Fountains for giving


fountains for giving

The fountain can be an excellent addition to the country garden. When the lawn is in perfect condition, all the plants are lovingly groomed, and you are wondering how to decorate your site in a special way, a decorative fountain will be the perfect option for your summer cottage.

There are many options that are suitable for any site, but there are those that require special care and will not be appropriate everywhere. Basically, it all depends on the material, because it is he who sets the general tone for the fountain in the country, but do not forget about the forms, and, of course, about the style. Interesting options for fountains in the country are presented in the photo at the end of the article.

If you work with a landscape designer, he will undoubtedly take into account all the pitfalls that may arise when installing a fountain structure. And yet, we advise you to pay attention to some questions that are better to ask in advance.

  1. What is necessary to maintain the fountain in the country in good condition? Each fountain from time to time requires investments not only of labor, but also of money. Determine how whimsical the model you like is. It would be a shame if this charming design detail in your garden became the most voracious «child» in the family.
  2. How much noise does your fountain make? One of the possible functions that a fountain for a country house can perform is the suppression of unnecessary noise from the street. However, if you live in a quiet area, loud water sounds can get on your nerves.
  3. How much does he weigh? Even some seemingly small fountains can be quite heavy due to the material. This greatly complicates their movement and can be a problem if you want to move and take the fountain with you.
  4. How does a fountain for a summer residence endure winter? This is one of the most pressing issues for our climate, because severe cold can significantly damage the pipes that supply water to the fountain. Find out how you can secure the fountain in the country during the winter and whether it is possible in principle, because the design of some fountains, regrettably, provides for their installation only in countries with a warm climate.
  5. Is the fountain autonomous? Autonomous fountains do not require professional skills to install, but it is usually more difficult to understand the causes of their breakdowns. For the rest, you need to separately purchase a pump and call a plumber who will install it, but you can also contact him if something goes wrong.


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