Do-it-yourself summer shower for giving


Do-it-yourself summer shower for a summer residence - the best ideas and arrangement options

You can build a summer shower for a summer cottage with your own hands from the available remnants of building materials. The design largely depends on the needs of the family and the location of the shower. A creative approach to business will turn a functional building into a decoration of the site.

How to make an outdoor shower?

The simplest solution is to hang ready-made water bags on a tree, the so-called portable shower. If you want comfort, take a shower without clothes and with bathing accessories, you will have to do a solid construction. The options for a summer shower are varied: there are ready-made frames sheathed with polycarbonate, or you can make such a box with your own hands, using the building materials available after building the house.

Summer shower dimensions

The construction of such a shower saves time and money for heating water, designed to make work in the country more comfortable. In order for each family member to be comfortable, even before construction, all the nuances should be agreed.

  1. The optimal dimensions of a summer shower are 1.5×1.5 m, but not less than 1×1 m. We are talking about a short stay, when you just need to refresh the body. If you need a place for a hanger, bathing accessories or other additional points, this must be taken into account when designing.
  2. Remember that the maximum length of a wooden beam is 2-2.5 m. This is taken into account when cutting frame parts.
  3. The strength of the base must withstand the weight of 200 liters of water in a barrel.

summer shower frame

You can build a shower cabin in the country from a variety of materials. Much depends on where the structure will be located and for what purposes it is used.

  1. If an outdoor shower is used occasionally and is not intended as a complete structure, the frame can be beaten. This is an excellent solution at the stage of arranging the site, when there is no clear plan, or as an entertainment for children.
  2. summer shower frame outdoor treeoutdoor shower frame steps

  3. The solid frame of a summer shower for a summer residence is obtained from metal parts. A lightweight shower made of galvanized profile will last a long time. It is both lightweight and reliable, the structure can be easily moved to another place if necessary.
  4. summer shower frame metal

  5. If after building a house in the country there are boards left, they are perfect for forcing a summer shower with your own hands.
  6. wooden summer shower frame

  7. The shower can be made the highlight of the site. The original pergola with beautiful beams, after some modifications, turns into a full-fledged shower for giving.
  8. summer shower frame pergola

Summer shower tank

If the shower is far from home and there is no way to supply water, the booth will have to be equipped with a tank. Previously, a container for a summer shower was boiled from metal sheets, painted and installed on the roof. The popularity of the summer shower is constantly growing, so a new practical offer has appeared.

  1. The modern solution made of plastic simplifies the work at times. The finished tank is light, therefore it is not difficult to install it on the roof of the frame. It does not require permanent staining. Take it off for the winter.
  2. summer shower tank plastic

  3. The original solution is the construction of a shower for giving as an extension to the house. Here you can creatively beat the barrel and use thematic design.
  4. summer shower tank

How to fix a barrel on the roof of a summer shower?

Fixing the tank on the shower roof is greatly simplified if its frame is made of metal. The second option to simplify the mounting of the tank on the roof of a summer shower is to give preference to plastic ready-made tanks in the form of a barrel or box.

  1. A plastic barrel is easily installed on the roof if two side supports are welded for it. The barrel is placed between these supports; for reliability, you can additionally fix it with cables or wire.
  2. how to fix a round plastic tank

  3. A plastic tank in the form of a box does not need additional elements; it is laid on top, like a lid. The dimensions of the tank are selected according to the parameters of the shower frame.
  4. how to fix the tank plastic box

  5. There is another great option — a large cube-shaped tank. There is a ready-made metal frame for it, which makes it easy to fix the structure on almost any frame.
  6. how to fix a plastic cube tank

How to sheathe a summer shower in the country?

Do-it-yourself summer shower for giving with your own hands needs to be decorated. For these purposes, they acquire decorative or practical sheathing material, or find applications available on the site.

  1. The frame can be built from boards, and sheathed with polyethylene. Economical, fast and practical.
  2. covering for shower polyethylene

  3. Corrugated sheets after the construction of the fence will be useful for building a shower in the country. The material is durable and reliable, does not require special paint coating.
  4. sheathe summer shower corrugated sheet

  5. For do-it-yourself sheathing of a summer shower, pieces of metal sheets and wood will also come in handy. They make a mobile, lightweight and reliable design, the booth can be moved at any time.
  6. sheathing for a summer shower metal profile

  7. Bamboo is a light and undemanding material for covering a summer shower.
  8. bamboo summer shower upholstery

  9. An ecological and fashionable wooden shower made of wood can be assembled with your own hands in the country in one evening. It is attached to the back wall of the house or made a separate building.
  10. summer shower cladding tree outbuildingsummer shower paneling tree separate

Summer shower tray

If a do-it-yourself summer shower for a summer residence is used as a periodic refreshment of the body during gardening, the water simply goes into the ground. But when we take soap, shampoos and other bathing products with us, it is worthwhile to provide a shower tray for a summer shower in the design.

  1. For a wooden building with your own hands, you can build something similar to a barrel in a section. However, for a shower in the country, you will have to use wood species that are resistant to constant exposure to water.
  2. shower tray wood

  3. If the shower room is built as an extension to the wall of the house, the pallet can be buried. A layer of pebbles is poured on top, decorative plates are laid. Visually creates the impression of a paradise.
  4. recessed shower tray

  5. A full-fledged pallet covered with pebbles or other small bulk material for decoration looks original. A flooring for the feet is laid near the water source.
  6. shower tray stones

  7. The transition from the wall to the floor looks stylish when the entire corner for the shower is decorated in an oriental style. Granite and marble effect tiles, large pebbles, stone — all this is durable and practical.
  8. shower tray


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