Finishing a house from a bar — design of house facades and interior wall decoration


Finishing a house from a bar - the best ideas for interior and exterior decoration

Modern and unique design of the building will be given by finishing the house from a bar, with its help you can make your home not only unique, but also improve the technical parameters of the building. Using various materials for the facade and inside the house, it is easy to implement original and varied ideas.

Exterior decoration of the house from a bar

To ensure a comfortable stay, the exterior of the house is made of timber, which includes wall insulation and equipping them with decorative materials. Such an exterior finish will make it possible to comply with the regulatory requirements regarding the thickness of the cobbled walls, which are at least 40 cm. There are several options for the exterior decoration of timber houses:

  1. Installation of a hinged facade using modern decorative panels, various types of siding, block house, eurolining.
  2. Plastering works, using various solutions.
  3. Construction of brickwork.

timber house exterior

Exterior decoration of the house from a bar with thermal panels

When building a house from a bar, taking care of its preservation and avoiding the constant processing of wood with the help of protective agents, it should be provided with external protection. Finishing a house from a bar outside with the use of thermal panels is a high-tech option that can improve performance and radically change the appearance of the building.

Using this material, you can avoid additional insulation of the house. Possessing a multilayer, porous structure, it will reliably protect the walls from negative external influences. The structure of the panels provides protection from high humidity, frost, they have vapor barrier and windproof properties. Thermal panels can replace brick or masonry.

exterior decoration of the house from a bar with thermal panels

Finishing the corners of the house from a bar

External work on the insulation of the house does not require saving space, so the facades of houses made of timber are finished using crates, which contributes to good ventilation capabilities. The design of the corners of the house can be made from the same material that is used for the walls, but a greater decorative effect will be achieved if other materials are chosen. Working with corners is complex and time consuming, especially if a combination of different finishes is used. When performing facade cladding, adhere to the following rules:

  1. A wooden surface is being prepared, it is preliminarily cleaned of dirt and dust, caulked over the entire plane and treated with impregnating antiseptics.
  2. Installation facing works begin from below, at the base, rising up to the roof of the building.
  3. For a durable and beautiful finish of the corners of the facade, special systems are used, corner metal strips or blocks consisting of decorative materials, moldings, rustications (corner plates of a rectangular shape).

finishing the corners of the house from a bar

Interior decoration of a wooden house from a bar

When starting the interior decoration of a house from a bar, pay attention to some features:

  1. In a house made of timber, within 4-6 years after construction, shrinkage processes (associated with the drying out of wood) can occur, which will lead to deformation of the wall finish.
  2. Due to the long shrinkage time, it is best to avoid rigid structures until the process is complete.
  3. The first few years for interior design, a practical solution will be the use of paints and varnishes.

The interior design of a wooden house often does not differ from an ordinary city apartment. Very often, when choosing the design of the interior decoration of a house from a bar, many people stop at consonant materials, the use of which resembles Russian huts in their appearance, this can be:

  • siding imitating wood;
  • block house;
  • eurolining;
  • decorative panels;
  • profiled or glued timber.

Finishing a house from a bar inside a clapboard

Decorating a house from a bar inside, lining the living space with a clapboard is one of the successful technical and design solutions, due to the similar decorative and operational qualities of materials. For the interior cladding of the premises in the house, a board of the highest (or first) grade is used. Before starting work, heat and waterproofing is carried out using rolled, briquette insulation or foil.

On a pre-mounted frame, the vertical racks of which should not reach the floor and ceiling by 2-3 cm (due to the possibility of subsidence or rise, depending on the level of humidity in the room), a lining is attached. When choosing a material, pay attention to its thickness, you should not abuse it, losing the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. In the same way, a plastic lining imitating wood is attached.

finishing a house from a bar inside a clapboard

Timber house with brick trim

The walls inside the brickwork house look romantic, creating a certain effect of antiquity, but this material is heavy and creates a significant load on the foundation and load-bearing structures. Therefore, interior designers are advised to use materials that imitate brickwork, these can be:

  • wallpaper;
  • panels;
  • tile;
  • brick veneers (clay, plastic, wood, glass, leather);
  • plaster decor.

Finishing walls made of timber inside the house, imitating brick, will not cause the “greenhouse” effect that is inherent in real brick masonry, while the variety of designs is striking in its diversity. Particularly durable and waterproof are wall-mounted plastic panels, which, using screws or self-tapping screws, can be mounted immediately on wooden walls, avoiding the installation of a crate.

timber house with brick trim

Finishing a house from a bar with drywall

Often used plasterboard house finishing is a budget option, but it allows you to make high-quality leveling and decorative surfaces. Installation of drywall can be done independently. The material is fastened in a frame way, it is not possible to attach sheets to the timber using special adhesives, due to the convexity of the surface.

The interior decoration of the walls of a house made of plasterboard timber requires a reinforced crate; for this, boards are inserted between the profiles. This will allow in the future to attach cabinets, shelves to the walls, creating an additional load. For installation, it is better to use galvanized, metal profiles, wooden ones are acceptable, but they are easily deformed.

finishing a house from a bar with plasterboard

Finishing the corridor in a house made of timber

The material for finishing the corridor in a private house from a bar is selected taking into account the size of the room and its functional load. The main advantage of wooden buildings is the naturalness of the material, warm, breathable and environmentally friendly, the beauty of its texture, so the rational solution would be to treat the wood with an anti-corrosion compound and cover it with varnish.

But if the rest of the decoration of a wooden house made of timber does not match this style, then choose any wear-resistant materials for all surfaces in the corridor. In the absence of natural light in the room, it is better to use light colors in the interior of the room, and equip the ceiling space with a suspended two-level system with built-in lights.

decoration of the corridor in the house of timber

Finishing a bathroom in a timber house

The bathroom in a wooden house should be reliably protected from moisture. In order to avoid negative consequences in the form of fungus, mold and wood decay, create in the bathroom:

  1. Reliable waterproofing protection (especially where the bath, washbasin and sewer pipes are located).
  2. Efficient ventilation system.
  3. Reinforced thickness of floors under the floor surface, well-chosen level.

Finishing a house from a bar from the inside in those rooms where high humidity is observed is carried out using materials that are not affected by dampness. It could be:

  • ceramic tile;
  • plastic panels;
  • moisture resistant drywall;
  • sandwich panels;
  • cement particle boards.

bathroom decoration in a timber house


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