Fences for summer cottages — original options made of wood, profiled sheet, polycarbonate


Fences for giving - what is the best option to put on your site?

Fences for giving are a protective and decorative element on a country site. To prevent wild animals from entering the territory, and the neighbors could not see the personal life of the owner, there is a whole list of materials with high protective characteristics. For aesthetes, decorative combined designs are suitable.

Types of fences for giving

The choice of fencing for the site depends on aesthetic preferences, type of terrain and soil. They try to enclose a large area with a high fence, on rich soils it is possible to grow a high green fence, sometimes you have to pay attention to light polycarbonate structures. All existing fence options for the dacha are divided into groups and according to the material of manufacture.

Wooden fences for giving

Among the obvious advantages of the array are environmental friendliness, ease of installation and durability. However, you will have to carefully monitor the condition of the wood as it is used.

  1. If a country style or eco style is chosen for the site, a slab fence will do. It is affordable, but there are no boundaries in terms of design and fence height.
  2. wooden fence for dacha slab

  3. A reliable solution is a palisade. This is both a decorative landscape element and reliable protection, because the upper part is cut at an angle and can hurt.
  4. wooden fences for summer cottages

  5. If the decorative component comes to the fore, the site will be decorated with wooden fences made of interlaced boards.
  6. wooden fences for cottages wicker

  7. The picket fence is considered a simple and relatively cheap option. However, it is difficult to call it reliable, because the design is unstable to mechanical stress.
  8. wooden fences for summer cottage picket fence

  9. Barred fences in the ranch or Victorian style are becoming more popular every day. In natural color, painted in shades of white, they look good on a site with a patio or gazebos.
  10. wooden fences for summer cottages

Fence for giving from boards

Boards are traditionally used to make a fence or fencing in suburban areas. Blanks are attached to the horizontal bars, which are then painted in different colors or covered with a protective varnish. Boards are an obvious budget answer to the question of which fence to put in the country. It is important to monitor the condition from time to time and replace rotting parts.

wooden fence for summer cottages

Metal fences for summer cottages

They make an iron fence to the country house from different types of metal structures. It is easy to care for, the height and the right choice of section size makes it a good protector of your site.

  1. Forged fences for summer cottages are used for decoration in different styles, but they are all equally spectacular and durable. Modern enterprises offer not only classic curls, but also original futuristic images.
  2. forged metal fences for summer cottages

  3. Ready-made welded sections, although designed for a mass buyer, are in no way inferior in strength and degree of protection to forged products. Welded sections can additionally be combined with forged elements to get an original design and save money.
  4. welded metal fences for cottages

  5. Decorative fences with stone, brick and wooden elements look expensive and retain their appearance for many years.
  6. decorative metal fences

  7. The metal picket fence looks original and will protect even better than corrugated board due to the reinforced structure.
  8. metal fences for summer cottage picket fence

Fences for giving from a professional flooring

To securely close your property from prying eyes, you can use sheets of corrugated board. The material is durable and easy to install. Fences for summer cottages from a profiled sheet successfully complement forged, concrete or stone elements. The sheet itself can imitate wood, wild stone, or other natural materials. The fence will reliably protect plantings from the wind and will prevent self-seeding of weeds from other areas.

fences for cottages corrugated board

Plastic fences for summer cottages

Continuous improvement of the characteristics of PVC makes it possible to use it in conditions of temperature fluctuations, exposure to natural factors, and mechanical loads. This prompts the answer to the question of which fence in the country is better.

  1. Ready-made sectional structures reliably protect the site from the wind. The upper part can be decorative or concise deaf.
  2. plastic fences for summer cottages

  3. A plastic picket fence is an inexpensive and original option if there is no need to hide from neighbors. It looks original, does not require constant monitoring of the condition of the parts.
  4. plastic picket fences

  5. A wicker fence made of dark plastic looks good with concrete or brick pillars in a contrasting light shade.
  6. wicker plastic fences for cottages

  7. Imitation of stone or brickwork is an inexpensive solution, but it looks decent. Modern reinforced structures will last a long time, and the appearance will be preserved and will not require much attention from the owner.
  8. plastic fences for cottages stone imitation

  9. Plastic tape for a wicker fence is an inexpensive solution. The height is limited only by the length of the transverse metal posts on which the fence rests.
  10. plastic fences for summer cottages tape

Fences for summer cottages — chain-link mesh

The chain-link is rightfully considered the best solution for a summer cottage. The grid on the fence for giving has a number of advantages, which makes it popular among owners of small suburban areas.

  1. Installation consists in stretching the metal sheet on the posts around the perimeter. It’s a simple process that any beginner can master.
  2. The instability of the structure makes it difficult to penetrate the site. It will take a lot of time to cut it.
  3. Plants are perfectly woven on the grid, a hedge is planted near it.
  4. The chain-link transmits the sun’s rays, therefore the planted beds will grow without a shortage of sun.
  5. fences for giving chain-link

Polycarbonate fences for summer cottages

Arbors, some buildings and fences for summer cottages are successfully made from this practical material. Polycarbonate is resistant to all external influences, it is flexible and transmits a sufficient amount of light. Depending on what height of the fence in the country is preferable, there are several design options.

  1. The combination of modern material with a wooden frame. The design is concise, suitable for small areas, practically does not obscure nearby crops.
  2. polycarbonate garden fences wood

  3. Paired with a forged base, brown polycarbonate looks expensive and stylish. The polymer does not affect the appearance of the fence, but it protects well from road dust and noise.
  4. fences for summer cottages made of polycarbonate forging

  5. The combination of polycarbonate and stone or brick frame looks good. It is possible to experiment with color by choosing contrasting shades of brick.
  6. fences for cottages made of polycarbonate brick

Country picket fence

The picket fence is considered easy to install and an affordable option for fencing the site. However, this type of construction can also turn out to be an ornament, if we move away from a simple standard design.

  1. The picket fence can be combined with interlaced boards at the bottom of the fence.
  2. picket fence for giving wickerwork

  3. The upper edge of the fence can be in the form of waves or height differences. It is not necessary to leave a straight edge.
  4. picket fence for giving figured

  5. Drawings on the fence in the country will complement the composition.
  6. picket fence for giving decorative

  7. Decorative poles can be installed between sections. Often such a wooden picket fence is coated with a protective varnish to emphasize the texture and color of the wood.
  8. picket fence for giving section

  9. If the priority is durable and reliable fences for summer cottages, the optimal solution is a metal picket fence.
  10. fence picket fence for giving metal

Wicker fences for giving

Weaving will decorate the site in any style, because this decorative type of fence is found in different designs. It can be an aesthetic element and divide the border between neighboring houses, there are wicker fences with high strength and reliability.

  1. A wicker fence made of boards with a metal or wooden frame looks original and securely closes the site. Weaving can be vertical and horizontal.
  2. wicker fences for giving boards

  3. The classic design, when the rods of a real plant are used, will also turn out to be a reliable structure if it is framed in a solid frame. Such a fence is valued for its elegant and original weaving pattern.
  4. wicker fences for giving with a frame

  5. Low frameless decorative fences for summer cottages made of vines play the role of a decorative landscape element.
  6. wicker fences for giving a vine

  7. A durable and practical solution for giving — a plastic vine, it is also suitable for fences. Artificial rattan has been used to make wicker garden furniture and other structures for a long time, and it has proven to be the right choice.
  8. artificial wicker fences

  9. Weaving can be done not only from thin elements. A solid fence in the form of weaving, made of wooden beams, looks stylish and becomes the highlight of the site.
  10. wicker fences for giving an array

Living fence in the country

The use of certain types of shrubs and conifers as hedges is preferred by patient owners of country houses. Growing such a fence is not an easy task, but the result may well claim to be the pride of its owner.

  1. The original fences for summer cottages look spectacular with a combination of green foliage of shrubs and a stone frame of the fence.
  2. living fences for giving stone

  3. You can stretch the mesh over the foundation as a basis for coniferous bushes, as the mesh grows, it hides in the crown.
  4. live fences for giving a grid

  5. Some coniferous shrubs do not need a foundation and firmly hide the site from outsiders.
  6. coniferous live fences for summer cottages

  7. To protect your live fence from animals, you can install a low decorative wooden fence in front of it.
  8. living fences for giving decor


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