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There are three things you can look at endlessly… Well, then you know 🙂

Everyone likes to watch the dance of tamed fire, but there are those for whom the flame is not only relaxation, but also recharging with the energy of this powerful element.

This category of people simply cannot imagine a house without a fireplace, a garden without a barbecue, and a yard without an outdoor hearth.
The crackle of firewood in the fire, the sparks flying into the high evening sky, the romance of youth and fishing weekends… how can you not love all this?

A fireplace in the yard is not only a romantic attribute, but also a useful one. In the garden there will always be wood waste from diseased trees that cannot be crushed into compost — only burned. But not in the middle of the lawn to make a fire!
The open flame of a fire will not only warm you on a cool evening during a friendly conversation, but will also drive away annoying insects. True, evening gatherings around the fire have their own secret: an open fire warms the body in front, and the temperature difference makes the back feel chilly, because a person’s best friend at a fire is a warm blanket.
I also recommend breaking juniper twigs and periodically tossing them on burning coals — the forest aroma turns your head so sweetly …
Do you already want to get an outdoor hearth? Then it makes sense to get acquainted with all the options for its design and learn how to make it.

campfire table — a factory product made of corten or just stainless steel. The second option is more affordable, but less durable, however, this disadvantage is compensated by high aesthetics and the ability to cook a grill menu.

Biofireplace does not require firewood, it is filled with biofuel (ethyl alcohol). This is the safest type of fire that does not require a chimney and does not smoke the air. It can be easily arranged inside the house. The option is purely decorative, but you can still warm your hands at this hearth.

Outdoor biofireplace

In the photo: a stylish hearth powered by biofuel. The bowl is filled with concrete balls of different calibers and the style is fully consistent with the look of the house.

recessed bowl came to us from time immemorial, when people still lived in caves. Since then, nothing has changed, even the materials of manufacture. It is enough to make a depression in the ground and overlay it with stones. If there are stands above the fire, you can place a pot and cook a fragrant fish soup.

raised bowl the most convenient type of fireplace: durable, you can make it yourself according to your size and any configuration. If you think over the design and dimensions in advance, then on such a fireplace you can cook grilled dishes and even barbecue.

To begin with, let’s figure out what materials are suitable for building a fireplace.

Metal — an ideal material if it is a sheet of iron with a thickness of at least three, and preferably five to seven mm. Such material will not burn out from high temperatures and will serve for a long time. It has only one drawback — it rusts in the open.
There are two ways out: to use corten steel for the manufacture of the fire bowl, which is not susceptible to this disease, or to make a lid that will protect the metal from precipitation, which will significantly stop the corrosion process.

It is desirable to paint over the bowl itself with heat-resistant paint.

A beautiful spherical shape of a fire bowl can be achieved only in the factory, it is possible to make a handicraft version only in a forge … this is a weighty argument to “turn on” fantasy and come up with a faceted shape.

It will take enough time for such work, even more discs for cutting and electrodes, but the thing will turn out to be exclusive.

Brick — a traditional material for furnaces that can withstand high temperatures, however, under operating conditions without a canopy, it very quickly becomes unusable.
Judge for yourself: a brick fire is exposed to high temperatures, in autumn it collects moisture from the environment, in winter the water crystallizes and forms microcracks. The next year, these cracks are filled with water and increase in winter. As a result, the brick will simply crumble …

Finishing with hydrophobic compounds and mandatory covering, for example, a tarpaulin cover or just a lid knocked down from boards, will significantly slow down the process of brick destruction.

What kind of brick to take for a fire bowl?

Fireclay is better suited for the inside, while it is important that it does not come into contact with moisture-intensive soil and the presence of a lid over the bowl in this case is simply necessary.

Hollow bricks cannot be used for a fire bowl; the entire structure can be made entirely of solid ordinary bricks or clinker.

Stone served as the basis of the hearth for many millennia, but it also has its drawbacks: a sharp temperature drop is also dangerous for this material.

The worst rock for a fireplace is limestone, which should be completely abandoned. Affordable pebbles and sandstone will still serve you for more than one year, although they also have a rather limited heating-cooling cycle.

It will extend the life of such a stone hearth … its size: the diameter of the fire bowl from 80 cm will remove the flame to a safe distance. Such a bowl will not have to be preserved for the winter.

IMPORTANT: laying a bowl of any material is done on a heat-resistant mortar (in fact, it is a ready-made mixture of sand, cement and fireclay).

gabions — a symbiosis of steel and stone. For this reason, entire installations for recreation, including a fire pit, are laid out from gabions.

A small nuance: the walls of the hearth are made of a wire structure filled with stone, and pebbles are poured onto the bottom of the bowl, on which they make a fire.

Gabions are made to order.

Concretelike a stone, is afraid of a sharp temperature drop, but it is so plastic that almost any shape can be cast from it.

An additional «plus» is the price and availability of do-it-yourself execution. Therefore, more and more often we see patios with concrete bowls in the pictures.

Fireclay chips added to the solution during mixing will help to give concrete heat-resistant properties (no more than 30% of the volume of dry cement).

For example, this concrete bowl is made using a removable wooden formwork. Small gaps were deliberately left between the boards, because when the formwork was removed, such a stepped relief turned out.

How to prepare a concrete solution, its proportions and the sequence of mixing are described in detail in this article.

NUANCE: any the bowl is shaped, from which it is very inconvenient to remove the ashes. But this is not so bad, because you can use the scoop. The real problem is rainwater. Therefore, the bowl is either covered, or when laying, a drain hole is provided.

outdoor hearth

Most often, the patio area is used to accommodate an open hearth — a flat area framed by greenery is most conducive to romance.

Stylish outdoor hearth

IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW. So that resting by the fire does not cause trouble, firewood must be selected from wood species that do not contain resin. Otherwise, the crackling of firewood will be accompanied by the shooting of small burning coals. Or place the seating furniture at a sufficient distance from an open flame.

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