Fish for a pond in the country


Fish for a pond in the country

Modern summer cottages are increasingly equipped with pools and ponds instead of beds with tomatoes. After a hard week at work, you want to relax and unwind a little. And when a small pond with fish and beautiful plants is located in a cozy courtyard, the tension is removed in a week as if by hand.

Small pond fish

After the place for the arrangement is chosen and all the work is completed, it’s time to pick up decorative fish for the pond. In online stores or specialized departments, you can buy different types of fish. Consider which fish for the pond in the country are the most popular.

  1. Goldfish for the pond. Today there are many varieties of them. Long-bodied breeds are more suitable directly for the pond. An excellent choice for the pond: goldfish, comet, shubunkin and wakin. Since these breeds are descendants of wild carp, they are completely unpretentious and will happily eat daphnia or algae. It is these fish that love to spend time in the upper layers of the water. For a greater decorative effect, experts recommend purchasing a flock of several dozen individuals at once.
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  3. The most popular garden pond fish are japanese koi. They have a very bright color. These are slower fish than a school of goldfish. Therefore, it is advised to select these two types of fish for harmony in the pond. Koi carp are also very unpretentious. The main thing is to install a biofiltration system if you plan to raise large fish.
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  5. If you want to find fish for a small pond, look at small carp. Its color can be golden, red and even orange. Fish easily adapt to any conditions and are unpretentious in food. These fish for a pond in the country house form colorful flocks and are easily bred.
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