Design of brick and stone arbors


Pavilions made of stone and brick are a specific object. And it’s not just the texture, massive buildings look harmoniously on large areas, surrounded by tall trees, or next to the same monumental residential building.

If the stone can still be called a neutral material (due to its natural origin), then the brick clearly asks for a “pair”. It can be a platform with small brick elements or a residential building made of the same material.

However, the advantage of brickwork lies in the fact that it can be veiled with plaster, stone or tile.

A completely brick or stone garden pavilion is a rarity. Most often it is some combination of:

  • pillars + roof (essentially a canopy),
  • one or two walls + supports under the roof,
  • supports with a stone plinth and a lighter (metal, wood) continuation.

A massive roof is far from the rule. The modern approach to design does not exclude a lightweight roof made of metal or polycarbonate — the main thing is to think over the connection and proportions of the structural elements.

A heavy structure automatically implies the presence of a serious foundation, optimally a shallow-depth tape or concrete cushion. The main purpose of such solid buildings is the location of a summer kitchen inside them. Less commonly, they are used directly as gazebos for relaxing and viewing the surrounding landscape.

A large structure in a small area can be visually reduced by determining its place in the corner of the territory.

So this gazebo combined from brick and timber was “pressed” against the fence. And all because the opaque walls limit the view and a deceptive illusion is created that there is nothing behind them.

In the photo: one wall, two supports, shed roof. The design of the gazebo is extremely simple, but captivates with its texture. Inside there is a brazier with a smokehouse. A woodcutter is nearby, we can assume that the minimum set of garden furniture is about to be delivered 🙂

NUANCE Stone is definitely more expensive than brick. However, any brick structure can be overlaid with tiles made of stone or imitating a stone surface. Therefore, I do not see a big difference between stone and brick buildings and give examples of all options.

By the way, building a gazebo from a gas block will cost even less and it can also be overlaid with tiles of any texture.

This is not stone, but skillfully crafted concrete. The work is manual, performed by people with the skills to create sculptural compositions or work with relief plaster. It is based on a metal frame (maybe there are areas with brickwork), covered with a layer of pliable, but thick cement-sand mortar. The finished surface is ground and covered with a composition to simulate wet stone.

In the photo: all of the above applies to this gazebo «made of wood». Only the finishing layer of the finish contains a coloring composition that imitates the color of wood.

What else to read on the site:

Barbecue or brazier made of bricks are simplified stove structures, often fastened with clay mortar, which is afraid of getting wet. But even buildings made on the basis of heat-resistant cement still need protection from rain. At least that’s why…

It is impossible to imagine how one can indifferently pass by the area where dishes are prepared on the grill. The fragrant smoke of the food being prepared, even if for a moment, will distract your mind from worldly worries and problems, forcing you to think about something more “monumental and eternal”…

If you have the idea to do in the country breeding fish, then know that you have chosen the right direction. And let the scale of production be small, in any case, you will have at your disposal a product that is very valuable for health, grown with your own hands in environmentally friendly conditions…


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