Finishing a block house inside and outside a private house, types of a block house

block house ceiling decoration


Block house decoration - a stylish solution for outdoor and indoor decoration

Finishing a block house can be done both from the outside of the building and from the inside. Like most finishing materials, it has its own advantages and disadvantages, which mainly depend on its type and the properties of the components involved in the production.

Finishing a house with a block house — the pros and cons

Block house is a thin sheathing lining, semicircular on the front side and flat on the back. Wall decoration with a block house is not difficult to install, it is easily made on any surface and is great for both external work and interior decoration. Sheathed block house houses have the following positive qualities:

  1. Environmental friendliness.
  2. Aesthetic, natural appearance.
  3. They have additional protection against noise and atmospheric phenomena.
  4. Ease. The load on the walls and foundation is minimal.
  5. mechanical strength.
  6. Possibility of restoration.
  7. Vapor permeability, the ability to maintain an optimal level of humidity.
  8. Ease of installation.
  9. Relatively low cost.

The material also has disadvantages that can be minimized by choosing the right material and performing the installation with high quality. The disadvantages of a block house are:

  1. High flammability.
  2. The need for constant care (applying protective mastics, varnishes, stains).
  3. Low moisture resistance, the possibility of decay, mold and fungus formation (these manifestations are absent if Siberian larch is used in production).
  4. The metal block house gets very hot in the heat.
  5. Vinyl block house does not tolerate temperature extremes, has a worse appearance, unlike wood.

Types of block house

Block house decoration in appearance resembles natural wood, which is why it has become so popular. Resembling a log structure, the house looks cozier and warmer, although it can be built of brick, foam blocks or any other material. There are various types of block house for exterior decoration:

  1. Wooden lining.
  2. PVC lining, in the production of which components of acrylic polymers are used.
  3. Metal block house imitating wood.

Finishing the house with a wooden block house

Block house made of wood for outdoor decoration, choose from the highest grades of wood that will not warp from exposure to moisture, hot sunlight and have a beautiful texture and color. Signs of poor quality material can be:

  • rotten knots;
  • through holes;
  • cracks and cracks;
  • resin stains.

It is better to finish the house with a block house after one year from the start of operation of the building, while choosing boards whose width exceeds 150 mm. Choose wood from maple, oak or coniferous trees, it is the least susceptible to decay, especially if the material came from the northern regions (this can be determined by the smaller distance between the annual rings). The degree of quality of a wooden block house can be found both in the highest premium class and in the budget one — marked with the symbol «C».

house decoration with wooden block house

Vinyl block house finish

Choosing a vinyl block house as a material for the exterior of the house, you can get a durable and reliable coating that is not affected by precipitation, rot and mold, and does not require complex maintenance. Vinyl siding is not only durable, but also flexible, it is rational to use it where complex finishing work is required on curving surfaces. Finishing with a vinyl block house has several advantages:

  1. Saving time.
  2. Convenient fastening and docking of panels using grooves.
  3. Resistance to damage, fire, resistance to microorganisms.
  4. Possibility of operation up to 30-50 years, at temperatures from -50°C to +60°C, does not fade under hot sunlight.
  5. A variety of decor (imitation of unique tree species).

vinyl block house finish

Finishing the house with a metal block house

In the manufacture of a metal block house, galvanized steel is used, coated on both sides with polymers that perform protective functions. When decorating with a metal block house, it should be borne in mind that the material has a large weight, this will certainly lead to an additional load on the foundation. Work on finishing the house with this material is carried out at any temperature parameters, the main positive qualities can be considered:

  1. Resistant to heat and frost (cladding withstands frost up to 50°C, heat up to 80°C).
  2. Absolute incombustibility.
  3. Resistant to solvents, alkalis and acids.
  4. Low heating costs due to thermal insulation qualities and additional insulation.
  5. High strength, wear resistance.
  6. Monolithic cladding.
  7. Eco-friendly, beautiful decor and affordable price.

house decoration with metal block house

Finishing the block house outside

With this type of cladding, it is necessary to carefully prepare the wall and basement surfaces, level them by plastering chips, cracks, potholes, into which moisture can seep during bad weather, which over time can destroy the structure. If the block house is finished on wooden surfaces, they should be subjected to antiseptic treatment using a special deep penetration primer, having previously been cleaned of fungus and mold. Talking about how to mount a block house for exterior decoration, the following steps should be listed:

  • vapor barrier;
  • installation of the crate;
  • thermal insulation;
  • creation of a wind barrier and a counter-lattice.

After the above steps, they proceed to the direct installation of the block house, which can be done both from the top of the wall and from the bottom. For fastening, it is better to use galvanized materials (nails, screws or special brackets) treated with an anti-corrosion compound. If the facade of the building is supposed to be painted, then paint the grooves and spikes in advance. Leave a gap of 2-3 mm between the panels to prevent their deformation due to temperature changes.

Finishing the facade of a private house with a block house

Finishing the house outside with a block house does not require a lot of time, it is easy to install and maintain, the facades can be washed with water from a hose. Possessing an attractive decorative look, such a cladding creates an additional layer that contributes to heat and sound insulation parameters, provides ventilation of the space between the main structure and the finishing panels. The facade sheathed with a block house is easy to restore in case of damage by grinding and painting.

More often, for the decorative design of facades, natural wood material is used, which has excellent operational and aesthetic parameters. Get a material consisting of long lamellas, this will help reduce the number of joints. The disadvantages of such a finish can be considered regular maintenance of the facade, which requires cash costs for materials that perform protective functions.

decoration of the facade of a private house with a block house

Finishing the basement with a block house

Using a block house for exterior decoration, you can not only give the building a modern and aesthetic look, but also practically solve the issue of insulation and waterproofing, which will lead to the creation of favorable conditions inside the house at any time of the year. The construction market offers a special type of basement block house — plastic, made from vinyl.

The basement is one of the most vulnerable places in the building, subject to the negative influence of melt water, soil movement, and changes in external and internal temperatures. Finishing the plinth with traditional materials leads to frequent renovation, maintenance and restoration work (plastering, sealing). These problems can be avoided by using denser and thicker plinth siding that is strong and durable.

block house plinth finishing

Finishing a block house inside the house

Lining block house for interior decoration is a natural, environmentally friendly material. The front side of the panels can have the form of not only rounded logs, but is also made flat. With the help of a block house, you can give the interior of the house, both the look of a merchant and a modern home, the material is expressive, easily combined with most other types of finishes and a variety of design styles (except techno).

Finishing the balcony with a block house

You can create an aesthetic and cozy interior on the balcony with the help of a classic wooden block house that reproduces the beauty of natural wood. The price of such a finish is incomparably lower than working with solid wood, and the performance characteristics are noticeably superior in quality to real wood. The interior decoration of the house with a block house, including the balcony, allows the walls to «breathe», contributing to a favorable microclimate.

Decorating a balcony with a block house will help turn this room into a cozy and comfortable place to relax, work or sports. The advantage of the block house is its low weight, which can easily withstand balcony structures, not susceptibility to deformation. A significant thickness of the material can be considered an inconvenience, this is the reason why the material is not used on small balconies, only on medium or large ones.

block house balcony decoration

Finishing the attic with a block house

Finishing a block house under the attic beam inside the house will allow you to create an eco-style room decor or recreate a traditional Russian interior, perfectly imitating the walls of a log hut. But an inexpensive and popular option will be the decoration of the walls with plastic clapboard, this material has great potential in the field of design and color palette.

Before starting work on the internal arrangement and finishing of the attic space, turning it into a comfortable and highly functional room, it is necessary to carry out heat and waterproofing work even at the construction stage. Treat the panels of the block house for sheathing the attic with an antiseptic, after finishing the work, cover with a primer and varnish.

block house attic decoration

Finishing the kitchen with a block house

Block house under timber for interior decoration, especially in country houses, is used more and more often, the dwelling looks more colorful and comfortable, as if getting closer to nature. When decorating the kitchen, be sure to take into account the specifics of the room, choose the appropriate type of wood. So, conifers, at elevated temperatures, will begin to “tar out” (exude droplets of resin), so it is better to choose deciduous trees (alder, linden, aspen).

Ash is not suitable for this room — it will not tolerate temperature changes and moisture. Before starting work, especially in cold weather, a prerequisite is the acclimatization of the material. In the room where the finishing will be done, spread the panels for 48 hours. This procedure will prevent future cracks on the lining, cracks at the joints of the grooves with the ridges, and will also help prevent shrinkage.

block house kitchen decoration

Finishing the bedroom at the head of the block house

Decorating the walls with a wooden block house can bring a feeling of warmth and peace into the room. For residential premises, for example, bedrooms, they often choose a block house made from coniferous trees; by releasing an ethereal antiseptic, they are able to improve the microclimate, making the air in the room healing and filling it with the smell of pine needles. In the bedroom, it is recommended to use material of class «Extra», «A» and «B».

For interior work, purchase panels no wider than 90 mm, wider material will make the room rough and uncomfortable. More often in the bedroom, this finish is chosen for only one, accent wall, which is located at the head of the bed. The panels are placed horizontally, imitating a wooden frame, but sometimes, as a design decision, they are placed at a slight angle.

finishing the bedroom at the head of the block house

Block house ceiling decoration

Increasingly, you can find the interior decoration of the house with natural wood, but this type of decor is expensive, so many consumers are thinking about how to decorate a room with a block house, imitating real wood. If you want to keep the design of the premises in a “wooden” country style, then the ceilings should not be an exception. To make the ceiling look more expressive, give preference to narrow, thin panels, they will make the surface embossed and visually lift the ceiling.

block house ceiling decoration


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