like branches of vines. continuing the theme of natural harmony.

These brown corrugated swing gates look very restrained. But this simplicity is apparent. This is how you can bend the profile with an arc only in the factory. So it’s not a simple model at all.

Red is bright on its own. Considering that the entire facade of this site is made in this color, it is simply necessary to highlight the gate and the gate. In this case, we decided to make a wrought iron facade from simple elements painted in two contrasting colors: black and gold.

The photo, unfortunately, is not clear, but everything important is visible on it: the gate frame is decorated with several arcuate lines with floral motifs. This is quite enough to give individuality to the gates from the profiled sheet.

These emerald-colored gates are adorned with ornate contours and forging with a touch of Art Nouveau.

The brick and the color of the corrugated board of these gates are in the same color sector, so the contrast with the brown forging turned out to be extremely harmonious. So that the relief of the profiled sheet does not create a ripple effect, the stiffeners clearly coincide with the vertical forging elements.

The dark chocolate corrugated board plus the milky white color of the pillars with the texture of «chopped» stone repeat the main tones of the facade of the house and the roof. Absolutely unbeatable design.

In this photo, the frame of the swing gate made of chocolate corrugated board is decorated with a forged overlay with a repetition of Greek motifs in silver tones. A good addition to a brown brick fence.

In the photo: the beige clinker of the posts contrasts beautifully with the brown corrugated sliding gate. The upper part of the gate is made with a profile palisade to improve visibility outside the site.

The height of this corrugated fence is about 2.5 m. Apparently, there is something to hide 🙂 Well, so that the gate of such a height does not look too cumbersome, their lower part was made lattice and the top was slightly cut off with an arc.

Handsomely? Yes! This is a professional work of the master and good taste of the designer. To connect so many dissimilar elements, so that everything does not look clumsy — this is an outstanding talent you need to have …

The photo above shows an unexpected design solution for sliding gates made of corrugated board in the spirit of the Carpathian mountains and valleys.

Another «forest hut» with a red brick fence. The entrance part is decorated with swing gates made of corrugated board with automatics and double cladding. They open outward, fortunately to the roadway (once a year, twice in a five-year period, and then, if the guards allow:) part of the place is more than enough.

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