Do-it-yourself playground in the country


Do-it-yourself playground in the country - the best ideas for decoration and arrangement

An original do-it-yourself playground in the country house is a great opportunity to turn a child’s outdoor leisure into an exciting game, and for parents to get a lot of time to work in the garden. Having shown imagination and skill for kids, you can equip your favorite place for adventures, where they will feel like owners.

How to make a playground in the country?

To build a playground in the country with your own hands, you need an idea and a project, free time and a desire to give kids pleasure. When choosing a place, it is important to remember that children should be constantly in sight. The play area is best placed opposite those windows in the house where adults are more likely to be. It is advisable not to build in the sun, otherwise you will have to make a canopy.

The territory of the future site must be carefully leveled, stones, bumps, debris removed. All embedded supports for buildings (houses, swings) should be deepened into the ground by 50 cm and preferably concreted. Making a playground in the country with your own hands is a creative matter. It can be filled:

  • fantasy house;
  • sandbox;
  • swing;
  • slides;
  • rope ladders;
  • climbing wall;
  • slate board for drawing;
  • swimming pool;
  • tunnels.

Dimensions of the playground in the country

The size of the area that the playground will occupy depends on the age of the child:

  1. For small children, small playgrounds are being built to give a size of 4-5 m2. there will fit a sandbox, an inflatable pool and a few shells.
  2. Older children also need more areas with a lot of game elements. For children under 7 years old, it is recommended to allocate a platform of 8-9 m2from 7 to 12 years — up to 15 m2.

Do-it-yourself playground ideas in the country

The design of the playground in the country should be intricate, interesting for children. Various play structures, sandboxes, fantasy houses can be made in the form of a boat, a steam locomotive, a car, a hut, a forest tower. All objects are easy to build from wooden logs or boards painted in bright colors of car tires and other improvised items.

Do-it-yourself wooden playgrounds for summer cottages

Wood is the most popular material for the construction of various simple structures. If you show a little imagination, you get original playgrounds for giving:

  1. Structures in the form of sports equipment and observation platforms, supplemented by ladders.
  2. observation deck for children

  3. A compact climbing section can be built along the fence.
  4. climbing section

  5. The house can be built both simple and high.
  6. children's house in the country

  7. The building in the form of a ship is very popular among the boys.
  8. children's ship for giving

  9. The children’s slide is a favorite element. You can add it to any cozy tall house. The height of the element should be no more than 1 m, for children over 5 years old 2-2.5 m. For a smooth descent, it is better to use ready-made plastic slopes, there are many of them on sale — straight, helical, wavy.
  10. children's house with a slide for a summer residence

Do-it-yourself playground in the country — how to build a simple house:

  1. The base for the house is made of two pallets. Only the gaps in them need to be completely filled with boards.
  2. base for the house

  3. Using a saw and a jigsaw, the front part of the house, windows and a hole are cut out of the OSB board — the entrance.
  4. cutting windows and doors

  5. The side walls are cut square, with one window. The back wall will be completely solid.
  6. side wall of the house

  7. Starting boards are stuffed around the perimeter of the base.
  8. boards around the base

  9. The walls of the house are nailed to the base, in the corners the structure is reinforced with vertical bars. In the corner posts, it is necessary to make releases under the pediment.
  10. nailing the walls of the house to the basereinforcing the structure with bars

  11. Two triangular pediments for the roof are knocked down from plywood and beams.
  12. gable for roofhouse roof

  13. The pediments are attached to the walls with the help of a horizontal beam, fixed to the outlets.
  14. fastening gables to walls

  15. The roof of the house is covered with ondulin.
  16. roof covering with ondulinhouse roof inside

  17. Shutters and a door are cut out of the remnants of plywood.
  18. window shutters

  19. Windows and doors are hung on small hinges.
  20. door fasteningshutter fastening

  21. The structure needs to be painted, the house for children is ready.
  22. house coloring

Children’s playground in the country from tires

If a playground is being equipped in the country with their own hands, then all the materials at hand are used. Old tires are a good idea, and you can build a lot of interesting elements out of them. To do this, you only need tires and juicy paint, which will give them brightness. A simple playground in the country — what elements can be made from old tires:

  1. From several painted wheels and seats, you can equip interesting cars.
  2. car from tires in the country

  3. It is easy to build a sandbox from one large wheel.
  4. tire sandbox

  5. Older kids will love the tire obstacle course or the tunnel.
  6. tire tunnel

  7. Tire swings can be built differently: both ground rocking chairs for the smallest, and for older children — hanging horizontal or vertical.
  8. tire swing

Zoning of the playground in the country

The layout of the playground in the country is made according to the age of the child. At the same time, several attributes located in different zones can be distinguished — a swing, a house with a slide, a sports corner, a sandbox. Separate different elements with the help of a ground cover (gravel, sand), draw visual lines with the help of tree cuts, dug stones or green plantings. An important condition is that the swing must have a safety zone in front and behind of 2 m.

zoning of the playground in the country

Playground with a sandbox for giving

The simplest element of the construction site is a sandbox. It is not a problem to build a square structure from boards, the optimal dimensions are 170×170 cm. You can protect the element with planks, saw cuts from wood, tires, even dug in plastic bottles. Original options for a children’s sandbox with their own hands:

  1. A structure in the form of a boat is interesting, and a sail-awning will cover the baby from the sun.
  2. sandbox ship

  3. Closed sandboxes will protect the contents from the attention of animals (especially cats) who want to equip them with a toilet. The opening lid makes a convenient bench.
  4. playground with sandbox

Playground for giving with a swing

To equip the swing with their own hands, they dig racks into the ground, connect them from above with crossbars. Attach the rocking seat with chains, ropes to the crossbar using powerful carabiners or hooks. Every six months, the reliability of the fasteners must be checked for chafing. The seat for small children must be equipped with a backrest and footrest. Do-it-yourself children’s swing ideas:

  1. Comfortable rope swing with gossamer seat.
  2. gossamer swing

  3. Swing-hammock, you can sit and lie down.
  4. hammock swing

  5. The easiest option with a wooden seat on the ropes.
  6. wooden swing with ropes

  7. Any old chair can be used as a seat.
  8. chair swing

  9. Even a skateboard can be adapted for rocking.
  10. skateboard swing

  11. You can even sleep on a cozy pallet bed.
  12. pallet swing

Arrangement of a playground in the country

The organization of a playground in the country does not end with the construction of all the planned elements — a house, a swing, a sandbox, a slide. For the safe play of the child, all the details must be provided, think about the safe coverage of the area to reduce injuries, its fencing. If the site is located on an open plot, then it is necessary to hang an awning over the main attractions so that a long stay in the sun does not harm the baby.

How to lay a playground in the country?

Special attention requires coverage for the playground in the country. It should be soft to soften falls, and dry quickly — children spend a lot of time on the ground, and excessive moisture can provoke a cold. Coating options:

  1. There are special rubber coatings for playing areas — they fully meet all the requirements, they are very colorful, but they are not cheap.
  2. playground rubber flooring

  3. The best option is a lawn for a playground in the country. To organize it, you need to buy a grass mixture for sports or universal fields. Such a lawn has a high resistance to abrasion. But the lawn will need constant care — watering, cutting.
  4. lawn for a playground in the country

  5. Another good option is sand, but not ravine, but river. It is plastic, soft, well suited even for babies. Sand can not be used on the entire site, but only in places for more active games — near the swings, in the sports area. To drain water so that puddles do not form, at playgrounds with your own hands you need to remove the soil to a depth of 15-20 cm, fill in the rubble, and tamp a layer of sand also 20 cm thick on top. Periodically, the upper tier will have to be leveled, filled up and rammed.
  6. sand for a playground in the country

Tent for a playground in the country

The sun is good for the body, but it should be in moderation. In order not to get heatstroke or skin burns for children who spend a lot of time outdoors, it is better to install an awning for a playground if it is not hidden under the canopy of trees. Part of the playing area for safety should be hidden in partial shade, for this purpose it is convenient to use:

  1. Large protective umbrella.
  2. Install a rectangular awning on dug-in supports.
  3. Even an awning can be designed in an intricate way, for example — in the form of sails.

awning for a playground in the country

Fence for a playground in the country

For small children, it is better to put a fence for a playground in the country. This will enable parents not to be constantly nearby, but to do their own business nearby and be sure that the children are safe. The fence must be safe and durable, fence options:

  1. Netting mesh is excellent for these purposes, it comes with a plastic coating and in bright colors.
  2. You can put a low picket fence, painted in a cheerful style. The tops of the planks should be rounded, sanded and not have sharp corners. The distance between the pickets should be such that the head does not crawl through there. The optimal height of the fence is on the shoulders of children. It is necessary to fasten the pickets firmly, taking into account the fact that children will hang and jump on them.
  3. Sometimes rope fences are used — they are durable and safe, such a fence is always easy to remove or update.

fence for the playground in the country


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