Doors for giving — which interior and entrance doors are better to choose, design

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Doors for summer cottages - how to choose the best quality option?

When repairing or building a private house, you need to choose good doors for giving, which must be reliable and comply with a number of rules. There is a huge range of products from different materials and differing in their design.

Doors for giving — types

When choosing a door, you need to focus on where they will be installed: on the inhale or between rooms. The thing is that the best version of the front door to the cottage depends on this, which must meet the requirements put forward to it, for example, withstand the negative effects of climatic conditions or keep noise well and not let heat through.

Entrance doors for giving

Before making a choice in favor of a certain type of door, you need to know and take into account what qualities they should have:

  1. The door must be strong, reliable and durable, otherwise it will have to be changed often, since the product will be negatively affected by environmental factors: temperature changes, frost, rain, and so on.
  2. When figuring out which entrance door to choose for a summer residence, one more important quality should be indicated — a sufficient level of thermal insulation. The design should have a special contour, for example, made of dense rubber, which will protect the room from drafts.
  3. You should not buy expensive decorative doors so that they attract the attention of thieves who will think that a lot of valuables are hidden behind it in the house.

cottage entrance doors

Interior doors for summer cottages

There are no such “hard” requirements for the structures between rooms as for the front door. When choosing, consider size, design, color and moisture resistance. When figuring out which interior doors are better to choose for a summer residence, it is worth pointing out that there are different classifications of structures:

  • according to the manufacturing method, there are panel and panel;
  • according to the method of opening the wings, there are hinged and folding;
  • according to the number of valves, there are one-and-a-half, double-sided and monocotyledon;
  • according to the type of filling, there are deaf and under glazing;
  • the shape of the canvas is arched and rectangular.

interior doors for cottages

Which door to choose for a summer residence?

There are a number of important criteria to consider when choosing a door. This applies to the material, so the product can be metal, wood or plastic, and each option has its pros and cons. Street doors for summer cottages can be hinged, but interior doors can also be sliding and folding (door-book), and there is also an original version — a roto-door (the design can rotate around its axis and move along the guides).

Swing doors for summer cottages

A classic design option that is always popular. Everything is very simple: the canvas is attached on one side to the box with a loop. Designs can be right- and left-winged, open inward and outward. The advantages of swing doors for summer cottages include ease of operation, affordability and reliability. There is a wide range of designs and sizes.

Swing structures also have disadvantages, for example, they are not suitable for small rooms and narrow corridors, since it will be simply inconvenient to open the doors, and they will “steal” an already small area. Canvases are made of plastic and wood, and they can also have glass inserts. In large rooms, you can install beautiful double swing doors for summer cottages.

swing doors for cottages

Sliding doors in the country

For small rooms and in case of unwillingness to clutter up the space with swing doors, sliding structures are suitable, similar to those installed in wardrobes. The canvas is attached to the guide, which can be top, bottom and wall. When opened, the product moves along the wall. The design of the door in the country can be using a single-leaf and double-leaf design. There are also exclusive options, consisting of four wings.

The advantages of this type of door include the ability to avoid the arrangement of thresholds. Sliding doors for a summer residence will free the passage. It is worth noting that they can be used for curved walls, since special radius structures can be made to order. The existing shortcomings include the fact that a part of the wall is “lost”, along which the door will move. This minus can be eliminated if you install a frame so that the door drives into the wall. Another drawback is that when installing low-quality fittings, you will often have to change it, because the doors will “walk”.

sliding doors in the garden

Metal doors for summer cottages

Many people choose metal doors to enter the house, the range of which is very wide. A suitable metal for the door to the cottage is steel. In most cases, the canvas has hidden hinges with an «anti-removal» device and at least two locks. Due to this, the design minimizes the success of attempts to enter the house of thieves. Given the presence of various seals, the metal door has good noise and heat insulation. There are different finishing materials, which provides a wide range of products suitable for numerous designs.

If we talk about the minuses, then due to the increased strength, if necessary, for example, in the event of a fire, it will not be easy to open the door. Since the canvas is heavy and for ease of use, you will have to install several loops. Metal doors for summer cottages are expensive, especially if they are made to order. If we compare them with wooden structures, then metal options are more durable.

summer cottage metal doors

Solid wood doors for summer cottages

For passages between rooms, wood products are often chosen, which have several varieties due to the use of different technologies. Pine doors for cottages or other types of wood are environmentally friendly, so they provide a comfortable and safe indoor climate. The advantages of wood products include durability, that is, they will last for decades, and they also have excellent heat and sound insulation properties. It is worth noting the attractive appearance of the paintings, suitable for different designs.

We should not lose sight of the existing shortcomings, which are largely due to the natural characteristics of wood. It is important to regularly use additional processing to protect the canvas from the negative effects of the environment. Antiseptics, impregnations and so on are suitable for this. Wooden doors need proper care and after a while, you may have to carry out restoration.

solid wood doors for cottages

Glass doors for summer cottages

Products made of high-strength glass, which consists of several layers, look beautiful. The strength of this material is in no way inferior to plastic and wood. When figuring out which door to choose for a summer residence, it is worth pointing out another advantage of glass doors — the environmental friendliness of the material, so they can be installed in any room. This option has excellent soundproofing properties, but in terms of thermal insulation characteristics, glass is inferior to wood.

Glass doors for summer cottages have an excellent appearance, and they can be transparent, frosted, colored, stained glass and so on. They can be supplemented with various decorative elements, for example, a lattice. When installing glass products, it should be borne in mind that it is difficult to care for them. Even a small speck will be noticeable on the glass sheet.

glass doors for cottages

Plastic doors for summer cottages

For the manufacture of doors, polyvinyl chloride is used — a synthetic material that is easy to machine and is cheap. To understand which interior doors are better to choose for a summer residence, you should take into account the advantages of plastic products. They have low thermal conductivity and high resistance to cold and moisture. The plastic is durable and beautiful. Such doors will be easy to care for, and they absorb noise well.

There are plastic doors for summer cottages and disadvantages that cannot be ignored. The main disadvantage is the low degree of elasticity, therefore, with strong mechanical influences, dents will remain on the surface. In addition, you should know that plastic does not tolerate high temperatures, but the material is self-extinguishing. Compared to wood, plastic is less safe in terms of negative health effects.

patio plastic doors

Doors from lining to the cottage

To finish a wooden and metal door, lining is used — wood, in the form of a slat or plank. As a result, you can get an original product that will decorate the room and fit any design. Swing doors for summer cottages and other options can be finished with clapboard. There are a number of tips to consider when using lining:

  1. For finishing interior doors, the driest material should be used. This is a guarantee that during operation the lining will not dry out and cracks and gaps between the panels will not appear.
  2. Before use, it is recommended to adapt the material, for which bring the lining into the room where it will be used for a couple of days. During this time, the wood will gain the necessary temperature and humidity.
  3. Before installation, the lining must be treated with a protective compound, for example, an antiseptic, a fire-resistant mixture, and so on. Thanks to this, you can increase the service life and give the material a slight shade.

doors from lining to the cottage


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